Sony Releases Mac OS X Driver Loader for 10.13 High Sierra

Published: December 19, 2017

Sony has released MacOS X Driver Loader to enable firmware update compatibility with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra. MacOS 10.13 users must run this driver loader BEFORE connecting your camera.

Please Note: MacOS 10.13 users must run “DriverLoader_1013” prior to ALL firmware updates.

1. Run MacOS X Driver Loader for 10.13 High Sierra
2. Once Driver Loader is finished Open the Firmware Update and follow all directions.
3. Connect the camera via USB when the firmware instructs you to – and NOT before.

Mac OS Security Settings must be set to:

System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Allow apps downloaded from: App Store and identified developers

Download MacOS X Driver Loader for Mac 10.13

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112 thoughts on “Sony Releases Mac OS X Driver Loader for 10.13 High Sierra”

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  2. Brian,

    There are issues trying to link to the download. After accepting the EULA the link dies.

    I’ll try obtaining through the Sony site.

    Thanks for informing us of the updated, updater.


    1. Thanks for the heads up. I let Sony USA know.

      I didn’t need the update as I plan on running 10.12.6 until the day before 10.14 is released.

      [Spoiler Alert] The same thing is likely going to happen with 10.14

  3. Should the driver loader help with updating firmware for a 70-200 GM on an Alpha 7RM2? Going back to link for the lens firmware, it still says “incompatible with High Sierra,” and no link to the loader. I thought I did manage to install the loader, but no luck with the lens firmware. To me, the Sony firmware update process is pretty convoluted, but at least I’ve been able to make it work in the past. Thanks for all your pointers/tips/etc.!

    1. Hmmm…the Driver Loader for 10.11 & 10.12 worked for lens firmware updates as well, but maybe this one is different.

      I can’t test it since I have no plans to update to 10.13 until it’s fully compatible with Sony cameras.

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  7. Thanks for the link to the downloader. But alas, when I try to install, the app gets to the point of telling me to change my security settings, Tried it about six ways to Sunday with the same results – a dialog box (in both Japanese and English) tell me to change the security setting to allow installation. Any similar complaints? Any solution?

      1. Hello Brian thanks for the info on this nevertheless I’m getting the same error message as the one above also.. my A7II is running a old version firmware though maybe that is part of the problem..?

        1. Hi there – I’m having the same issue. I’d like to update my A7ii and I’m on High Sierra. Starting from scratch with drivers so I downloaded the Driver Loader but can’t get past the security settings, even after clicking ALLOW. Anyone have a suggestion? Has anyone been successful with this Mac Driver Loader 1013?

          1. I’ve downloaded the driver and my mac security is set to ‘allow’, still nothing is working. AGGGHHHHHHH!

          2. Same here. I keep hitting “Allow” and it doesn’t work. Yes I have “App store and identified developers” on. I have restarted the system. I have 10.13.6. and A7R III

          3. You must follow this order precisely:

            1. Run OS 10.13 Driver Loader
            2. Once that’s complete Open Firmware Update (not before)
            3. Connect camera when instructed (not before) and compete firmware update

            Unless you do these in this order the update will fail.

  8. I tried to update my A7RIII version to 1.01 from 1.0 and I tried to download the Driver Loader for OS High Sierra (10.13) as the software indicated that I needed to before updating. The Driver Loader didn’t work on my MacBook Pro and I was able to update to 1.01 in spite of not being able to make the Driver Loader work. The problem I have still have is that I cannot see the small icon images of the A7RIII RAW files in the preview of my OS High Sierra, I have to hit the space bar and wait for each individual image to open in Preview to see what the image is. This is very time consuming obviously when dealing with hundreds of images. No problem for my A7RII Raw file images. Suggestions?

    1. I’m guessing that you actually did load the Driver Loader Patch. It doesn’t appear to “do” anything. But it does allow you to run Sony firmware updates with High Sierra once it’s installed. Job well done.

      Previews for a7R III Raw files won’t show up UNTIL Apple adds Raw Support. Apple is always slooooooow to do that, but they’ll get to in in an OS update eventually…

      1. Thanks for the info. I thought that OS High Sierra was going to provide RAW support for the A7RIII, guess not! You provide a great service to us Sony photographers!

          1. I am debating purchasing Sony A7R iii but concerned about all Mac issues above. Also, will I be able to work on RAW on Lightroom on a Mac? thanks

  9. I got through the security permissions bit, but nothing I tried after that would allow the 1.01 updater to run. Either the updater told me that my camera wasn’t attached (it was), or it told me the camera was indeed attached but I needed to disconnect it. Any suggestions — other than finding a friend still using Sierra?

      1. Many thanks for the quick reply! This is my third a7 camera, so I am not unfamiliar with the firmware updating process and have done it successfully many times in the past. I followed the steps that Sony lays out for High Sierra users (, carefully being sure to connect the camera, turn it on, and start the updater all in the right order. But when I do it that way, the updater (rather inexplicably) tells me that the camera is on and I need to turn it off. And when I do turn it off, and then on again, the connection is lost. I rechecked your Bulletproof guide, and I don’t see anything I’ve missed. I’ve tried changing the order of connecting, turning on, and starting the updater, but when I do the connection is never recognized.

        I appreciate your optimism, but no matter what I’ve tried, I can’t get it to work. I just wish Sony would follow the example of every other camera manufacturer and stop requiring system level access to update a camera. It’s totally unnecessary and just causes problems — like this one.

        1. It is ALWAYS one of those ten things. ALWAYS. ALWAYS. ALWAYS.

          I’m not going through them one-by-one for you, but since you’ve run firmware updates before make sure you are using the USB-C cord that came with a7R III and not the multi-terminal cord that came with previous cameras.

          1. OK! I’ll sit down with your list tomorrow, be sure to use the new USB cord, and try once again. Thanks for the encouraging words!

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  11. Hi Brian, do you know if this is compatible for other models than just the A7RIII? I have the A7s and wondering if it will work OK. Thanks.

  12. Hi Brian, I shoot with A7RII. Should I upgrade to OS 10.13 High Sierra? Will have to do anything else, any other patches, etc.? Will I have any issues with processing the RAW files? Thank you in advance.

        1. You’ll also want to make certain all lens firmware is up to date before updating to OS 10.13. Once you update to 10.13, the first thing you should do s install the Driver Loader patch.

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  14. I am a new owner of the a7r3, so first time trying to update a Sony. I’ve read your bulletproof guide and unplugging an external harddrive was the only point I needed to apply. However Ive not yet been able to begin any update. Referring to the Sony instructions for installing the updater ( I get to the point of pressing OK in the dialogue box once Ive connected the camera, and a folder should appear on the desktop. Only PMHOME appears when the camera is connected by no folder appears once I click ‘OK’.

    Thank you for any ideas on what might be the problem Brian.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I guess I have a unique issue because there are no SD cards in the camera when I try to update.

        “8. Before connecting your camera, remove the SD card. This will prevent programs like Capture One and Lightroom from opening an import window if they detect a memory card when the camera restarts during the update.”

  15. Brian,

    Just an FYI; using your notes and links I was able to update my a6500 from v1.4 to v1.5 on my MacOs 10.13.3

    No issues at all.

    Thank you for the Sony support on your blog. It’s always helpful.


  16. Hey Brian – complete novice here… we have a Sony HDR-SR1 that used to play nicely with Mac Photos… now we’ve noticed that the Sony is still being recognized, but we’re unable to see or import any of the video files. Will this driver fix that problem? Thanks much

    1. Tim, this is a “driver loader” to allow the latest camera firmware to be installed using MacOS X 10.13.

      It’s not a firmware upgrade, it just facilitates the upgrading on a Mac.

      What you’re describing sound like the sony is not liking the latest versions of MacOS.

      Good luck.

  17. I followed precisely every step. It doesn’t work. Sony should take a look at the firmware updates of Fujifilm. Painless process, download the firmware, just put the new firmware on your SD-card put it in your camera and there you go. No hassle with separate software, ‘drivers’ etc etc. This is a bit of a disappointment for me after purchasing the A7III.

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  19. Yeah, I am running Mac 10.13.2 and the Sony update freezes at the Security question. I have been at this on three different Mac’s and with both the A7RII and A7sII. No joy.
    If you have a contact at Sony it would be sure great to get an official response to this now very known issuee

  20. Hi Brian…I have been trying to update two of my lens to the latest version. I have followed the instructions over and over and get either a message “Could not find a camera applicable for this update” or “Cannot update”. I read your Bullet proof guide and the only thing I find is that the LCD screen does not turn off – shows USB mode, Mass Storage, USB. Maybe I am missing something obvious, but any suggestions are appreciated!

    1. This driver loader is made for camera firmware updates. I don’t believe it works with lens firmware updates. Try to find a friend running anything but the dreaded High Sierra OS.

      1. Thank you Brian for the advice. A friend of mine with a PC was able to complete the updates in just seconds!

    2. Hi Brian,
      being on 10.13 High Sierra I have struggled a bit to achieve the updates.

      Indeed, good old habits made me believe the camera had to be unplugged before the firmware update.

      On High Sierra the process is slightly different: The DL110_1712a needs to be launched first, the camera needs to be on mass storage before clicking OK. Then without unplugging the camera the dmg with the firmware update can be launched (this is where my old habits failed me)…

      I have updated the LA-EA3, SEL2470GM and SEL55f1.8z from an A7RII.

      I hope this will help other users.

      1. Thib, I would greatly appreciate it if you could be more precise in the steps you are describing; specifically when you attach the camera, when you turn it on, etc. (In particular, your statement that “The DL110_1712a needs to be launched first, the camera needs to be on mass storage before clicking OK” is unclear as to exactly when the camera is connected to the computer and turned on.)

        So far, if I connect the camera and turn it on before running the firmware updater, it tells me I need to disconnect the camera and won’t proceed until I do. Which, if I understand what you are describing, doesn’t happen to you. So I’m confused here.

        I’ve been able to get the driver loader thing to work (usually after a lot of trial and error) on all previous firmware updates. But not this time. I’ve followed Brian’s bulletproof list to the letter, followed the on-screen prompts, and done my best to follow the Sony step-by-step instructions (the driver loader and firmware updater instructions contradict each other at points). But so far to no avail.


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    1. Yes, Mac OS 10.13 users must run this Driver Loader before EACH firmware update. Apple essentially blocked firmware updates with OS 10.13, the driver loader allows them to go through.

  22. Sigh….my mac won’t recognize won’t read the usb or card. It doesn’t think my camera is connected.

  23. I did have some problems as well updating my Sony a7 iii ( 10.13.4) I finally got it to work but make sure you drag all the drivers on the desktop! After I did this it worked fine.

  24. Tried your steps on macOS High Sierra version 10.13.4 and the firmware will not update. Even the Sony SystemSoftwareUpdater for my Sony action cam is not working. All of our Sony cameras are stuck and cannot be updated.

    Sony A7R3
    Sony A6500
    Sony FDR-X3000

    1. Blame Apple. OS 10.13 blocks Firmware updates. Driver Loader blocks the OS from blocking it in some cases, but basically Apple screwed you with 10.13

  25. Took possession of my new a7iii yesterday.

    First thing I did was check the version….Whew, it’s v1.01!

    I won’t have to deal with this crap until the next upgrade.

  26. Here to let everyone know that I was able to successfully update the firmware on my Sony A7II using a Tether Pro cable in lieu of the cable that comes in the box. Restarted my computer that is running High Sierra 10.13.4, then ran the driver and followed the bulletproof instructions.

    Everything went smoothly, thanks for sharing these tips with us plebs 😉

  27. I too am so frustrated! I cannot get my Sony A7ii to even get the driver loader_1013 to work, closely following both Sony and the Bulletproof instructions. Once I connect my provided cable, the camera screen never goes blank. I tried all three of my USB ports to no avail. Maybe I need to order this Tether Cable Pro the last poster spoke of.

  28. Yeah…I tried it several times running the driver loader first before connecting the camera. Still didn’t work. I still have my old Mac, I might hook it up and try some other time. I read on another site that Apple blocked Sony because they felt the way Sony did things could introduce a major security risk for computers and cameras.

    1. I read something online that indicated that Apple thought the way Sony does updates puts the users computer and camera at a high security risk. This is why Apple blocked Sony’s way of updating. I see Driver Loader is an attempt to work around this, if it works. Maybe there is something to it, maybe Sony needs to update how they get updates to the user.

      1. This was what was happening to me but it miraculously worked after a Mac restart. Then ensuring the update isn’t loaded before the Driver Loader. I’ve left further instructions as there are a couple of annoying things such as ensuring the padlock is unlocked in Security settings BEFORE running the driver loader etc.

  29. No good for me :(. Followed guide to the letter, correct cable, drag files to desktop, remove cards, reset everything etc. Get to connect camera screen, then wheel spins for a while and I get the can’t connect message. Tried every variable. Guess no update here. Grrr

    1. I’m betting you connected the camer BEFORE running Driver Loader. You can’t. You gotta run Driver Loader first BEFORE connecting your camera. If you follow that along with my bulletproof guide it’s …bulletproof….

  30. I was experiencing all the issues above and THIS IS THE FIX:

    – If you have opened the update BEFORE the Driver Loader before, RESTART your mac and try again. ONLY open the update AFTER you’ve opened the driver loader.

    – For the driver loader, leave your camera unplugged, open System Preferences > Security and UNLOCK the padlock. This is important. Once the padlock is unlocked, ensure that ‘Allow apps downloaded from App Store & identified developers’ is selected.

    – Open driver loader after that is done, you may have to click ‘Allow’ again within that window. A pop-up will appear with a 2-step guide. First is security check which you’ve now done, second is connect camera.

    – Set to Mass Storage and connect camera.

    – NOW load up the update. It should work fine. Keep your camera connected, it will eject itself and you’ll get the warning but don’t worry, it should update and you’ll see its progress.

    – Good luck, and thanks Brian for your guide!

  31. Was experiencing the above issues, just updated successfully.

    It will only work if:

    – You open the Driver Loader BEFORE touching the update dmg – if you have opened the update before the Driver Loader, then restart your Mac and start again. It’s important to completely restart then do these in the correct order.

    – You connect your camera AFTER opening the Driver Loader

    – You ‘unlock’ the padlock in Security preferences FIRST, BEFORE the Driver Loader is opened. Ensure that ‘Allow apps from App store & trusted sites’ or whatever is checked – not just App Store apps.

    It should work if you check all above 🙂

  32. Cristian Billeke

    Hello Brian,

    I have been working with Sony camera for a long time and I have buy a Mac Pro two years ago to realize a project with my all footage but I have been surprised by the fact that the computer on OS Sierra 10.12.6 doesn’t recognize the camera.
    It is a Sony DSR PDX10 and no one, neither with Apple or Sony gave me any solution. I am working in northeast Brazil, Paraíba, in a place with no assistance that can helps.
    Have you an idea of what to do to connect the camero that still the only one that accept the DV cartridge I have used for years (around os 150 hs of footage…).
    Thanks for any help!


  33. Hello Brian, do you know if this works for Sony A77m2 Firmaware update? I followed the steps but my 2.0 firmare installed remains unavialible. After installing the Mac Uplaoder, the Firmware installer say i can’t run it on this OS.

  34. Hello Brian, having nearly pulled all my hair out and read every single post in this threat, I have finally managed to get my camera to connect via Remote. The problem, which I think may apply to a number of the comments above, was having dropbox running. QUIT DROPBOX!! And Google Drive if you have it. Then it all works straight away.

    1. I’ve updated several Sony cameras and have DropBox running in the background.

      When I’ve had issues with updating firmware, it is my opinion that 1- I had used a non-sony cable, and 2- I did not follow the procedure exactly.

      Some of the instruction during the update process confuse me and I end up responding to a command or connecting at the wrong time.

      I’m not defending Sony, because this process should be seamless and maybe even transparent….We should be able to update like we update our phone firmware.

  35. Hi Brian. I can’t get this loader to work at all. I’ve tried everything, all the steps, different computers, different OSX, cables, everything. Tripled-checked order. I get the little window that says check security settings (which is set to App Store and Identified Developers) but when I hit OK the loader app just closes and nothing happens. My security preferences doesn’t list the Sony app separately so there is no ‘Allow’ button. Very frustrating. Any help appreciated.

    1. I believe it only works with OS 10.13. You have the correct Security settings selected. When you run the Driver Loader, be certain the update is not open and the camera is not yet connected.

      1. Thanks for the speedy response. It behaves exactly the same on both 10.13 and 10.14. Just vanishes from the dock after I click OK on the security preferences message. I know the loader hasn’t updated because on my 10.14 machine I tried to run the update file and it crashes the whole computer.

        1. Sorry, I’ve just been told that UpdateSettingTool replaces Mac OS X Driver Loader for the latest a7 III & a7R III firmware 2.00 updates. It can be found in the root folder of those updates.

  36. I tried the driver loader for 10.13 and the update dmg file for A7RIII ver. 2.0 in every way possible. After an hour or so I gave up and used a family members PC for the update. That went smoothly and was done in 5 min.

  37. Just an FYI, I updated my A6000 from v2 to v 3.20 on Mac OS X 10.14.1 using these directions. I ran the 10.13 updater several times before I got it right (have to leave the pad lock unlocked in the security preferences), but once I got that done, the actual firmware update worked flawlessly.

  38. Having a hard time. On OS 10.14 trying to update my Sony A7ii firmware so I can purchase and load up the timelapse software. I’ve gotten though the updating the driver then connecting the camera. Not sure what Im doing wrong from this point. Is there a firmware update to download now and instal or does the driver do it?

  39. Macbook Pro running OSX 10.14.2 Mojave.
    Trying to update my ILCE-7M2 from firmware V3.3 to the latest V4.

    I had the same problems with the firmware update as Ryan above.
    Finally figured it out.

    The CRITICAL aspect is to run the DL110_1712a driver updater first, and then when you get to the screen which says Connect the device via USB cable, DO NOT CLICK THE “OK” button UNTIL you have switched on the camera, ensured the USB is in Mass Storage mode, connected the proper USB cable. ONLY THEN, should you click that “OK” button on that popup window!

    As soon as I tried connecting the camera PRIOR to clicking “OK” in that driver pop-up, I was able to successfully run through the actual camera firmware update program (I opened a NEW FINDER WINDOW to start the Firmwaare update DMG, leaving the DL110_1712a.dmg window alone!).

    This all then worked perfectly. Phew!

  40. The other thing I found is that you have to remove the memory cards before you run the update. That is mentioned in the instructions, I think for the first time with this update (a7Riii 2.1)

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