Sony a7R III Firmware Update 1.10 Adds Pixel Shift Multi Shooting Mode


Sony a7R III Firmware Update v1.10 adds Pixel Shift Multi as a Shooting Mode menu option, allows bracketing during silent shooting with uncompressed RAW and the ability to fine-tune the peaking display level for S-Log shooting

This update (version 1.10) provides the following benefits:

• Adds the menu option to select Pixel Shift Multi Shooting (On: Shooting Interval 0.5sec)
[Notes: When the camera is connected to PC, please use the latest version of the Imaging Edge software
When using an A-mount lens via an adaptor (LA-EA1/ LA-EA2/ LA-EA3/ LA-EA4), the interval might be slightly longer.]
• Adds support for bracketing during silent shooting with uncompressed RAW
• Adds support for tuning of the peaking display level for S-Log shooting
• Makes improvements for a condition where the Eye AF does not work with certain camera settings
• Makes improvements for a condition where Viewfinder Brightness is not reflected correctly in the Manual setting
• Improves overall stability of camera

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[Please Note: Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra users must first run Mac OS X Driver Loader before running any firmware updates.]

Before Updating Firmware Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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13 thoughts on “Sony a7R III Firmware Update 1.10 Adds Pixel Shift Multi Shooting Mode”

  1. Impossible to update running Mac OS 10.11.6… impossible to connect the camera !
    I’ve tried with two different mac… ( Mac pro and Macbook pro… ).

    While i’m in love with the camera, sony support and menus are not up to the task !

  2. Update does not work on mac osx high sierrra. Works with Sierra. I don’t see any option to chang ethe interval for pixel shift mode. Nothing in the menu but 1 second.

  3. There is no menu seeting for 1/2 second in pixel shift and it actually runs at 1 second

  4. Ok, I have to correct my previous posts. Sony has a driver loader to make it possible to use high sierra for updates. THe 0.5 sec pixel shift is available by pushing right and left side of wheel to select time.

  5. i found this procedure on fredmiranda siye and it works for me:

    ifxbonz wrote:
    Mac High Sierra users users only.

    So I got off the phone with Sony here are the steps.

    use supplied camera cable
    set USB connection to “mass Storage”
    set USB LAN to “single”
    Set USB Power to “off”
    no cards in camera.

    Have both the loader and the firmware on your desktop (Note you will need the Loader every time you update firmware) at least until high sierra changes.

    1. Open and UNLOCK your “Security & Privacy” and turn off firewall.
    2. launch the Loader “do not click the ok yet”.
    3. Plug in and turn on the camera. (Note this contradicts the firmware instructions)
    4. Click the Loader OK
    5. Launch the firmware and click next.

  6. Do you still have to use Sony software (Imaging Edge) to combine the 4 frames into one for Pixel shift multi, or this now done in-camera with the firmware update?

    1. This firmware update adds Pixel Shift as a Shooting Mode so that you don’t heve to dig into the menu to find it – but you sill need to combine the four captures in Sony Imaging Edge processing software.

      1. Ok I’ll d/l to see. A bit confused. Above it says “˜adds menu option’ which is already there. I added it to “˜my menu’. Shooting mode usually implies top dial access

  7. Did they change the file numbering system for videos? It resets everytime you change card currently and it’s a real pain. Thanks! 🙂

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