Sony Releases a9 Firmware Update 3.01 with Bug Fix and Improved AF

Published: July 10, 2018


Sony has released a9 Firmware Update 3.01 with a fix to a bug reported in the previous version 3.00 while optimizing a9 for the FE 400 2.8 GM OSS along with improvements in autofocus and flash performance.

This update (version 3.01) provides the following benefits:

• Corrects a condition where the camera may not operate properly after updating to firmware version 3.00 [Note: For cameras updating from version 3.00 to 3.01, the registered settings for the Fn (function) menu may not be inherited. You may need to customize the menu to your preferred settings again.]
• New lens support (SEL400F28GM)
• Optimization of optical image stabilization performance, and support for new image stabilization mode of the lens (Mode 3)
• Addition of Function Ring(Lens) to the menu
[Note: For the SEL400F28GM lens, the APS-C S35/Full Frame Sel. setting is assignable to the Function Ring in addition to Power Focus.]
• Addition of Aperture Drive in AF to the menu
[Note: With the SEL400F28GM lens, focus will not be locked even during continuous shooting at F-values greater than F11 under the following conditions: AF-C, electronic shutter, and the Aperture Drive in AF menu set to Focus Priority. Continuous shooting speed might be slow when the F number is over F11.]
• Added functions for professionals engaged in sports/news media:
• Adds the Write Serial Number option (On/Off) to the menu for selecting your preference in writing the serial number to the EXIF data
• Improvements in auto focus performance and functionality:
• Improves tracking performance of moving subjects in AF-C mode
• Improves auto focus speed in low light
• Adds AF Track Sens as a selectable option for custom key settings
• Adds support for all focus areas when using LA-EA3 mount adapter
(Focus Area options added: Zone, Expand Flexible Spot, and Lock-on AF)
• Improvements in flash control performance and functionality:
• Reduced release time lag when shooting with flash
• Adds support for Slow Sync and Rear Sync when using flash wirelessly
• Adds support for white balance automatic correction when using color filter of external flash (HVL-F60RM)
• Other Improvements:
Stabilized release time lag when shooting in AF-C mode
Improves overall stability of the camera

Download Links:

Sony a9 FW 3.01 for MAC | WIN
[Please Note: Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra users must first run Mac OS X Driver Loader before installing this firmware update.]

Before Updating Firmware Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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12 thoughts on “Sony Releases a9 Firmware Update 3.01 with Bug Fix and Improved AF”

  1. I updated my A9 with both version 3.0 and 3.01 and now I can not use my hvl-f45rm flashes with my Sony FA-WRC1M transmitter placed in the camera. I can not disable FLASH on it. I’m driving crazy !! Please Help Me. God bless U !

  2. I guess I’ll download the firmware and update my bodies. I’m paranoid because of the previous screw up. And what a pain in the butt is to reset the cameras…Will I have to redo all my settings with this firmware update or not? I didn’t do the 3.00

    Sony should make it possible to save a body settings on a memory card like Canon does.

    1. FW 3.01 adds new Function Options one of which didn’t work correctly in 3.00, I believe that’s what that section refers to.

      I’ve had to explain to readers that you can’t install a7 II firmware onto a7 cameras. One of the reasons Sony moved away from Memory Card FW updates is that the current system monitors the compatibility between the camera and firmware to prevent user errors. I’m not certain that’s possible with updates via memory card.

  3. Have you experienced with this firmware upgrade a slower buffer read? And slower wake times from sleep mode? I used to not have an issue at all with the buffer now I am just waiting all the time. Nothing has changed, using the same fast cards.

  4. I am having real issues actually figuring out how the hell to do these upgrades. I cant even find the correct downloads never mind getting round to starting the process of upgrading.

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