Sony Releases Firmware Update FW 2.00 for a7 III & a7R III

Published: October 10, 2018


[Updated 12.18.18] CLICK HERE for a7 III / a7R III Firmware 2.10

Sony released a major firmware update for a7 III & a7R III cameras with optimized support for FE 400mm F2.8 GM FE 24mm F1.4 GM lenses.

In a bit of unexpected great news for A-mount lens users, this camera firmware update adds support for Zone, Expanded Flexible Spot, and Lock-on AF with Sony LA-EA3 lens adapter with a7 III & a7R III.

Sony also updated their Imaging Edge Software to version 1.3.01 offering better overall stability and support of improved RAW gradation included in this firmware update.

Benefits and Improvements from the latest update

• Support of “SEL400F28GM”and “SEL24F14GM”
• Optimization of the optical image stabilization performance, and addition of a new image stabilization mode of the lens (Mode 3)(Only “SEL400F28GM”).
Addition of a Function Ring(Lens) to the menu.
Note: For the SEL400F28GM lens, the APS-C S35/Full Frame Sel. setting is assignable to the Function Ring in addition to Power Focus.
Addition of [Aperture Drive in AF] setting in the menu.
*Using the lens “SEL400F28GM” or “SEL24F14GM”, when [Silent priority] is selected, the sound emitted by the aperture drive will be reduced. This is useful in shooting conditions where camera.
noise should be kept to a minimum. Note that Auto Focus may become slower when [Silent priority] is selected.

New Features:

• [AF Track Sens] can be assigned to a custom key.
• When used with the LA-EA3 mount adaptor [link to product page], all focus areas are supported.
Note: Focus Area options added: Zone, Expand Flexible Spot, and Lock-on AF.
• Bracket shooting is available during silent shooting when [File Format] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG] and [RAW File Type] is set to [Uncompressed].

Other Improvements:

• Improvement of the performance and the overall stability of the camera.
• Better reproduction of the gradation of RAW pictures.
Note: Imaging Edge software needs to be updated to benefit from the improvement in the RAW processing.
• When shooting with a flash in an environment with flickering light sources, the stability of the exposure is improved.
• Improvement of managing continuously shot images as a group.
Please refer to the HelpGuide for updated function usage.

Previous Benefits and Improvements

The following benefits and improvements from previous firmware updates are also included in this update

• Resolves a “blinking pixels” phenomenon at the bottom edge of the image during XAVC S 4K (PAL 25p) recording (depending on the combination of camera settings)
• Resolves an issue where the touch panel could occasionally become unresponsive
• Improves the overall stability of the camera

Release Date


Download Links:

FW 2.00 for a7 III | FW 2.00 for a7R III

Mac Users Please Note:

If you’re running Mac OS 10.13 or 10.14 you must first run UpdateSettingTool.
[Please Note: UpdateSettingTool replaces Mac OS 10.13 Driver Loader for these updates.]

Next, click on the Resources Folder, click on “SystemSoftwareUpdater” to begin the firmware update.

Before Updating Firmware Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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63 thoughts on “Sony Releases Firmware Update FW 2.00 for a7 III & a7R III”

  1. Sony’s software update process for Macs is still non-functional. Driver_Loader_1013 may or may not run satisfactorily, and then the Updater may or may not wedge the Mac, but always fails to update the camera. Come on Sony. You are always late with supporting new versions of the OS at all, and this joke has been going on for two years now!

    1. I had to start the app one folder down manually after pressing Ok to get the install-screen to show up. then it worked to update wo problems on my a7RIII. MacOS 10.12.8

        1. Yes agree , was so much faster and safer when you downloaded, moved to root of SD card, into camera and start it and the camera updated itself. Finished!

    1. Many A-mount lens owners own both A-mount & E-mount camera systems, myself included. I’ve received many requests for an updated LA-EA3 Mark II with more native AF performance. Here it is for a7 III & a7R III without the need to purchase a new adapter.

        1. Ah, I got it now, it’s the a7III/a7RIII updates that makes this work with LA-EA3 without updating the LA-EA3 itself… 🙂

  2. Thanks Brian! Hey wanted to ask if you have any contacts at Sony that you could pester about adding 4×3 format? I know people have asked about it and I have sent them requests but it seems to land on useless ears. Just wanted to ask!

  3. Any chance Sony will go back to the much smarter way of updating from the memory card (like they did previously)? The new way requires much more effort on their part keeping up with OS releases and also restricts them to specific operating systems. For instance they currently don’t have Linux or Android or Chrome OS support. If they used the memory card they would support anything that can write a memory card.

    1. Rick, would be great really and it never failed for me.
      I still have the SD-card I used only for this in the drawer.

      Sony are you listening?

  4. Hi Brian:
    Could you please persuade Sony to do something similar for a mount shooters. The a99ii would be even more awesome if Sony could add support, through firmware update, for hybrid af on non Sony a mount lenses. In any case, Sony a mount lenses are next to impossible to find in most Asian markets. Would be grateful if you could put in a word. Thanks for your time.

  5. Argh, still no fix for not being able to set your custom WB when using a memory registered setting.

    …and the much requested ability to change colour of the focus marker.

    Will have to test out that ‘stability of flash exposure’ – always did find the TTL performance to be unreliable on camera, maybe this is why.

  6. Hi Brian
    Do you know what it means
    Better reproduction of the gradation of RAW pictures
    It-s kinda tricky about this upgrade

  7. Update went smoothly on the A7r3 with Windows. I’d still like to see an update to change the color of the gray focus point to almost anything else more visible.

  8. unfortunately this knocked out my ‘M1 to M4’ custom settings on my A7 iii sandisk memory card but getting silent auto bracketing was worth it. hopefully others had a better experience.

    1. Yea, mine too, but I recently changed mine so I remembered most settings for them.
      Prone to happen as they added/changed a lot in the settings.
      I usually makes a backup to the computer of all M-settings but with changes like this one have to remake them all and save them agan.

      Tip: to save the in camera, save the on-card to computer and then select the 1-3 and save them to in card and save to computer.
      Reverse to install to the camera.

      Question: Anyone knows a way to backup all camera settings and restore them back to camera?

    1. That warning means the third-party battery you are using is not compliant and may damage your camera. You can click “Continue” if you wish to ignore the warning, but consider yourself warned and any damage to your camera is on you.

      1. Yes, true, and third-party batteries degrade much faster the Sonys and they probably don’t have all the protections etc built as the Sony ones.
        Earlier when I used my Minolta DSLR I bough some 3rd-party good batteries but they are all dead now but the Minoltas still work, but ofc not att full capacity.
        Modern cameras really need protecting batteries.

  9. Thanks Brian. By similar I meant compatibility of third party lenses with the 399 on sensor points to enable hybrid af. Currently hybrid af works only with Sony lenses.

    1. AF is generally available up to 10 FPS with adapted lenses, but’s possible there is incompatibility with that particular lens or the adapter firmware is not yet updated. Make certain your adapter is updated with the latest version of Metabones firmware.

      If that doesn’t work you may need to drop down to 5 FPS for AF with that lens.

  10. Anyone seeing issues with dual card write after 2.00 update. Had camera lock up 5 times in a row writing raw to both cards. Disabled slot 2, issue resolved. Never happened prior to 2.00 release

      1. Before a7RIII one could set it up so images got to the #1 card and videos to the #2 card, that option seems to be missing on the a7RIII or have I missed something?

  11. One thing I have waited a long time for Sony cameras to fix, is that when you use a flash it always chooses the max ISO?
    Would love if one could set the Max ISO to be used when a flash is attached and on. Like one can set the Min-Max range of the ISO.
    I hate when the proper exp. without flash is below ISO 800 and suddenly when you use the flash as a fill flash one gets Max ISO set.
    Can’t really understand why,
    What was the engineers at Sony thinking, if anything, and are those still employed by Sony???

    I have tried to address this to Sony but it probably gets straight into the trash bin…

      1. Why not? Worked great with Minolta and works with other brands except Sony.

        Do one really has to change the ISO setting when walking around and every time one turns on the flash for a Fill-in and then back to auto when one turns the flash of?
        Give me a break 🙂

      2. Still wondering why adding light to the scene needs higher ISO?
        It’s like that under a cloudy sky one get i.e. ISO200 and when the sun breaks through it ups to ISO1600 kind of… never happen so why with a flash?
        No one has ever been able to explain this to me 🙂

  12. This might have been pointed out in thread, but when installing I had to open up the folder in the install folder that has the real installler not the alias and that started everything up for me. The alias that you click on is bogus and won’t start the install. Then it worked fine and updated with no issues.

  13. Have read various comments about improvements when using Sigma MC-11 convertor, dues anyone have any feedback since upgrading?

  14. Hello,
    I’m having an issue with Slot 2 on my A7R III. For some reason it became disabled and can’t read anything. It happened before I updated the firmware and still a problem after the update!!
    Any ideas how to fix this issue?

      1. Yes I do… and it was working fine. And just a couple of days it started acting up. It was also acting up with the Sigma MC-11. It was freezing the camera while I was using it with a Canon lens. I’m not sure if both issue are related or not!

          1. Not sure then how to fix that… because everything appears to be very snug together. I’ll probably just get Sony natives.

            But that doesn’t explain the disabled Slot 2!

  15. i already updated to 2.00 and having so problem with af. after using half focus to shoot. sometimes it hang and stop focusing for a several click.
    this several click is important as i shoot wedding for a living.
    i missed so many moments.
    is there any news about the update for A7III ?

      1. can we request sony to check the af performance on 2.00 ?
        its annoying at some occassion the af really hopeless

  16. When I go to the link for the firmware 2.0 there is nothing to download? Says they have the delayed the release? Am I missing something?

  17. I am very hesitant to update my sony a7111… Is this update a reliable one? Or it may compromise everything… I have that fear that this may cause a big problem… Any users who experience betterment of their a73… I would love to hear from them before i update this firmware…Thanks bro

  18. Hi Brian
    With the News Today about the firmware updates did Sony mention anything about changing the color of focus point. That seems like it should be so easy to do? I didn’t see anything but am hoping I missed it.

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