Sony Releases FE 70-200 GM Firmware Update v05 for Improved Contrast AF


Sony has released FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM Firmware Update v05 for Improved Contrast AF of distant subjects with improved focus with apertures of F11 or higher.

Unlike previous FE 70-200mm F2.8 GM fw updates that were targeted at Sony a9 AF performance, this update is recommended for all Sony mirrorless cameras. Benefits provided by previous updates are included in version 05.

Note: The lens must be attached to an E-mount body camera to perform this update. The NEX-5, NEX-3, NEX-C3, NEX-VG10, and PXW-FS7 model cameras cannot be used.

Download for MAC | WIN

[Please Note: This update is incompatible with Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra – however first installing Mac OS X Driver Loader before running this firmware update might do the trick.]

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7 thoughts on “Sony Releases FE 70-200 GM Firmware Update v05 for Improved Contrast AF”

  1. Hi Brian,

    Just tried updating mine and it seems (as per usual) the latest Mac OS X 10.13 is incompatible with their update software. My A7RIII won’t pull up. Would you be able to confirm?


  2. Hi Brian, Why on earth isn’t macOS 10.13 supported? with security being an ever-increasing issue we update to the latest macOS as soon as possible and yet Sony aren’t supporting it for a release they made on 6th December, weeks after the 10.13 update from Apple? How can we update our lenses and maintain security if Sony don’t support the latest versions of macOS? Greg

  3. Running Mac 10.13.6 Actually worked. Safari version 12.0.1

    Buggered around for a bit trying to install Driver loader_1013 etc… No luck.

    Then decided to give the lens firmware a crack and it worked.

    P.S. also updated the A7R3 firmware first! before the lens firmware…

  4. Hi Brian I am having issues with Auto focusing the GM 70-200 in the range of 1M (minimum focus distance) to 3m. So anything close the motor keeps hunting and never locks focus (no green focus points). I am using 3m focusing for faster focus and full but both don’t work. The OSS is on 1 but even tried turning it off. Does the GM 70-200 has difficulty autofucusing at close range above the minimum focus distance?


    1. First, in order to focus to 1 meter you must select “Full” as the minimum focus distance when “Infinity – 3m” is selected is 3 meters.

      Second, what Focus Area and F-Stop are you using?

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