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Travel Photography of the Holy Men of Kathmandu, Nepal.

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4 thoughts on “Travels: Kathmandu”

  1. Hi Brian

    Did you shoot Kathmandu with the Sony 35mm f2.8 Zeiss lens? I was wondering how you thought this lens compared with some of the newer f2.5G lenses and if you had the choice, would you choose one of these over the Zeiss 35 for optical quality for travelling?

    Thanks v much


      1. Thanks Brian – images from both trips are great and I had heard that your work with the 35 f2.8 had been exhibited. I’m looking for a small but excellent quality lens to take – possibly it depends on the place (50mm+ for open spaces, beaches etc and 24mm – 35mm for parts of Europe where a wider FL is better)

        1. It’s largely personal preference. I’ve always thought there are merits to each. Of course, if you’re looking for a compact kit, I’d avoid picking two primes really close in focal length such as 24/28, 28/35 or 35/40…

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