Sony a6500 & a6300 Firmware Updates add SEL 18-135mm Lens Support


Sony has released Firmware Updates for Sony a6500 (version 1.05) and a6300 (version 2.01) that adds Sony SEL 18-135mm lens support

This update provides the following benefits:

    • Adds support for the SEL18135 lens
    • Improves overall stability of the camera

Firmware Download Links:

Sony a6300 | Sony a6500

[Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra users may first need to install Mac OS X Driver Loader before running this firmware update.]

Before Updating Please Read:

Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates

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5 thoughts on “Sony a6500 & a6300 Firmware Updates add SEL 18-135mm Lens Support”

      1. I purchased the new 18-135 and upgraded to 1.05 on my Sony A6500, but my camera won’t identify the lens and keeps dropping autofocus abilities and kicking me out of the menus. All other Sony lenses I have work just fine. I tried another copy of the lens at the store before returning it. Curious if anyone else is experiencing these issues.

        1. That sounds like the camera is not receiving data from the lens. If that’s not happening with other lenses you should be able to rule out dirty contacts on the camera.

          First thing to check is that the lens is firmly clicking into place. If not, that could be the issue. Next, even though it’s new, check the contacts on the lens to make certain they are not damaged or have any dust or gunk on them.

          Since your camera firmware is up to date, that’s about the exetent of my trouble-shooting knowledge…

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