Sony Smart Remote Control Update 3.10

Along with their latest camera firmware updates, Sony released an updated v3.10 of their Smart Remote Control app which now controls Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and select the Focus Point – along with all the previous functions of shutter release, 2-second self-timer and EV compensation – on WiFi-enabled Sony cameras including the Sony A7, A7R, A7S, A6000, A5100, A5000 and NEX-6 using your smartphone or tablet.

Please Note: Mac OS 10.11 El Capitan is not Supported.

With this update Smart Remote Control allows you to use your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet as a highly functional remote to stream a live feed from your camera to your mobile device and to download Jpegs from the camera to you phone or tablet. The Smart Remote Control app allows you to:

• Trigger the shutter from your phone.
• Control Aperture
• Control Shutter Speed
• Adjust ISO
• Select the Focus Point – touch focus on your phone or tablet
• Adjust EV compensation up to +/- five stops. (This control is disabled when shooting in Manual mode.)
• Turn the self-timer and the image review function on or off.


You can download Smart Remote Control and other apps at the Sony Play Memories App Store


If you haven’t already done so, you need to set-up an account by clicking ‘Create an account‘.

You can then set-up the Smart Remote Control application directly to your camera by selecting

Menu > Application > PlayMemories Camera Apps

Download PlayMemories for iOS or Android

Sony-Play-MemoriesIn order to take advantage of the Smart Remote Control application, as well as other wireless and connectivity features that are available with you Sony WiFi-enabled camera, you need to download Sony’s PlayMemories Mobile app – available free for SmartPhones and Tablets for both iOS and Android at their respective app stores.

Setting your camera up for Smart Remote Control shooting

1. Select Menu > Apps Menu > Application List > Smart Remote Control


1. You’ll get a screen prompting you to Sync to Smart Phone.

2. Go to Wi-Fi settings on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Select the device shown on the camera menu. Enter the password shown in the menu.

3. Once you see a spinning “Connecting” icon on your smartphone or tablet – you’re connected.

4. Open the PlayMemories app

Important: How to Save RAWs Using Sony Smart Remote Control

Smart Remote Control has it’s own quality settings separate from those you set on your camera that are reset when you update the app.

By default Quality is set to Jpeg Fine:

Sony Remote Camera Control Fine

To also save RAW to your SD card, here’s what you need to do:

Open Smart Remote Control App on your camera:

Menu > Applications > Application List > Smart Remote Control

Connect WiFi between your camera to your tablet or Smart Phone

Once you connect, press Menu > Smart Remote Control > 2 > Quality > Select : RAW & JPEG

Sony Remote Camera Control Raw + Jpeg

Shoot a frame to be certain this setting is saved.

Boom! You’re good to go…

UPDATE: Sony Smart Remote Control Update 4.10 is now available. Read this to make certain you’re using the latest version of this app.


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83 thoughts on “Sony Smart Remote Control Update 3.10”

    1. Yes, I’ve tested touch AF and it works on my A7. A7R and A7S. I updated to firmware 1.10 on all those bodies the same day I updated this – so it may require the current firmware to access the new features.

    2. for some reason I’m having issues with tap to focus as well. I’ve updated the camera app, phone app, and firmware. All that being said, I’m on an A7ii. Maybe that’s the kicker?

      1. Are you using trying it with a native FE lens on camera? I just tested Remote Control Embedded on my A7II + FE 35 with iPhone and touch focus works properly.

        1. I had to turn off AF w/shutter to get focusing to work. It was configured for back button focus. Gear menu -> 4 -> AF w/shutter -> On. I tested this on a A7II v1.10 and a native FE lens using Android. Good luck!

          1. You mean you had to turn AF w/shutter ON

            Yes. That would seem logical. The remote functions like the shutter release. If the shutter release is disabled – the remote release will also be disabled. AF w/shutter is ON by default – you only have to mess with this setting if you’ve turned it off.

  1. Thank you, now i can use the smart remote with:

  2. Trigger the shutter from my phone.
  3. Adjust EV compensation

    but it is impossible to control:

  4. Aperture
  5. Shutter Speed
  6. Adjust ISO
  7. Select the Focus Point – touch focus on your phone or tablet
  8. Turn the self-timer and the image review function on or off.


  9. Do You know or are there rumors: Is there a chance for a Camera Type A77 MII, using all the features and do the same procedures in 2015? Standard now is only shutter-release only. Thank You from Germany.

      1. Sorry Brian, but it dont work on A77/II. Tried it vy often, no chance. Hope is the last thing that dies… Thank You

  10. Can you use this app with device tethered via USB? What would you recommend so I can mount a smartphone or tablet in the hotshoe as an external monitor or controller over USB? Can you have one device as a monitor or touch device and use a wifi device also at the same time?

    1. There is an App called RCCDroidPro in Google Play Store, that provide full USB tethering including Liveview for some of the newer Alpha models

  11. I’ve updated my a6000 to fw 1.10 and the smart remote app is pathetic. It is just a shutter remote. I can customize nothing except for EV. What gives?

  12. i see the camera on my app when using to transfer photos but cannot see it to connect for remote trigger. so i cannot connect the camera to my iPhone. is it a settings issue

  13. No bracketing… not really sure what’s the point of the smart remote if you can’t use it for the one thing you need it for.

      1. Brian is there a way to record video via Remote Camera Control and save it directly to a folder on a computer/tablet instead of only to the card? I know this can be done with single shots…

        1. Not that I’m aware of. I think that would take something more robust like an Atamos Shogun or Samurai as an interface to record or relay video files to computer.

  14. Hi!
    Same issue for my A7 ii. Firmware 1.10. No controls from Android, except Ev and Trigger. No Shutter, no Av, etc.

    1. Sorry Igor. I don’t have a droid to test I’m on iOS where it’s working fine. Make certain Smart Remote Control updated and try a reboot to refresh connection.

  15. Have you tried PlayMemories Remote Control on a Windows tablet? Is there such a version? Does it work the same way it does on the Android, that is, control EV, etc.? I am considering getting a Dell-Windows ultrabook with NFC because I intend to use it on the A7 and A5000. For the A7, I will tether it on the ultrabook and run Capture One Pro for to control it with live view. For the A5000, I will use the tablet’s NFC to wirelessly control the camera.

  16. hello. i have been using SMART REMOTE CONTROL on my sony dsc-rx100m3
    for the past 3 months, with success. but when i used it today(after not using it a month)
    it would not work. i keep getting a black screen on my camera with the message:
    phone screen shows the image the camera is pointing at, but does not work. and
    says in yellow letters: NO CARD.
    i’ve downloaded the latest version of SMART REMOTE CONTROL.
    i’m new to cameras and don’t know what to do next. can you advise me? thanks. david

    1. I can’t imagine anything I’d want less than giving a client the remote triggering button for my camera. But seriously, there is a much better too for that. Spend $30 on Capture One Pro for Sony to tether to computer – then can use Capture Pilot app to share the screen.

  17. Great article Brian. I am trying to use my iphone to wirelessly record video but I cannot do this within the application. Am I missing something? Perhaps I need to download other apps? If you could recommend something that will help me accomplish this. So that I can connect to the camera over wifi and use it to record video that will only store to the SD card. I don’t want to save the videos on my phone, merely use it as a remote control.

    Looking forward to your response.

  18. Really? Not even as a remote start and stop recording? There’s no way to accomplish this? I wouldn’t need to stream the feed over wifi. I know that GoPro has something like that, but my experience with it has always been buggy. Would truly be a shame and huge missing piece to this camera if I can’t figure a work around.

  19. Thanks Brian, great info! This does make Sony seem quite backwards though (having to log on to internet on the camera, then log onto Sony account with one button and a wheel, in 2015. Really??). The GoPro-App works lika a charm, simply adjust the picture and press record. Beeing able to turn the camera on and off by remote really saves battery as well. The downside with GoPro is the video quality. Until Sony fixes this I won’t buy anything new from them, but I guess I’m stuck with the NEX-6 for now (should have done better reasearch).

  20. Hi Brian thanks for your informative post . I wanted to know if the touch to focus would work for the rx 100 mk 3 with the smart remote control app. Thanks.

  21. Thank you Brian for your informative post. I’ve been testing the Smart Remote app on my Apple 4s and Sony RX100 M3. Touch focus works quite well but often times there’s a slight lag to acquire focus (maybe it’s my old phone?). So I definitely wouldn’t count on Touch Focus for action photography, but for stills or landscape it’s fine.

    My question: there are two symbols that appear on my iPhone display that I don’t understand: one looks like a “pencil on a ruler”, and next to it a “thumbs up”. What do they do or represent?

    1. The app may appear differently on you iPhone 4S than my 5S but if you simply press the icon that looks pencil and screwdriver it brings up camera and smart phone settings

  22. Thanks much for your quick reply. After a bit of playing around with the app settings on both my iPhone 4s and iPad Air 2 I think I figured it out:

    – The “pencil+ruler” icon is actually a “pencil+strip of something” and indicates if the “Save Options” in the Settings is turned ON or OFF. Turned ON, the icon appears and means images are being saved to both your camera and mobile device. Turned OFF means images are being saved to camera only. This icon is displayed on my iPhone 4s but NOT on my iPad Air 2, so your experience may be different depending on device used.

    – The “thumbs up” is actually a “hand and index finger”. Next to it on the right appears the word “Focus” or “Shutter” and indicates if the “Touch Shutter” in the Settings is turned ON or OFF. Turned ON, the word “Shutter” appears next to the hand. Turned OFF, the word “Focus” appears next to the hand. On the iPhone 4s the symbol appears (using your seagull photo for reference) above and a little to the right of the seagulls beak. On the iPad Air 2 the symbol appears on the top edge of the screen above the seagulls tail. The “hand and index finger” + “Focus”/”Shutter” appears only if “Focus Mode” in Settings is AF-S/AF-C/DMF. The symbol disappears completely if “Focus Mode” is changed to “MF”.

    There, now I’m going to have a beer. Hope this helps…

  23. Hi Brian, thanks for the information. I have set up my camera and have the latest firmware for the camera, but the application still gives me no adjustment abilities, even in manual mode. I am using an iPhone 5s with os 7. I feel like I am missing something simple. Also, do you know if there are any other applications with more focus control features, like the ability to swipe in order to get the focus to change where and at the speed you want? Thanks for your help and for this post!

    1. Check a couple things Kris. First be certain Smart Remote is the current version 3.10 – you can find this in Menu > Applications. Next be aware that if the camera is configured for back button focus the app will not allow you to focus since pre-focus is disabled with those settings.

  24. Hi Brian, I am having trouble controlling the shutter speed. There is no “S” in the corner on my iphone when it is synced with the camera. I have the latest versions of A7r software as well as play memories. Any ideas?

    1. What exposure mode is the camera set to? The mode shown in the upper left corner of the app will reflect what the camera exposure dial is set to. You need to touch the shutter release to update any changes to exposure modes.

          1. In that case either the app or camera firmware is not up to date. Most likely the app. If I had a dollar for everyone who has thought they were running Smart Remote Control 3.10 only to discover they had an outdated version I’d be headed to Happy Hour right now…

  25. I just deleted and re-installed the app. still the same as before. is there anything i need to change on the camera?

    1. Hey Mike, I tested this yesterday to see if there had been any update bug I had missed and this WILL work if the a7R is running FW 1.20 and the Smart Remote Control is version 3.10.

  26. Hi,do you know what the maximum distance is before the signal between the Iphone and camera is disconected?

  27. I have been trying to work out how to set up my A7R2 for Silent Shooting whilst using the remote shutter on the iPhone with the PlayMemories Remote Shutter App.
    When I then set up remote shooting by going through the App, the shutter isn’t in Silent Mode, it seems to over ride the Silent Shooting mode. I hope that makes sense.
    Has anyone found a solution please?

  28. Hi, i have tried to find solution to my a6300. I can only shoot photo with playmemories app, no aperture, shutter or touch-focus settings. Might this be just that sony hasnt updated a6300 firmware?

    1. Hi, i had the same problem controlling shutter speed, iso and etc. as guys above did. I tried all shooting modes and these settings just didn’t appear in SmartRemote app except EV… The problem is that when using Smart Remote Embedded (installed by default) app you cannot control these settings so you have to download Smart Remote Control app from in order to do tap focus, changing iso, shutter speed within the app.

  29. Can you imagine your friends waiting around while fumble through menus and wait for syncing and waiting for you to have to type in a password each time. Utterly pointless. And even with the suggested setting here the image quality is horrible. The app also crashes my WiFi on my phone and i have to reset it.

    1. Ypou only need to enter the password ONCE for any external device. If you want to send photos to lots of people my suggestion would be to send the photo to your phone and then email them to the people you want to share them with. The WiFi does not crash. The signal simply disconnects if you exit the connection on either your camera or phone. The Password is saved so it is pretty simple to reconnect when you return to transfer.

  30. Why can’t Sony just make a simple android remote without a preview and without having to go though all hat setup mess? Something that is on-call and ready for activation, like a physical remote.

  31. Ever since I’ve installed the remote control apps on my A6000, after a while using it, I found that my wired remote shutter release(made by 3rd party) is no longer working on my camera. It was used to be working well. It seems that the apps had disabled the remote shutter connecting to the USB port on my camera. I’ve even tried the Sony’s wired remote shutter cable, the same issue i’m experiencing. However, i’m still able to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop using USB connection. Anyone having the same issue where wired remote shutter cable is no longer working on your A6000?

    1. I don’t have a6000, but I use both wired remotes and the Smart Remote Control camera app on all my a7 Series cameras without any issues (not at the same time obviously).

  32. Hi, Brian, i had the same problem controlling shutter speed, iso and etc. as guys above did. I tried all shooting modes and these settings just didn’t appear in SmartRemote app except EV… The problem is that when using “Smart Remote Embedded” (installed by default) app you cannot control these settings so it’s needed to download “SmartRemote Control” app from in order to do tap focus, changing iso, shutter speed within the app.

  33. When I try to install the app on my phone or iPad, I get a message saying that the profile is not signed. I have updated camera and app. Still does not allow me to connect

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