Portrait Lighting Tutorial: Darnell Dockett for Sports Illustrated

Published: October 31, 2014

Darnell Dockett photographed in Tallahassee for Sports Illustrated
Darnell Dockett photographed in Tallahassee for Sports Illustrated

“Day for night” is a cinematic term for faking a nighttime shot during the day. When shooting college or pro athletes for magazines, you rarely have control over when you’ll be able to shoot them. A few year back, Sports Illustrated wanted a nighttime shot of Florida State defensive end Darnell Dockett in a cemetery for its Halloween issue, but the only time he was available was 3:00 pm in the afternoon. If you’ve ever been in Tallahassee, Florida, in early October, you know that nothing about harsh afternoon light looks like night. It all boils down to problem solving.

Lighting Diagram of Darnell Dockett photographed for Sports Illustrated

After hiring a local assistant, we put him to work finding the best-looking-meaning old and spooky-cemetery in town. We chose one section of the cemetery because it would be in full shade so I wouldn’t have to fight the sunlight. To give a “Thriller” feel to the shoot, we rented a generator and fog machine. Using a stand-in for Darnell until he arrived, we pre-lit the shot with three Profoto 7B strobes. The main light was from a Profoto Beauty Dish on the right. A second strobe head with a Profoto Zoom Reflector was just off the ground on the left side of the shot to light up the tombstone on the left and also put a small highlight on Darnell’s helmet.

Lighting Diagram of Darnell Dockett photographed for Sports Illustrated

A third light with a Profoto Zoom Reflector was placed on the ground behind the tombstones to backlight the fog. The bright blue sky was underexposed three stops to make it look like dusk, and the white balance was set to tungsten to give the photograph a nighttime feel.

Lighting Gear List:

(3) Profoto 7B Strobe Packs (B&H)
(3) Profoto ProHead Plus Flash Heads (B&H)
(1) Profoto Beauty Dish (B&H)
(2) Profoto Zoom Reflectors (B&H)
(1) Rosco Mini-V Fog Machine (B&H)

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