Installing & Updating Sony Play Memories Camera Apps

I get quite a few questions about Sony Play Memories Camera Apps and the issues always trace back to the camera apps aren’t up to date.

There are a couple ways to update apps on these Sony app-enabled cameras: Sony a7, a7R a7S, a7II, a7RII, a7SII, a6500, a6300, a6000, a5100, RX100 III, RX100 IV, RX100 V, RX10 II, RX10 III, RX1R II, NEX-6, NEX-5R, NEX-5T

You can update apps directly on from the Apps tab of your Sony app-enabled camera LCD using WiFi connection, BUT it’s not always easy to do this using a small LCD and it won’t tell you if the apps are up to date – it just shows they are installed.

But the better and easier way to update or install Sony Play Memories Camera Apps and to be certain you’ve got the latest version is to install or update apps with your camera connected to a computer. So that’s what we’ll do.

PLEASE NOTE: Paid apps rely on Sony PlayStation network. If that is not available in your home country – Paid apps cannot be purchased.
I highly recommend using PayPal for purchases.

Step 1.

Connect to the Sony Play Memories Camera App Store at


Please Note: Camera App Downloader is ONLY COMPATIBLE with Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer browsers!

Firefox, Opera and Microsoft Edge browsers are NOT Supported!

Mac OS 10.13 and 10.14 are NOT Supported.

Windows 10 Users: Your default browser is no longer Internet Explorer – it’s Microsoft Edge. You must open open Internet Explorer or the Play Memories downloader will NOT work.

Disconnect all other USB devices and plug USB camera cable directly into computer – not through a hub.

Disable security software while downloading apps or running updates.

Step 2.

If you already have a Play Memories account – Sign In. If you don’t have an account click “Create an account”. Once you’re signed in click the “My Apps” Tab


Step 3.

Connect your Sony app-enabled camera using the USB cable that came with your camera. In order to download camera apps via computer, you need to set USB Connection to MTP and USB LUN Setting to Single.

Menu > Setup > USB Connection > MTP
Menu > Setup > USB LUN Setting > Single

Connect your Sony app-enabled camera using the USB cord that came with the camera and turn it on.

Step 4.

Click “Connect a camera” in the upper left side of the screen.

(You may be prompted to install PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader to your MAC or PC. If so, follow the instructions)


Play Memories will verify the connection.


Step 5.

Play Memories will show which apps need updates or suggest apps you might wish to install.


Step 6.

Click the icon of any Apps you wish to update or add.

If you wish to purchase apps (many are free) you need to either enter your credit card or put money in a PayPal Wallet.

I suggest you enter your credit card and bypass Paypal. I know you may not want to enter your credit card. But it works much better than the PayPal Wallet. Besides, you have to enter a credit card at the Apple App store and this is no different – so just do it.


This panel will also tell you if any camera firmware is not up to date:


Once the updates run – Play Memories will show all the apps are up to date for that camera.

You can poke around for more apps to purchase or download.


Once you’re done, close the browser window. If you have more than one camera you must close the window and reconnect each time to run the updates for another camera.

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277 thoughts on “Installing & Updating Sony Play Memories Camera Apps”

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  3. Why does the Multiple Exposure application have it’s own menu settings?
    On the A7s, I can turn on silent shooting but when running this application, the shutter is not silent.
    It seems that they applications are not honoring the camera’s menu settings, which is really odd.
    I would extended functionality that ENHANCES the cameras user experience, not degrades it.

    1. That’s a good question. It’s possible that Silent Shooting may not be compatible with this continuous exposure mode, but the separate app settings (especially the app’s Quality setting defaulting to Jpeg) confuse a lot of people.

      1. As a far as I can tell it’s browser dependent. The interface is flash based and that is only supported on a few browsers. Security software must also be off during updates.

      2. Same here with my a7rii. Camera connects to the computer via usb just fine. But when I try to connect the camera from the playmemories page, I get a ‘verifying connection…’ message but the wheel just spins forever.

  4. Hi there! Is there a way to change to jpg quality setting when transfer to my iPhone using the Send to Smartphone feature? Even using original size in playmemories settings, the file is rather small, around 300k, for a 24mpx image. Thanks in advance!

  5. Thanks very much, Brian! Yes, I was shooting RAW only. I’ve searched in the manual yesterday and couldn’t find the information about the JPEG quality when shooting RAW+jpg, is it the extra fine? Thanks

  6. When I follow your instructions I am getting an error message that says Network error has occurred.
    Please check the network and try again. (# D-ResultCode)

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks Rob

    1. i just suffered that problem too. only camera that connected to your usb port. if you connect other things, just remove it, only the camera.
      good luck, hope it works in you

    2. Hey, did you find out what it was, because i have the same thing and i have tried it over a million times now.


  7. I was able to connect via wifi but after purchasing two apps it no longer allows the purchase to finish and I get a missed charge listed. Very frustrating. Thanks for responding and I love your posts and blog!

  8. Really would like to try the touchless shutter release app on the new A7Rm2. Doesn’t matter what I do, the app store does not see it. File browser can see the camera, can acess memory card. Using Sony USB cable. Tried different ports, USB3 and USB2. Set MTP, set LUN to single, no difference. Mass Storage … nothing. Explorer 11 nothing. Firefox nothing … Bleeding edge?

    1. Hi Ralf, I just tested the directions posted here with my a7RII using Safari as my browser and not only was I able to add touchless shutter, but I also updated Smart Remote Control Embedded to Smart Remote Control v3.30. I have no way to test Explorer since IE hasn’t supported Macs for a decade, but Safari works flawlessly.

      It doesn’t matter if you use USB2 or USB3 the connection will be USB2. Gotta set USB Connection to MTP – not Mass Storage.

      1. Hi Brian, Thanks for checking it, only difference I can see is I’m on a a PC with Windows 8.1. Definitely have set the two settings on the camera as per blog, Can only think it is on the computer side, but camera does come up on the OS as a connected device. Plying Memories however fails when verifying connection. The PMCADownloader is installed. Do you have link for Sony camera support? I always seem to end up on play station support pages.

        1. Sign In. Click: My Apps. Look on the left side of the page. If ILCE-7RM2 is on the list – check it and click manage my camera. If it is NOT on the list – check “Connect a Camera” at the top of that column and it will bring up the apps available for a7RII and allow you to add or manage them.

  9. Sounds simple enough. When I connect the camera to the computer, the camera screen reports after a little search: “USB mode MTP”, i.e. camera thinks it is connected. Computer operating system also acknowledges a connection by pop-up what I want to do with this device and suggest programs to run, like Photoshop or file copy etc… I close this window with “no action”.

    File Explorer shows the ILCE-7RM as device and drive connected to the computer. Playingmemories on connection verify constantly comes up with this message each time I ask to verify connection:

    Turn the power of the camera on, connect the camera to a PC via USB cable, and press the “Verify Connection” button. If a new window such as “Auto-run” pops up due to the USB connection between a camera and PC, please close it. The window may appear more than once.

    The Playing Memories Camera Apps downloader was installed on my first connection attempt, it shows installed under “Programs and Features”. Suspecting something is not right with web-application I try to find the Playing Memories Downloader to be active when the website is up in the browser, however I cannot find the downloader active as a process or service in task manager.

    1. I’m experiencing the same issue and can’t seem to find help anywhere. I was able to follow all steps up until connecting the camera via sony’s website. It keeps asking me to install the PMCADownloader. Despite downloading/running 10x, still no luck so it’s just a constant loop with the same pop up message. I’m running Windows 10 if that helps and have tried with both Chrome and Microsoft browsers.

      1. Hello MissAngelaDavis,

        I’m using Safari, so I just checked on Chrome and Chrome is not supported – only Safari and Internet Explorer are supported.

        Microsoft Edge “might” work, but I don’t have a PC, so Sony Tech support testing to see if Windows 10 + Microsoft Edge will work.

        In the mean time, you may wish to try it on IE if you’ve got it.

  10. Tried it on an old computer running on Windows 7 (rather 8.1) and it worked using Firefox. I can’t be sure it is really the operating system, but have nothing else to go with.

  11. Bit tricky to download. My desktop would not connect to my camera (usb verifying and finally timed out) so I tried with a laptop. The install failed so I did a manual install which worked. The laptop did connect to my camera so I finally got it downloaded.

    It is a neat app. I like the focus control option but I do miss bulb mode. Only goes to 30s which is a pity. Is there anyway round this?

  12. I had success installing apps on both my A7S and A7ii, but have had no luck with my A7Rii. When I press connect a camera, I am told repeatedly to install the Play Memories software, which is installed already. I tried re-installing the software over and over to no avail. The one camera on the list is my A7ii, the new A7Rii never seems to be recognized, nor does my pre-existing play memories software. Thoughts?

      1. Using the cable that came with the A7Rii. In fact, I just used the cable to update the firmware on my A7ii, which went fine (though took quite a while). After the firmware update went onto play memories to update the Time-Lapse App and same problem. Any time I press “connect a camera”, I get the – install PM software window. None of the orange “update” buttons work.

  13. Using the cable that came with the A7Rii. In fact, I just used the cable to update the firmware on my A7ii, which went fine (though took quite a while). After the firmware update went onto play memories to update the Time-Lapse App and same problem. Any time I press “connect a camera”, I get the – install PM software window. None of the orange “update” buttons work.

    1. I’m on Mac, but I’m told the issue is not Windows 10 but its default Microsoft Edge browser. I hear it works fine if you use Internet Explorer instead of Edge.

  14. Thanks for posting this solution for downloading Playmemories apps. I have a PC with Windows 10 and downloaded Safari from CNet downloads and then installed the PMCADownloader. I had to reboot the computer to get it to take on Safari, however. I was able to download 3 paid apps, 1 free app, and update an already installed app on my Sony RX100 Mark IV. However, after that everything stopped working as reported above with ‘missed transactions’. Called the credit card company, the card wasn’t blocked and then got Sony Support (1-800-222-7669) to look into the problem. (The credit card wouldn’t make purchases or move funds to the Wallet.) Sony Support said a program default required a 36 hour waiting period following the purchases. Weird. Anyway, reviewed all the available apps I’d like to download and have six more I want to try out. Too bad there’s this additional glitch in the procedure. Anyway, thanks for providing the directions to set up the downloads – I’m that much further along! 🙂

    1. Okay – it’s been 36 hours since I last uploaded a Playmemories app to my camera and the website still will not allow me to use a credit card to move money to my wallet to purchase additional apps. Pretty frustrating as the error message indicates the credit card (cards in this instance) information is wrong. I just used one of the cards on the B&H website and have rechecked my data entry for Playmemories…so pretty sure it’s Sony’s website. 🙁 The app store seems like a good idea handled in a not very flattering (for Sony) fashion. It’s been the only negative experience associated so far with my Sony camera purchase.

        1. I know this seems like I’m beating a dead horse – or that I’m a masochist, but I’ve tried a few more ways to download the Sony camera apps or get help from Sony and they’ve all failed as well.

          1. I called the Sony help line again and they decided they weren’t able to resolve issues that occur on the Playmemories website (“It’s not a camera issue”) – so they gave me the phone number for Sony PlayStation support to call – as PlayStation appears to host Playmemories when you go to Playmemories for help, or the forum, or support.

          2. The folks at PlayStation support were kind but were unaware that the Playmemories website is linked to the PlayStation website for account information and support. They eventually gave me the Sony support number I’ve first called last week – (“It’s a camera issue, not a PlayStation issue”.

          3. Given neither of my attempts to get help from Sony succeeded, I went back to my Playmemories account and added my PayPal details and was still unable to download apps – the purchase screen simply recycled itself on clicking “purchase”.

          4. Finally, I tried moving money from my PayPal account to the Sony Wallet and that failed, giving a incorrect credit card details message – though my PayPal account is linked to my bank not too a credit card.

          So…I’ve run out of ideas and will just have to give up. I’d have liked to have had some more Sony camera apps on my camera as I’m readying for my next trip abroad where I’ll be away from my computer and Adobe software for an extended period. Sadly, for me the Sony Playmemories camera app website experience has been all too reminiscent of the the awful internet business interfaces of the 80’s.

          1. I’ve never had a problem with Sony apps, so I took the time to write out the steps I followed that have been 100% bullet-proof for me. Follow them closely and you will find success. Skip one of my warnings and proceed at your own risk.

          2. Sorry Brian if it seemed I was trolling you! I have finally got a work around this morning! I purchased Sony PlayStation prepaid cards from Amazon, got the codes and Playmemories easily applied the codes to my Wallet and I was able to purchase the Sony Playmemories apps I wanted. Hope this helps – and again, apologies for the previous posts.

      1. I’m having exactly the same issues… This should all be so easy and yet I’ve wasted hours trying to get an app onto the camera after following all the steps… Soon frustrating!

  15. Possibly the worst, most confusing interface (multiple interfaces actually) I’ve ever encountered (from the PlayMemories app in the camera to Sony’s actual website to trying to set up an account there, requests for more info for your “Profile”, on and on and on before you can get the app even near to downloading) for trying to use a feature advertised by a major corporation. I have given up trying to use PlayMemories at all and am returning my Sony for a Canon now, but appreciate your trying to help others with their Sony issues.

  16. Hey,

    It keeps saying “Network error has occurred. Please check the network and try again. (# D-ResultCode)”

    It just won’t connect to the camera. I am using windows vista and internet explorer. Any help will be appreciated (:

      1. But then the server has been down for almost a month, i don’t think that’s it. Have you never had this problem before?

        1. Hey Iris, we just had another reader post that he ran into the same issue because he failed to disable security software – but once he did everything worked perfectly. Try that.

  17. Hi, Brian and others, just want to leave my testimony here, about this topic.
    It works on Windows 10 and Internet Explorer.

    I always hit error “Please check the network and try again. (# D-ResultCode)” when verify connection, turned out I dont disable my antivirus program. After I disable it, I was able to connect my camera with my laptop, purchase and install the app on my camera through my laptop.
    Thanks for the instruction !

  18. Hi Brian,

    I have noticed that several of the screen captures used to promote Smart Camera Remote depict functionality, f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO, that do not appear in any version of the mobile version I have downloaded. Are there features that work only with specific cameras? I controlling an A7r and A7r II with two android devices. A Nexus 7 tablet and a Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone. These devices only features are shutter control, EV compensation and timer delay. Are the other features displayed on the screen captures available on iPads or iPhones and not Androids?


    1. As far as I know they will work with all a7 series cameras in both iOS and Android but ONLY when everything is updated to the current version – which is why I wrote this post on how to do it.

      1. I am up to date on PlayMemories and Smart Camera Remote. I am just confused as to why Sony would show images of features which are not available on the Android versions. I am trying to figure out if there are more than the three aforementioned functions available to iPhones and/or iPads.

        1. Yes. All functions work exactly as shown on iPhone and iPad provided both camera firmware and apps are up to date. As I mentioned in my post about remote control app, Touch Focus will not work if camera is set for back button focus or with a manual focus lens for rather obvious reasons.

          1. I have spent about 5 hours tonight trying to purchase Timelapse for my new A7sii from playmemories. The free app downloads but the purchase of timelapse never completes. I do have ie10. Since Sony has gone the route of purchased apps for functionality that your expect to have out of the box and the app cant be downloaded it means I have bought something unusable. Human support is nonexistent on the site so I will be returning the A7sii tomorrow.

          2. Sorry for your trouble with the Sony Play Memories App Store. You’re by no means the first. The biggest issue is that the site is flash based and the only browsers still supporting Flash are Safari and Internet Explorer.

            There’s really nothing I can do besides reporting the issue. Could you give me a bit more detail about which Windows OS you’re using and where the download is hanging up?

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  20. PlayMemories doesn’t let me create a new account. Their server may be down at the moment. What’s frustrating is the lack of any announcement…

    1. That’s actually an issue either with your browser (only Safari and Internet Explorer are supported) or computer security software (disable it to create an account or update – then turn it back on when you’re finished)

  21. Giovanni Caronti

    Hello, I am an amateur astronomer and doing with the A 6000 Astro shots. I use Play Memory S-Mobile. That’s a very good app. But it could be even better. Just add the possibility to automate the Bulb function, eg 50 recordings a 2 minutes. This would facilitate our hobby very. Is there already thinking about it?
    Thanks and Regards
    Giovanni Caronti

  22. I am using osx safari on a rx100m4 but no luck with camera apps page connection. I have tried your suggested settings but they wont help as well. I already have a fund in my wallet but no registered credit cards. On camera installation will not allow without c.card information. So I am stuck :((

    1. I added a credit card to start. I’m hearing issues with PayPal wallet, but I don’t know how to get out of it once you’ve added one. I’ll pass this along and report back if I hear of a fix.

  23. This whole Sony ecosystem is a NIGHTMARE. I Live in Thailand. Thailand PMapp store only sells a few apps, not the whole catalogue. I opened a Canadian Papp store account and funded it with balance from m,y CAD PayPal account, so far so good. Bought some apps and installed them. Now money has finished and can not top up again with CAD PayPal as it insists on have a CAD card on file, which I don’t have. Have funds in the PP account but it won’t get past a valid CCard. Made a new account for Thailand. Connected it with my CCard & PP account. No problem. Went to buy the new HDR Sky app and it says My camera is registered to another Papp account. Need to re-register the camera to the new account, so I lose all the apps I purchased, and all of my Camera Settings as well.
    This is the worst customer experience I have ever had. More than an hour of screwing about online, and back where I started. I have over $12,000.00 on Sony Camera gear and I can’t buy a $10.00 App.

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  25. Hi, I tried repeatedly to update my A7Rii using Safari and the method you posted and never could get my computer (Mac OS-X 10.11.2) to recognize the camera. After searching the Sony support section, it appears that USB should be set to “Mass”, and not “MTP” as your instructions stated. I changed that setting and then everything worked fine.

    1. Please disregard my last post. That only worked for installing camera software 2.0. not for downloading Apps. I called Sony and they said that they are aware of an issue where cameras are not able to connect to PC’s and Mac’s with PlayMobile, but they do not have a solution for it yet. They suggested that the only option at this time is to download via WiFi.

  26. MTP is the only thing that worked for me. Boy this whole process is super buggy. Sony’s website regularly could not connect to complete the purchase. I had to try over and over again to navigate it. And it could not process credit card payments at all. The only way I could buy the Time-lapse App was to add funds to my wallet from my Paypal account and THEN purchase the App. Thanks Sony for the wasted hour of my life!

    1. Yes, MTP is the correct USB setting for downloading and installing apps. I’ve made a list of things Sony could do to make the process much easier and passed it along to them.

  27. Hi and thanks for the useful tips! I run on safari and follow exactly the instructions but I receive the following message Cannot switch the camera to download mode.
    If there are other applications using the camera’s USB function, please close it and retry.
    There is no other usb around and the camera is connected directly to my mac!. As well as from the menu applications of my a7rii I was able to purchase new apps but suddenly it doesn’t proceed(shows a screen that webpage wasn’t found) when I press proceed to checkout…

      1. I called today Sony they told me that still is not compatible el capitan with the camera and they proposed me to install it with a pc..I have a friend he is still on yosemite i will try there!

  28. Wow. I guess misery loves company. I can only add +1 to all the comments re the poorly organized site, sign up process, and most importantly, the inability to connect to my A7m2. Then at the very bottom post I see where Sony admits that El Capitan OS is not compatible. There’s a couple of hours of my life I won’t get back. Sony… you are pathetic! You could not post a warning at the top of the app page warning of incompatibilities?! Brian, your continuos efforts to help us all are much appreciated. If you have Sony’s ear, suggest firing a few managers. Lack of communication as well as performance shows total disregard for customers who have spent lots of $ on Sony products. Add in the countless collective hours wasted by god only knows how many frustrated users and the toll is even worse. Profoundly annoying and disappointing.

  29. Just a follow up as I hate walking away from a problem. But alas I am still defeated. Tried on a Yosemite Mac, (with the latest security upgrade, 10.10.5). I shut down the firewall. I “allow other sites to download apps”. This attempt gets a little farther. Camera connects and shows the “Application Download” screen. I can choose an app, it goes to a page showing my billing with “confirm purchase” at the bottom. OMG… it’s going to work! Click on it and… and… nothing. Frozen. Sigh. I still don’t give up… I fire up my old work PC with Win7 Pro. Get to exactly the same spot and… frozen. I must be insane as I keep repeating the process and expect something different to happen. My almost last attempt… a laptop I seldom use. Win 7 Pro. Ditto the above. Freezes at the confirm purchase screen. A buddy of mine walks in and he has his work laptop with him. Five minutes later, ditto again. it’s hard to believe anyone has successfully downloaded an app from the PMCA site. I am retreating from this for awhile. Its making me crazy.

  30. I am on a Mac running El Capitan (10.11.1) using Safari (9.0.1). And I can’t connect to the Play Memories Camera App Store. I see that El Capitan is not supported. However, I would have thought that after a few months this bug would have been fixed.

    What is the recommended workaround from Sony for Apple users? Do they eventually plan on fixing this issue?

      1. FYI, El Capitan (ver.10.11.5) is supported now. I just updated (thanks for the instructions!) today and it worked seamlessly, following your direction to use Safari.

  31. Thanks for for being so helpful! I’ve got my a6000 to connect, I’ve downloaded a free app, I have my credit card saved, but I can’t seem to buy the time-lapse app. My transaction history is just full of missed charges for $0.00. Any suggestions?

  32. Good grief! I figured it out. It isn’t enough to have a credit card saved. I had to move money from my credit card into my wallet before I could make the purchase. I hope this helps some else who might not realize this little extra step.

  33. Fantastic site Brian – many thanks for running it and keeping it up to date.

    As for Sony PlayMemories – I too simply can’t get any paid apps to download. I managed to figure out how to download free ones but I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever had the misfortune to use such an awful, buggy site as this Sony one.

    For me everything just hangs when you try and pay.

    Mind you I’m not that surprised as even I can see basic schoolboy errors in the c/c form.

    For example – as I’m in the UK – I have to declare which county I live in (perfectly normal – its part of our postal addresses) however I’m given three options England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland – ha ha ha – those are countries not counties. I mean come on…

  34. why have all my videos and photos disappeared, and when I add more from the camera they disappear as soon as I disconnect Camera/camcorder.Imac

  35. Right – figured out a way that should work for those of us in the UK. (And hopefully elsewhere).

    Don’t bother with either a credit card or paypal. They just don’t seem to work.

    As others too have found it keeps reporting an issue with the information provided but I think Sony aren’t presenting the card details to the banks correctly.

    I went back into my Playstation Network Account that this process created for me and deleted my credit card and paypal details. Then I bought a PlayStation gift card (PSN Wallet) from That gives you an instant code which can be cut and pasted the into the redeem card bit on your Playstation Network account. Confirm you want it to go into your ‘wallet’.

    Then open up PlayMemories site and connect the camera – and go through the download / buying process and sure enough it worked.

    PS: in my entry above I should have said four options – not three…

    1. Hi Jeremy

      Many thanks for that post and the idea about the amazon gift card, once I have got over the anger and frustration with my latest attempt at getting the Sony app site to work I will try that!! It does also help (somewhat perversely) to hear that everyone else is having the same issues.

      How on earth does a massive corporation like Sony let themselves be associated with such an unmitigatingly awful piece of work like this website? What an embarrasment for them


      1. Just went to Amazon and it turns out that the only PSN gift card currently available is for 35GBP … all others listed as currently unavailable … the fates definitely do not want us using Sony do they?


    2. Thanks for this info – Yesterday I had many of these same problems with the Sony Play Memories Camera Apps page failing to recognize my PayPal or Credit Card. After many failed attempts, trying different cards, I successfully loaded $ to my wallet on the site by purchasing a Sony Play Station store gift card from Amazon which gives you immediate access to a gift card code. This was recognized by the Sony App site, as a Sony Wallet transaction and allowed me to download the Time Lapse app for my A7R mk2. Thanks!

  36. Hi Brian

    I have found your website useful in getting into the quirks of the Sony menu system (came from Nikon). However, this Sony Camera app is truly AWFUL! First off, I wanted to buy the timelapse app, which I really think should have simply been in the camera from the get go … imagine diming customers for 10 dollars/euros/pounds after they just spent 3500 euros! But even this isn’t my major gripe … that would be the payment system on their website. It doesn’t work – I have tried repeatedly to link to my Paypal account and it simply will not. There is no way to just pay for the app. I don’t want to link credit cards or paypal to pay for something which is 10 euros. Why on earth is there just no pay now button for paypal (such as on ebay)

    A truly terrible system.

    If the camera were not so good I would just have got rid of it and moved on because of this terrible attempt by Sony to get their tentacles in to our credit cards etc.


    1. I’ve mentioned all of this to the head of the Sony PlayMemories Camera Apps team.

      My advise is to forget about using a Paypal wallet and simply link a credit card. I have to link a credit card to purchase apps from the Apple App Store. I don’t see how this is any different.

      1. Hi Brian

        Many thanks for such a prompt response. The use of a credit card for the Apple app store is different on two major counts … firstly the Apple app store has apps that one might want to buy! Most of the Sony Camera apps are no more than gimmicks. Secondly there is none of the messing about with first transferring funds into a wallet. This method won’t work for me, because when signing up I chose Sweden as my country (because it was available in English) but my credit card is Belgian (the Belgian option was not available in English only French or Flemish) and now I can’t change the country of my account and neither can I choose a different country when entering the credit card details … everything about this site is demonstrative of very poor planning and execution … hardly inspires confidence to link your credit card to these people eh?



  37. I landed here in my hunt for a solution on “how to buy an app from SONY PlayMemories Camera Apps store.”

    I bought a new SONY camera some days ago, because I would like to make timelapses, so already before I got the camera I had decided to buy the $10 timelapse app, it’s not big money after all, even if it’s mean of Sony to not include it for free.

    For a great company like SONY, with so many nice products that I have enjoyed through the years, it’s shameful for them to be responsible for the experience I had have the latest days when trying to buy this app. It’s seems total impossible, the payment system on the SONY site is simply not working.

    I have tried with different cards, Paypal, different browsers, everything! I have searched for hours on internet for a solution, I have think about all day at work yesterday, I even dreamed about it this night. I have spend around 10 hours now and give up.

    I’m this kind of guy that like to solve problems at work, but this, to buy an camera app from SONY seems to be something I not can figure out how to do, I have to realise that.

    We live in the year 2016, I buy apps, and a lot of stuff on internet almost daily, and I can’t even remember when I last had some problem to buy something. But on the great company SONY it’s simply not possible for me! What a shame!

    I’m not angry, I’m only sad that I not is able to take timelapses with my new camera.

    My only reason to write this text is because I do not know how to reach someone at SONY.

    But I hope there is someone, CEO or boss or whatever responsible at SONY that can understand this from a loyal SONY customer point of wiew. Maybe take a look on Google App store or Apple app store and just learn something about how an app store should work.

    Wake up SONY bosses! You make very good cameras and another gadgets, but this the app store is horrible!

    Leif in Sweden.

    PS, Brian, I apologize that I use your website for my frustration.

  38. I just want to add that the free apps I can download without problem. It’s the pay system that stop my timelapse fun.
    I suggest that SONY gives away the timelapse app for free, until they have managed to build a working pay solution!
    Leif in Sweden.

    1. I’m not certain if this is the case, but Paid apps rely on Sony PlayStation network. If that is not available in your home country – Paid apps cannot be purchased.

  39. Sony sucks so bad at this, it’s unbelievable! Installing paid appson my rx1r2 is impossible in the cam and via mac. And some of those features should be included in the bloody firmware of a $3200 camerato begin with!

  40. El Capitan is still not supported??? or am I doing something wrong a very frustrating system – I agree Sony should just give the timelapse app for free in a firmware update if they don’t want to support Mac’s OS.

  41. Craig S Pearson

    I was able to purchase the time lapse app for my a6000 and its now on my camera but when I choose it in the applications a little blue square shows up saying time lapse but then the screen goes blank. How do I get to set up/take a time lapse?

    1. The first thing to check is to make sure your a6000 firmware is the latest version. Apps & Firmware need to both be up to date to function properly. Each camera app has a settings tab in the menu to control set-up.

      1. Craig S Pearson

        That was a quick response! I had to download the latest version before I was able to buy the app. The problem is when I try to open the app it doesn’t seem to let me in to get to the settings tab that you mention. Navigating Sony’s Playmemories is a nightmare and I’d hate to have to remove the timelapse app and redownload. or is there just some settings on my camera that may be set wrong.

  42. When trying to long in to play memories on my a6000 I am unable to check the “I’m not a robot” box. Do you know how to get around this?

  43. Ina Bechhoefer

    Currently, I am using a Sony A-6300 and have redownloaded the apps that I had used on the A-6000 and then also downloaded the Sky App. All was ok until I reset my camera to enable Back Button focusing, which I love. The problem is that, now, most of the Sony Camera Apps no longer work. 🙁 Ahy work-around suggestions would be appreciated

  44. Ina Bechhoefer

    Thanks for the prompt reply. So, when I want to use one of the Sony Apps, I must turn focus with shutter back on. Are there any other settings involed with back-button focusing that must also be changed?

  45. I must say that after spending the last 3+ hours trying to download a single app, and finding out that El Capitan is still not supported and only Safari and Internet Explorer browsers are supported (Chrome is more widely used than either of these browsers by a large margin), I’ve come to sympathize with others here. Brian, I know you are only the messenger and you have provided a great service here by sharing the information above, but why can’t Sony get it’s act together on this?! It is incredibly frustrating to me and I’ve been a high tech guy for 28 years. As mentioned by Leif, this is 2016 and downloading an app should be child’s play at this point.

    With a Canon 5DsR rental body that I have for the week (with built in time lapse capability!) to compare side by side with my Sony A7II (not so much to compare resolution, but more UI, ergonomics, file quality, shot to shot speed) I am not sure after this experience that Sony will be my long term main camera choice. They have great technology, but they are showing me more and more that they are an large electronics company first, not a camera company.

    1. BTW…I’m successfully logged into the PlayMemories Camera Apps website, after several attempts at having my password changed, and just read an update under “Notice/Maintenance information” that states:

      (07/04/2016) Safari for OS X v10.11 is now available for downloading applications.

      So maybe I’ll get through this after all! :^)

  46. Heather Webster

    Hi, Am attempting to download playmemories apps to my new a6000 which is usb connected to an airmac on Safari; what a nightmare, 3 hours (so far) of my Saturday morning gobbled up and I’ve read there isn’t any Sony customer services available until Monday. Where can
    Menu > Setup > USB Connection > MTP
    Menu > Setup > USB LUN Setting > Single
    be found? Pressed the menu button ok, but set up is under which icon, which page?

    -Lost in the un user friendly non techie gadget sad learning curve. (again)

  47. Michael Gluckman

    I have a Sony a7r2. Tried numerous times to download “Multiple Exposure” app from Playmemories using Safari and OS 10.11.6. I also have a Sony account and no trouble signing in. Everything seems to work as required during the download until I hit the final Confirm and Download button. I then get a message saying “Internal Error” and the download is lost. Any suggestions?

    1. I can confirm that I was finally able to download a number of apps to my A7II (following my posting above on 7/26), including the multiple exposure app, using Safari on my iMac with OS 10.11.6. I had purchased the app before and used it on an A7r, so I’m not sure if that made any difference, but the download appears to work with the latest El Capitan release.

  48. When trying to download/purchase an app in camera via wifi, I’m told a software update is needed in order to do so. Is there any way to do said update in camera using a wifi connection? Unfortunately I’m away from home and do not have access to a computer (only android phone ). Any help or advice will be immensely appreciated.

  49. Get “internal error” message when trying to buy app. Free app works fine.
    I´m running Yosemite on my Mac. I tried download direct from my Sony RX100 IV over wifi but same message, same problem.

  50. i have same problem: An internal error has occurred.
    Free app downloading no problem.
    I tried to add credits over sony using paypal and credit cards. No luck.
    Im in Irelad, using windows 7 and win10 on laptop.
    Camera A7s II, just got new software updated. Nothing helps.

  51. Hi Brian

    Apologies for disturbing you … but yours seems to be the only way to potentially have a communication with Sony!! The Play Memories Camera Apps store is woeful! Nothing works … I use Safari (problem one, really a tech giant like Sony can’t manage to build a website that functions on major browsers??) everything connects fine and I can update free apps with no problem. I can’t buy any apps, the connect to Paypal absolutely always returns an error (tried it many times over several months) I can’t connect my credit card since my bank is in Belgium but my Sony account is set up for Sweden and I don’t seem able to change that. The apps that I want to buy should in my view have come with the camera (timelapse and multiple exposure) so Sony sold me an incomplete camera and resolutely prevents me from putting it right. When I try to find customer support it forces me to their Swedish site which is only in Swedish … I dont read Swedish!

    All in all a frustrating, ridiculous experience which I think will send me back to a Nikon System

    I know that none of this is your doing , of course, but this seems to be the only possible way to get any sort of message to Sony – as if they will even care!


    1. Sony uses the Play Station Network for their paid apps so it operates under under the restrictions and governmental regulations of that system.

      I wish Sony would remove the Paypal option and only allow credit card purchases. Paypal wallet never seems to work.

      Canon and Nikon were wise not to offer camera apps. Camera Apps are more trouble than they’re worth.

  52. Hi Brian, i have the sony a7 and everytime i try to purchase a new app everything goes through and at the end it says “internal error has occurred”
    Is there any solution ?

    1. It’s the worst app purchasing interface ever. So many unnecessary layers – adding my credit card for payment didn’t work (error messages made it seem like I kept entering CC info wrong), adding $ to the wallet via CC or PayPal didn’t work. After the reading the comments here, I followed the suggestion of purchasing a prepaid $10 Sony Playstation card via GameStop, waiting for the email with download instructions (it wasn’t instant), going to to actually get the code, then going back to my Sony account to enter the prepaid code to redeem the $10 — only after ALL OF THAT was I able to download the $10 time-lapse app. So much $$$$ for a Sony A7s2 and native lenses and they can’t make purchasing a $10 app as easy as it should be. Sony needs a lesson from Apple and their store.

  53. Tried to buy the timelapse app today. Both through camera and the website. There’s no way. It just says connection failed all the time. Way to convince your users of your support when this aint fixed a year later, Sony! Sorry for adding my frustration here, but this seems to be the place to do it since Sony dont want to hear it. So much wasted time.

  54. Hi Brian,
    I just wanted to share something here and see if anyone else or perhaps you have came across it.
    I finally managed to get some credit added to my Play memories account, so I went to the site in order to install some apps on my camera finally.
    I’m using a Macbook Pro, running El Capitan, latest updates and Safari. The camera is connected with the USB cable that came in the box when I bought it.
    Although the computer recognised that the camera was connected, I kept getting messages that it was “unable to put the camera into download mode” so wasn’t able to install the app.
    I checked the USB settings as you outlined;

    Menu > Setup > USB Connection > MTP
    Menu > Setup > USB LUN Setting > Single

    And even though I had them set it didnt work. Finally I ended up giving in and going to a Windows notebook I had, where it worked fine. It’s frustrating though as I’m a Mac guy and I’d rather use my Mac.

    I did try other USB settings just to see what would happen, Auto, Mass Storage etc but it didn’t help

    Has anyone else came across this?

  55. Alright, I think I scrolled through the majority of these questions and now I have my own issue. I am running …El Capitan so I’m assuming pulling the App down via my laptop is just out. OK great, thank you Sony. Anyway, I tried simply connecting the camera directly via wifi and all seems good. I confirm purchase via credit card on file in playstation account and BOOM, internal error. WTF is internal error? I’ve tried it multiple times and the same crap every time. I look in my playstation account and for each attempt it reads “missed payment.” I’m beyond frustrated as I am set to leave for the desert and want the time lapse app before I leave in 3 days. Any ideas?

    1. I feel for you, but why is pulling the app down via your laptop assumed to not work (maybe by not reading all the posts above I missed something related to this)? Though not on a laptop, I used my iMac with El Capitan successfully (after much frustration) to download apps. I admit it wasn’t easy, and I’m not sure I could recreate the sequence, but it did work. I’d test it again for you, but I recently upgraded my iMac to Sierra and want to spend as little time as possible in that “black hole” of an interface that is PlayMemories.

      Sony needs to clean this up, and better yet, for the price of these cameras, include at least the multiple exposure and timelapse apps with the cameras by default (or whatever their 2-3 most popular apps are) to ease the obvious frustration that users of their cameras are experiencing.

      1. Hey Jon,

        Thanks for the response – yeah, believe me I’ve tried through my laptop with (obviously) no success. I was so frustrated last night I wanted to throw my camera. I’m pretty tech savvy but boy oh boy is this app download interface a pain in the ass. If I had known before buying the camera I might’ve reconsidered.

        Anyway, I’m considering trying the prepaid playstation card route but only after I try to download via my oldschool powermac G5 later this evening. If that works I’ll be happy but also a bit more WTF. Sony if you’re listening – you’re blowing it. I agree these little apps should already be part of the camera’s core functionality. Why make us pay and on top of that use this horrendous interface to download?

        If anyone else has thoughts I’m all ears!!

  56. I can’t connect my sony nex 5t to my mac, a window pops out saying “Cannot switch the camera to download mode” “if there are other applications using the camera’s USB function, please close it and retry” But the camera is fine I even factory reseted it and cleaned the USB really well. what should I do in this situation?

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  58. Thanks for creating this post. I was having difficulties getting PlayMemories to work with my Sony A7SII and iPhone 6 until I found your article. Don’t love the name of the app, but love what it can do! Many Thanks! Blaire

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  61. I was pissed off enough when I found out that I had to pay for simple functions in a 3k+ camera. Then I decided to go through the humiliation anyway because, you know, it’s just 10 more bucks. The whole Play Memories ecosystem is unbearably slow, inefficient, buggy, ugly… I have set up both credit cards and paypal account but both the site and the in-camera app refuse my money. Really embarrassing for Sony.

  62. Unable to download the time-lapse app for my Sony a5000. On both my iMac and the camera itself I get “An internal error has occurred.” I’m in an EU country using a US credit card. Really disappointed.

    1. I see now that macOS Sierra is not supported. Suppose that might explain it. I’ll give it a shot on internet explorer on my laptop.

  63. I cannot “Connect a Camera”. Every time I do that a screen pops up that says :

    The tools (PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader) necessary for application download and USB communication to camera will be installed to the PC.
    Precautions regarding installation.
    If a warning, such as the following, appears in the browser, follow its instruction and continue the process.

    A diagram, such as the following, may be displayed during installation. Please click either “Yes”, “Continue”, or “Authorize” to continue the installation.

    So I downloaded what it asked me to and it still doesn’t work. I signed in to my PlayMemories account, connected the camera the way you described above, and then when I go to the PlayMemories screen to Connect Camera I keep getting the “Install” command. Not really sure what to do.
    After I installed that, I restarted the computer, logged in again to PlayMemories and switched the camera back on.
    I have a Sony A6500

    1. It’s not clear in your message whether you actually installed PlayMemories Mobile onto your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

      Most apps are smartphone- or tablet-based – not PC.

      1. I have the same problem as the person above. I’ve updated camera firmware and have latest app on my phone. I’m running Sierra in my Macbook, is that the issue? Any suggestions to overcome this problem?

  64. Hi Brian.
    This was a great post from you. However, Sony have made it incredibly difficult.
    I have spent 2 days (about 16 hour) trying to download the apps. I can download the free apps but i cant pay for the ones i really want like the time lapse.
    This big company Sony has done an absolute terrible job on this web site.
    1st, they should have a dedicated web site for their cameras.
    2nd, they should have a process which works without the many problems everyone is having.
    3rd. they should have an easy support and contact page for us.

    Is there any solution to any of this. I have tried everything listed in the many many comments above. Can use paypal, cant use credit cards, cant add to wallet with credit card or wallet. Do you have any final suggestions.
    Im using safari.

  65. Hi Brian- do you know if 10.12.2 Sierra is supported yet? Thanks for all your knowledge in this area. Greatly appreciated.

  66. Hello Brian:

    Probably a bit late to this play-memories apps problems; but, I finally solved my issue I gave up before Xmas and tried again today.

    Sony RX10 M3. Free app download worked fine. Not able to purchase via USB connect or camera Wifi. Valid credit card set up. “Internal network error has occurred.” Chrome on Windows7 64

    After much frustration, I deleted the ccard and purchased $20 playstation virtual gift card. Added the gift card code to wallet on playmemories online. Resubmitted purchase via USB using wallet and presto – smooth as silk. Wifi purchase works as well.

    If Sony doesn’t like ccards, I don’t know why the option is available. I used the same ccard to purchase the gift card. OR – how difficult would it be for Sony to specify a Playstation Gift Card as the next best option for payment, if unable to purchase with ccard. Apparently “Internal” problem is @ Sony purchase system, not my browser, PC or camera systems.

    Not sure how many of us had the exact same problem; but, you saved me some time by highlighting the requirement for the Sony Playstation Network. The integration of the Sony systems databases is a bit confusing; but, I don’t want to spend any more time figuring that out. I just want to quickly buy my apps.

    Thanks again,

  67. Hi Brian,
    Thanks for this amazing website which is really helpful for new Sony user like me.
    I have followed the exact same steps but I have some problems.
    -I downloaded PMCA and installed but I don’t see it in my computer even after restart.
    -So i tried the other way around to purchase apps from camera. But then, the website didn’t accept my master card number, it said wrong card number.
    -I am from Myanmar. Sony websites didn’t recognize Myanmar yet. But I purchased it from Singapore last month. When I registered for MySony, I used address for the place I lived in Songapore.
    -I am using from OSx Yosemite on Macbook pro.
    Thanks in advance.

  68. Thank you for the guide but it’s not working for doesn’t matter what I try.
    I followed every single step after the cam is connected and I’ll click the All My Application Button the only thing I see is a white page containing nothing.

    I’ve also tried to connect via wifi directly from the cam menu before same thing wifi is connected if I click the Play memory menu the cam tries to connect to an access point at viola it failed but wifi is still registered (connected) good work sony

    Any ideas?
    Is there a way to manually install that app via usb without the downloader?
    Thank you

    Macbook Air mid 2013 yosemite

  69. Followed everything up to step 4 connect a camera.
    All I get is ” Please execute the download installer “PMCADownloader”.” with dots going round and round and round.
    Below that it says if installation fails
    Clicked that, gave it permission to instal, imac re booted, went back to try to connect camera, round and round and round
    If I click the downloaded file it tells me there is no application set to open .msi…
    And still the dots are going round and round
    MSI appears to be a Windows tool, not Mac

      1. Thnx for the quick response, I have turned off all anti virus, turned off the firewall, disconnected all the usb leads from the back. told it to allow downloads from anywhere, and still it goes round & round ! It is downloading the .msi file it mjust says there is nothing on my mac to open it,

  70. Hi Brian,
    I’m from UAE, I tried to purchase those paid apps, then when I go to the Add Credit Card, by default it shows only United States. How can I add my Credit card from UAE? Any tips please?

  71. Hello,
    I have questions.
    Are these apps really necessary? I mean I know I can do most of the things using the camera features itself, and computer editing.
    But if you think there are some playmemories apps, that are really amazing, which would they be (for a6500)?

    1. My favorite app is the upgrade to Smart Remote Control. Much more functionality than the Embedded version that ships with the cameras. Lots of folks like Time Lapse, but only if you plan to shoot them.

  72. Thanks for your terrific website and all your tips & tricks, Brian.
    Is it possible to use the Smart Remote Control app in full screen on my iPad?
    Up till now it uses a large part of the screen for the menu, most of the screen is black.

  73. Brian, would you please suggest couple of software’s for editing videos from Sony FDR-AX53 ; I have Toshiba / Win 7, one 64 bit one 32 bit (both 8 RAM). Samsung S5 phone. Also, easiest way to upload to youtube (yes, I quickly looked up about setting video to “˜dual’ yesterday & now need to stitch some short files and upload, but would like to start with a program I hopefully will stay with.
    I’m kinda like Sen (Feb 12, 2017 post), I don’t think I want to mess with the apps, except the “˜remote’, especially since I see lots of nightmares on your blog. I don’t even remember how I got the Remote on my phone (pretty sure via usb), but it worked, at least the one time I used it. Guess I should update, but that even sounds scary. I just want to take pictures & home movies. I have cameras become obsolete before I ever get to use them, I’m trying to change that. P.S. Prefer Idiot-proof editing software, assuming it exists, Tks

  74. I get stuck at Step 5. over and over and over… and over again…. Maybe the USB cable, which has hardly been used, does not work with either my PC or MAC? My RX10M2 does not seem to do anything different when plugged into a laptop. Should it say ‘connecting’ or something?

    1. Ok, it turns out that the USB the camera was supplied charges the camera, but did not transfer any data. My Kindle USB cable is working great with the camera. Problem solved.

  75. I need to delete folders from PlayMemoriesHome and nothing I’ve found on the internet works. There is no settings under the FIle tab, no add/delete folders. I’m working on iMac El Capitan. Can you help?

    1. Hi Beth. This post deals with PlayMemories Camera Apps – not PlayMemories Home. I suggest using a more robust program like Lightroom for file management.

  76. Happy to have found your website… I am dealing with trying to set up my Sony A7RII and having major issues… I am using my MacBook with OS Sierra 10.12.3 which if I read correctly is not supported by the sony website and I am trying to get Play memories apps…. what is a solution? Do I need a new laptop? windows? I searched online and others have this same issue…. I’m not the most savvy with computers so please help… greatly appreciate this…

    1. You can update apps from the camera menu’s Apps Tab. It’s just much clunkier than the web, but at least it’s an option.

      1) Menu > Wireless > Access Point Set > (Select Wireless Network)

      2) Menu > Application > PlayMemories Camera Apps > Select App to Update

      (Choosing “My APP” on the Left Scroll Bar will make it easier to Access the Apps you already have. Select “All” to add new camera apps)

      You’ll then need to sign in using your Sony ID and password (if you haven’t signed in recently you may need to update your password.)

      Once you’re through that if any of your Apps needs an update, it will say UPDATE below the app. Click UPDATE. I highly suggest updating everything while you are sugned in so you don’t have to do it all over again.

      PLEASE NOTE: Camera Apps are specific to each camera body so if you have two a7RII cameras you must update each separately.

      Like I said…clunkier…

  77. Thank you! I was having trouble connecting my iphone to my Sony a6000 — the problem was outdated software. Your instructions really helped. Thanks again.

  78. RE Sony A7 – Apologies if this is old news, but I was suffering the extremely frustrating problem of “Could not connect to the server. Set the correct Area/Date…..” etc when trying to update the smart remote app from PlayMemories via Wifi. I know the advice is use a computer instead, but I was then suffering the repeated request to install the installer!!

    So I stumbled over a solution to the wifi problem – Change the Region setting on the camera to USA ( I live in UK). It worked first time without issue 🙂

    Apparantly it’s a cookie related problem and credit to zoeff on the Sony forum who found the solution

  79. I’m sure the apps are great, but woe to you if you don’t live in a country Sony supports. I’ve contacted two different Sony “countries” neither of which seems interested in making it possible for me to purchase the apps, since my country is not on the list. Bureaucracy at its finest.

  80. New A6000, just want to be able to access and get apps. I am running Mac 10.12.6 which at this point in time is supposed to work. Connect the camera with no problems; have registered and signed in. When I click the “Connect to Camera’ button, the screen vignettes around the edges, and nothing happens. I am using Safari. Have tried multiple things. I know I’m probably missing something very simple….but I don’t know what.

      1. Actually, no. I just used another miniUSB….I’ll give that a try. Surprised that it would make a difference, but I’ll let you know.

  81. Made no difference. It took it a while to connect to the computer but after a bit it showed “Mass Storage”. Shut down Safari. Connected directly to the Mac, not through a hub. Again, as soon as I click “Connect a Camera” the screen darkens a bit with vignetting and it just sits there.

    1. …and apparently it is connected, since if I open PlayMemories Home, I can transfer files from the camera. It just won’t connect to the app site.

        1. It almost immediately went to “Mass Storage” message. Didn’t seem to make a difference. Does the PlayMemories Home app have anything at all to do with this? Everytime I plug the phone in that app opens. Here is what I see after clicking “Connect to Camera”:

          1. It also opens a NoName drive on the desktop. The computer and PlayMemories app seem to know it’s connected….but not the website.

  82. OK. Sorry about that. Changed both of those settings. The screen says “Connecting to MTP”, and then I get a message on the LCD that says “check the connected device” before I even try to connect it to the website.

    Am I missing another setting?

    1. I found some online references; I am reasonably sure I’m using the cable that was sent; however, it does not say “Sony” on it…but neither do any of the others. I’m about to go out of town but will try to get on this when I get back. Thanks for the help, and if you have any other suggestions please let me know.

  83. Hello
    Having a new Sony Rx 10 M4 I wanted to connect it to The PlayMemories Cameraapp site , I did as requested.. stopped at step 4 again and again
    I have a macbook with os X el Capitan.. tried also on the old mac pro ..
    Installing and reinstalling the dowloading tool, changing from safari to Chrome.. nothing works
    Any idea? Sorry for my poor english

  84. Brian, I use a Mac with OS 10.13. I cant download “PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader” even if I could, its a Windose only file.

    What can I do ?

  85. The app won’t let me shoot in movie mood. I have an A6000 and just updated everything. Thoughts or suggestions?

  86. after buy how many camera can install? it’s limitation or no limit and can install many camera? thanks

  87. Mac on 10.13 and I want to install already purchased apps from previous camera on to new A7R11. No luck Play memories keep tells me to download and install PMCA but when I do and computer restarts no sign of it. Am I stuck until SONY makes 10.13 compatabile?

    1. Apple is to blame for compatibility problems with OS 10.13 as it essentially blocks the ability to perform this function. You can still load apps onto a7R II through the Camera Menu App Settings.

  88. After several attempts over 3 hours painstakingly following the instructions outlined above (never got past the camera linking to the computer), I gave up and went the wifi route. Other than the pain of entering text using a wheel, it worked fine the first time through.

    NOW I can finally shoot in bubble mode. Hooray

  89. Hi Brian
    after much frustration I finally got my A6000 to connect to play memories app site on my MAC running OS10.11.6. I had to go into the AVAST antivirus preferences and disable all 3 of the shields. Adding the Sony network as a safe site to the shields was not enough (I tried this after to see if it would work). Thanks for all the great information here.

  90. Hey Brian,
    I am trying to purchase the timelapse app on my Sony A7ii.
    I am on a Mac and using Safari but it keeps telling me to instal the PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader even when I have installed it.
    I have also tried connecting my camera to the wifi to download it.
    It gets to the payment section but cannot find the webpage.
    this is the link it says it cannot find.
    I have been trying to work this out for a couple hours now and can’t seem to solve it. I would appreciate some help.
    Thank you

  91. Just an update – after 45 minutes I got a message on the back of my camerathat the webpage might be temporarily down.
    Brian, thanks for all your suggestions.

  92. In spite I am unable to download my app on a 6500 in mac as well windows 10 in chrome.Pcma donload pop up comes & inspite downloading no progress

  93. I have a Sony a7r3 and a rx1r2 – when I plug either of them in the sony playmemories app launches on my mac and then the whole computer crashes and restarts. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Same problem. The playmemories apps on my RX1r2 don’t even work. Suggestions?

    1. You’re referring to PlayMemories Home – not PlayMemories Camera Apps mentioned in this post.

      I don’t use PlayMemories Home. My suggestion is to delete it.

  94. I followed the initial steps here but when I get into the screen where it is supposed to show my apps, which to update etc… there is nothing there. It shows my camera on the left and says show all of my applications but there is nothing on the right, just blank. Any ideas?

  95. Hi Brian. I have the RX100V5. I have followed all instructions on both mac and PC with Chrome, IE, and Safari. It won’t “verify connection” and just seems to time out. Any thoughts or recommendations?

  96. I keep getting stuck. When I try to connect a camera the installer window pops up. I run the install, the computer restarts, I reopen the window and click connect a camera again and I still get the window to install the installer. I’m stuck in a loop. What can you suggest? Thanks for your help! I have a mac using the latest version of Safari and an A7Rii

      1. Christopher Weeks

        At the risk of repeating myself…FYI, I was finally successful in figuring out how to install apps on my a6500. It ends up that it can ONLY be done using WIFI, with NO physical connection to the Mac. It can also ONLY be successfully purchased using only PayPal and NOT a credit card. I have no idea why the credit card will not work with Sony even after registering it, but that’s the case. Still very, very frustrating to have wasted this much time for what should be a simple transaction. Mac owners should be warned before being sold Sony cameras.

  97. FYI, I was finally successful in figuring out how to install apps on my a6500. It ends up that it can ONLY be done using WIFI, with NO physical connection to the Mac. It can also ONLY be successfully purchased using only PayPal and NOT a credit card. I have no idea why the credit card will not work with Sony even after registering it, but that’s the case. Still very, very frustrating to have wasted this much time for what should be a simple transaction. Mac owners should be warned before being sold Sony camera.

  98. I can’t purchase apps on my Sony a7ii. I’m stuck in a loop. ill click purchase app and sign into my account. once its been verified it has me do it all over again. doesn’t download. Please help

    1. I’ve long ago given up on PlayMemories Camera Apps.

      But if you’re trying to use a Mac, forget about the ever working and instead connect the camera to a WiFi network and once connected use the Apps tab in the camera menu.

  99. I tried installing Imaging Edge and the following happens.
    Edit App fires up but when trying to connect to the A6500 nothing happens
    Viewer App does not function – it flashes up a start up screen then crashes
    Remote App fires up then expects you to install the software to allow you to connect to the camera via USB (Why not via Wifi) then each time it asks you to download the helper again and again. fantastic software ???###
    The remote control app for iOS seems very basic not as good as Play Memories used to be but that has been replaced by Imaging Edge for iOS which is not as functional Grrr…

    1. You’re off topic since this is a post about PlayMemories Camera Apps – not Imaging Edge desktop apps but I’ll try to help.

      When using the Remote app from Imaging Edge desktop, you MUST be tethered using USB. PERIOD. It isn’t designed work with WiFi. Works fine as long as you follow the directions. If you don’t it won’t.

      Imaging Edge Mobile works EXCACTLY the same as PlayMemories Mobile. It simply allows add-on aps for the latest generation cameras.

  100. What a load of crap, a big company such as Sony releases a $2000 camera, and they serve us this “play memories”, which only works on Windows, Chrome, and it fails on my computer because I don’t have Windows Media Player (really? What do you need Windows Media Player for, for a bulb shutter app?).

    As far as I am concerned, this is unacceptable. I will just ignore this junk.

    Which leaves me with the truth: I have a $2000 camera (okay I bought it used for much less, but still supposed to be premium) that is not able to do longer than 30 second exposures, unless I buy an external shutter.

    Insteal of loading the camera with this crap, it would have been better to allow longer than 30 second exposures.

    How stupid, really.

    1. First off, what camera has manual shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds? Generally that’s where Bulb takes over.

      Second, at that pricepoint you’re either referring to a7 II or a7 III, both have remote control built-in.

      Sony a7 II calls it Remote Control Embedded
      Sony a7 III calls it Control with Smartphone

      Your iOS or Android smartphone simply needs the Imaging Edge Mobile app

  101. if we purchase the apps, are they can instal to many of our camera?
    or it just for single camera for single purchase app?

    1. You’re allowed to install on multiple cameras but I’m not certain how many. The latest Sony cameras no longer support apps.

  102. Hello
    I have a problem I bought a Sony ILCE A7M2 camera in united states I’m in Europe now. I can’t install the paid application digital filtr – Network error has occurred Please check the network and try again # D -ResultCode I am now in Poland how to deal with this problem in Poland, no one wants help because the camera is bought in the United States

    1. The country you purchased the camera should not matter. Access to PlayMemories apps is governed by the laws of the country where you reside not where you purchased the camera. I’m not certain PlayMemories is licensed in Poland. If not, that could be the issue.

  103. hello

    Poland has licenses but I have a question is why Network error has occurred Please check the network and try again # D -ResultCode . How to remove this problem? I would like to buy a digital filter, but this is not possible please help

    Best Regards Mateusz

    1. I don’t even know where to start. Based on the many negative comments on this post, you can see why Sony is no longer using PlayMemories on any of their current cameras. If you’re on a Mac I know there are issues with the latest OS that will likely never get resolved.

      The only thing I can suggest is to connect the camera to a WiFi Network and purchase the app you want to buy via the app tab on the camera.

  104. I am using a Windows 10 pc browser IE.
    please help by providing a link where I can download the application.
    please describe in more detail where and how I can download the app digital filtr

  105. Why sony removed a7iii from Playmemories app store? Tried to install the double exposure app but got no luck. Frustrated!

    1. Sony upgraded Imaging Processors beginning with a7R III (and a9, a7 III and current cameras) The new processor chip offers MUCH faster AF and Eye AF – but it doesn’t waste horsepower on PlayMemories Camera apps – nor will any future cameras.

  106. I’ve installed the playmemories camera apps downloader
    restarted the mac, gone though all your steps carefully and when i click to comment the camera i get the “camera apps downloader” message again…

    Very frustrating, does anyone here think that sony could do their whole software thing any worse?

    It’s so demential that I’m seriously thinking of going BACK to my nikons (sorry to let off steam)

    1. If you’re on OS 10.15 this will never work on Mac again. You must connect the camera to a WiFi network and then navigate through the apps tab download the apps you want

  107. thanks for the reply brian i appreciate it. on a personal note, i love these sensors but the DEPRIVATION that one must go through with the software is masochistic to say the least… i’m sure you’ve told these guys, right? i mean just look at the comments on the app store… they must pay you well to swallow this software nightmare!

    no, i’m on 10.13

  108. PS, brian, sorry for the rant, but just in case you think i’m some kind of nut job, check out my website, i have over twenty years experience from large format film through to all of the digital itinerations… i’ve spent well over 15k moving over to sony because i believed in the sensors, but i simply can’t handle this software. you have to speak to them…

    1. Which cameras do you have, Adrian? Camera apps were phased out starting with a9 and a7 Series III.

  109. brian, i have the RX1rII and the A7RII, it’s really easy, i just want to time lapse on the A7RII… my M10 and Leica Q just do this… no fuss.

    I upgraded the firmware on the A7RII this morning and it was torture (Mac High Sierra 10.13)

    Now, i just want to update the playmemories software… no biggie, right?

    i can’t blame them for phasing out the camera apps, i don’t believe in the death penalty, but for those software developers…

    1. A7R II firmware updates are 100% compatible with 10.13 so that’s a great OS. If you haven’t done one before, there are a lot of best practices but once you get the hang of it, running an update becomes pretty routine.

  110. Hi

    Please help me out here I own Sony a6000 that I bought in Canada, I want to use my phone as a remote control especially when I shooting a video, unfortunately, I’ve found that it’s impossible to do it because in my Playmemories app there is Smart Remote Embedded instead of Smart Remote Control when I want to update it to Smart remote control from Sony Playmemories Apps it tells me that this app is not distributed to countries that are not on the list.

    Please help

    1. You need to connect your camera to a WiFi network.
      Then Open the Apps Tab in the camera menu.
      Once you’ve done that select Smart Remote app and update.

  111. Hi Brian,
    Does the Playmemories Apps support for Sony a7r3 or a7r4 ?
    I really need the Smooth Reflection apps !!


  112. Awesome tutorial!

    Seriously thank you. For anyone who does not own a Sony Gaming PS4 or PS5 console, you may get an error when attempting to pay with credit card or via Paypal on a PC at the Sony checkout store with “something went wrong”. Nothing I found fixes this.

    A fix is to purchase a Sony PS Store Gift card on Amazon for $10 or the amount you need, then take that gift card code (found immediately after purchase under Amazon Digital Downloads & Codes) and add it to your PlayStation station wallet to receive a credit balance.

    You will then have sufficient funds to purchase whichever app you needed. This issue took me over an hour to figure out with lots of frustrated users on Reddit, but finally I have the time lapse app. Whoo.

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