Capture One Pro for Sony adds Live-View Tethering for Sony

Published: December 23, 2014


Phase One has released Capture One 8.1 which offers new camera and lens support, new features, stability improvements and bug fixes. Updates to Capture One Pro for Sony and Capture One Express for Sony add file support for Sony A7II and Capture One Pro for Sony adds Live-View Tethered Capture for Sony A7S, A7II and A77II.

Official File Support for Sony A7II

Sony A7II [ILCE-7M2] ARW Raw files are officially supported in Capture One 8.1. Camera profiles “Sony A7M2 Generic / Standard” are available from ICC Profile menu


Live-View Tethered Capture is Supported in Pro Version

Capture One Pro for Sony Live-view Tethered Capture is now available for these supported cameras:
Sony A7II [ILCE-7M2], A7S [ILCE-7S] and A77II [ILCA-77M2].

This update for Capture One Pro for Sony also adds Tether support for Sony A5100 but without Live View.

Capture One Pro for Sony Live-View Panel


Live-View-Button Live View Button opens the Live View Tether interface

Capture-Button Capture Button triggers the camera

You can:

• Check Live-view images from connected cameras.
• Change camera settings including Shutter Speed, Aperture, EV Adjustments, ISO and White Balance.
• Use the Capture Button to trigger the camera. Images are Saved to Capture One catalog/session.
• Display grids and overlay images on live-view image.


• Tool buttons (Pan/Zoom/WB/Focus meter) are not supported for Sony cameras.
• Live-view zoom-in display is not supported for Sony cameras.
• Functions of “Live view controls”, “Live view info” and “Live view focus meter” are not supported for Sony cameras.

I’ve tested out Capture One Pro for Sony with Sony A7II, A7S and A77II and with the limitations listed above, Live-View Tethered Capture works with all three cameras. (Please note that Capture One 8.1 Release Notes list A7R as a supported camera instead of A77II – but in my tests that is not the case.)

While Live-view Tethered Capture support for other current Sony cameras remains a possibility, it should be noted that A7S, A7II and A77II are Sony’s most recent releases. Though I don’t have any official word from Sony – I suspect hardware changes were made to the tethering interface to make Live View possible in these three cameras. If that is the case, it may not be possible to enable Live-view Tethered Capture in previous models – but I’d expect to see it in future releases.

About Capture One Pro 8:

Capture One Pro 8 is a professional RAW converter offering extremely high image quality with accurate colors and incredible detail from more than 300 high-­end cameras. It offers state-­of-“the­”art tethered capture, digital asset management, extensive adjustment tools and a flexible workflow.

With an updated processing engine, high performance and new features, Capture One Pro 8 is the professional choice in imaging software. The highly responsive tools give you the power to create stunning images from your camera’s RAW files, in a time-­saving workflow that can be customized to fit your needs.

Feature enhancements

• Ability to edit images in external applications, such as Adobe Photoshop or Pixelmator
• Improved Auto Adjust
• Live View for select models of Sony cameras
• Quick cursor tools
• Find/replace naming
• Additional and improved naming tokens
• Multiple on-screen guides for aligning and composing images.
• Incremental camera controls
• Up to 16 adjustment layers
• Additional TIFF processing options

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Read more about Capture One Pro for Sony and Capture One Express for Sony

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50 thoughts on “Capture One Pro for Sony adds Live-View Tethering for Sony”

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  2. Thanks for this article, I downloaded the Capture One pro for Sony 8.1 trial version, and I attached my Sony camera 7 R with the firmware 1.10. But the View Live feature is not working. Any suggestion why it is not working?

  3. Live view works on my “regular” A7. I can also change aperture and shutter speed on manual and ev on AP. It’s great because I think Sony doesn’t list A7 as supporting live view.

    1. You got Live View to work on your computer with Capture One Pro with and A7? You’re the first person I’ve heard who’s pulled that off. What OS are you using?

  4. Capture One tech told me my A7r would work with live view if i rolled my fw back to 1.0. in December they said they were working on a fix to support fw 1.10. New version of Capture one this week still shows no fix.

    1. The information I have from Capture One (which differed from their press release) is that the only cameras that are supported are Sony’s 3 latest cameras: A7S, A7II and A77II. If the A7R was supported the A7 would certainly also be supported. If it were to happen – I’ll certainly report it. Otherwise it’s a moot point unless it happens.

  5. You are very busy!! But yes connecting a camera to a computer great but how come Sony does not feed lens correction data to Phase One Capture One. I love the software but with new lenses FE16-35mm F4 ZA OSS and FE 24-240mm F3.5-6.3 OSS and the many others coming and as I keep searching there is no way to update the list with a download or a update lens feed from Capture One. There are a lot of people going to Capture One with their new camera and lenses and paying the extra to go pro 8 BUT no lens profiles like in Lightroom and Photoshop. With work flow one of the first steps even in Capture One is do the lens profile. Capture One and Sony got married, a benefit for both, but have not been talking and us children are not seeing the info from their labor. Oh and after checking even Lightroom 5.7 does not have the lens corrections so it maybe all moot. But it would be nice to get some lens profile updates. Maybe we do not need them, lets see a lenses firmware profile you downloaded from lens support then uploaded to camera and lens with lens attached, so the info for the lens is on the lens every time you attach it telling the camera`s computer the adjustments needed so what you get is already correct.
    Do you plan a A7s book? Will Sony break the 30″ wall while bracketing in A mode?
    Thank You so much for your time, your blog the go to site to follow for New Sony info.
    Ed G.

    1. Ok that’s a whole lot of questions masquerading as one.

      Sony DOES provide lens corrections data to every post-processing software maker who wants to use it. The Adobe Camera Raw team simply extracts Sony’s lens correction data from a raw file shot with a lens to create their Lens Profiles to their taste for ACR and Lightroom.

      Sony and Capture One are not “married” (or at least I didn’t get a wedding invite) nor can Sony compell Capture One to include lens profiles if they don’t choose to. Don’t lose track of the fact that Capture One Pro for Sony is an INCREDIBLE BARGAIN for $30 whether or not they ever include lens profiles of not.

      Despite the fact the FE 24-240 JUST came out – there’s a lens profile for it in last week’s Adobe Camera Raw 8.8 and DNG Converter 8.8 so I’d expect an update to Lightroom 5.7.1 to include it as well. Whew!!!

  6. Hmm, might have to grab Capture One Pro for Sony and see if Liveview can work with the A7 running FM 1.21 and Windows 8.1 Will report back if I have any success.

  7. I downloaded Capture One Pro and when I connected my Sony A6000 in both PC Remote and Auto mode the Live View cannot read my camera and says there’s not camera detected. It successfully loads the images from my camera on the software and let’s me upload them. But for live view it says no camera detected. Any idea of how I can fix this problem? Thank you for your post(:

    1. Hi i also own a Sony a6000 but am still very new to mirrorless cams, dslr cams etc. But i did know once I read only the first little part of all these comments that this software DOES NOT support the a6000 LiveView, so Im not sure why others are having such difficulty understanding this simple concept. Also on another point could someone please inform me of of some software that WILL enable me with my a6000 to have LiveView & be able to tether with my laptop running windows 10? Also please inform me of any other software that may benefit me with my camera & either editing pics, importing , tethering, or live view? Thanks Tom

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  9. Is possible that live view doesn’t rotate? I mean, when the camera is in vertical position the video feed is still horizontal, almost impossible to use unless you keep your head at 90° 😉
    I have contacted Capture One support 2 times about this and got no answer at all.

      1. Thank you Brian, your answer is really appreciated but unfortunately that setting doesn’t change anything, live view in C1 doesn’t rotate 🙁
        I think it’s very frustrating to work with this limitation so I’m confident it will change in the next updates!

  10. @Brian, did you happen to use hdmi AND usb simultaneously?
    It looks like if you are using USB for capturing the files and HDMI for Live Viewing, the hdmi monitor goes blank, only showing iso/f-stop/speed, but on a black screen (the pc monitor is blanking, the camera display goes blank anyway, when you connect the hdmi, but there’s no settings displayed)
    Is this normal? Is there a workaround?
    I use, in the studio, two monitors, one on my Mac, for tethering with Capture One, and another one, hooked on HDMI to the camera’s microHDMI, for LiveView. I’ve tried pushing the Display button on camera, the infos are alternating, but there’s no picture for live view on the HDMI monitor, just the settings. However, as soon as I pull the USB out, everything’s back to normal. Strange.

    Thanks in advance for any comment on this.

    1. THANKS! it is actually working for me, screen does’t turn black (just the one on the camera) and I can live view through HDMI and shoot with C1 or Sony’s tethering app (and Lr with the watched folder).

      1. That’s great. Yes, whenever using an external HDMI monitor the camera’s display is supposed to shut down, but I didn’t realize you could do USB out at the same time…

      2. @jpozzi I wonder if you got the image on the hdmi monitor right from the start or if you tweaked them. Can you tell me what settings are you using for usb and for hdmi? I’m into a lot of head scratching, I’ve browsed all the pages on the camera, tried a couple of things, but still no luck.
        Any help deeply appreciated.

        1. Ok, I have used an A7II, HDMI monitor, Mac with C1 or Sony’s Tether app.
          I turn on the camera, connect the HDMI, the camera screen goes black and I see on the external monitor.
          then I connect USB, the external screen goes black with the usual message when you connect the USB, after few seconds the live view comes back and I can control the camera from Mac softwares or from the camera body.
          I still have the problem that when I turn the camera in portrait I have to physically rotate the external screen in the same position.

          1. An external monitor will mirror what the camera’s display. This is why most people ether attach the monitor to the hotshoe or mount on a rig. When the camera turns, so does the monitor.

  11. That’s perfect, I wish I be that lucky :P. I use an A7RII, but I get no live feed on the external monitor, just the settings on a black screen. Also C1pro here, also tried with Sony’s app, same problem with anyone.
    Regardless, I’ll keep on trying. Dunno if there’s something wrong with my USB or HDMI camera settings.
    Thanks for reply, anyway.

  12. Hi Brian, Thanks so much for your wonderful site. Its so informative. I was wondering if you have managed to shoot still via HDMI. I find the buffering and capture prices on the A7RII too slow to make it useful when tethered. Any ideas of how I can increase the capture rate?

  13. Hi Brian – I’m so grateful for all of the great and useful info you’ve published regarding the Sony A7RMk2 which I recently purchased. I’m a Canon user, and I use the Canon Utility (which is FREE…) all the time to do tethered shooting of artwork. I’m used to ZOOMING IN and FOCUSING using Live View with all of my Rebels and 5Ds. Does the Capture One Pro support remote focusing on my laptop for the A7R Mk2? If not, is there ANY program which offers this? I noticed that the Sony Smartphone App offers Live View remote viewing, but no FOCUSING capability.

    Thanks, Charlie

  14. I just purchased Capture Pro 8.x for Sony for my Sony A7Rii. The web site states that the camera is supported for but the software warns that the camera is not supported. I specifically wanted tethered live view for video shoots. Perhaps they will update the software in the future. I did go through all the connecting steps, it sees the camera body but does not see the lens. Buyer beware. $50 and I wait to see if they will update it so it will be useful.

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