Sony Pulls Firmware Update 2.00 for a7 III / a7R III


[Updated 12.18.18] CLICK HERE for a7 III / a7R III Firmware 2.10


Sony has removed Firmware Update 2.00 for a7 III & a7R III due to a rarely occurring playback problem reported by multiple users.

I’ve been using a7R III with firmware 2.00 since its release and have not experienced the issue – but based on the notes, this may happen if you don’t reformat your SD card in camera after downloading images. Best practice is to always reformat following a download. Doing so may avoid the issue entirely.

Sony is working on updated firmware for release in mid-December. In the mean time, I recommend that those of you running FW 2.00 on a7 III or a7R III, set your cameras to write simultaneously to both card slots until new firmware is released. You should also reformat your SD cards after downloading. Always.

Official Sony Text:

It has come to our attention that the following issues may occur with our a7R III and a7 III interchangeable lens digital cameras.

1. In rare cases, your a7R III or a7 III model may stop functioning while writing RAW data onto an SD card that has already been used multiple times.

This may also cause abnormalities in the files managing the images, preventing the images from displaying on the camera

No image data in the memory card will be corrupted or deleted aside from data that was being written at the time the interruption occurred

If images no longer display on the camera, follow the steps below to use “Recover Image DB” feature:

Select MENU → (Setup) → [Recover Image DB] → desired memory card slot → [Enter]

Then, when taking a picture, back up the data on a PC or other device, and format the memory card on your camera.

2. With the a7R III, taking a picture while using the Auto Review function, may occasionally cause the camera to stop responding.

We will provide an update to the system software addressing to the above issues in mid-December. Until then, please take the following precautions:

While we are preparing to provide new system software, we will no longer offer updates to the current system software.

Before taking any pictures, format the memory cards in both slots on the camera, or use a new memory card.

Ensure the Auto Review function is off when taking pictures.

We would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused while using the affected products and thank you for your understanding.

via: Sony-Asia

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18 thoughts on “Sony Pulls Firmware Update 2.00 for a7 III / a7R III”

  1. After conducting a firmare update on my a7RIII it stopped responding and I had to do a factory reset to get it to work again. However my Auto Review was not on and I was using a Sony lens. If that happens to you contact a Sony rep….

  2. Glad the issue was discovered. I had thought it was a card or hardware related concern. Glad firmware will correct it. I usually reformat but didn’t on one occasion and only had JPG’s remaining after losing my RAW’s due to the error.

  3. When I switch on my otherwise pefectly working a7iii with the battery grip on, the view button (triangle) STOPS woring every couple of shoots. It can also release the shutter at times. Anyone else having this issue??

    1. Ok Alex, let’s try to get to the bottom of this mystery. It’s got nothing to do with using a battery grip.

      I’m going to go out on limb and say that whenever this odd behavior happens, the red light on the bottom right corner of the camera back is glowing red. That’s the ‘Status Indicator Light’. It glows red whenever the camera is writing to card. You must wait for the camera to finishing ‘writing’ to the card before you can ‘read’ from the card.

      As long as your buffer is not full, you can continue to shoot – but that’s about it while the camera is writing to card. This an excellent reason for using a UHS-II card with fast Write Speeds.

      1. Hi Brian, that’s partially the case. The red lamp indeed glows red longer than before and that’s because I switched to shooting raw + super fine jpeg recently. That does make shooting a little slower. However the review button does behave strangely independently of this. Every couple of shots it actually stops working as a review button and instead it works as a shutter button. That cannot be normal and it only happenes with the original grip attached. I exchanged the grip in the meantime, but the camera still shows this odd behavior leading me to the conclusion that the cameras firmware is not yet optimised for the grip which was recently released. I’m running 2.0 so there seems to be more wrong about the firmware than it seems, reading the forums.
        Thank you for your time and the helpful approach. I switched back to shoot only raw by the way, using uhs ii.

          1. Alexander Kwiatek

            Yes I am. It’s not? My wrong. Unfortunately I first updated to 2.0 and then used the grip for the first time.

          2. I have that camera (fw 2.00) with me but I’m not traveling with the grip. I’ll check with Sony Imaging PRO Support to see if they can replicate what you’re experiencing.

  4. I have a problem with my Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM lens after upgrading the camera A7R-III to version 2.0.0. The lens would make focusing noise when power on and the camera just frozen not responding to any button so I remove the battery, waited for 1 min and turn it back on and it still frozen. It works fine with my Sony 85mm f/1.8. Does anyone has this problem with their 16-35mm GM lens on the new firmware, will the next firmware in mid Dec ’18 will fix my GM lens issue?

      1. Thanks, I have updated my ILCE-7RM3 to FW version 2.10 on 18-Dec-18. My 16-35mm f/2.8 GM SEL1635GM lens issue still persists to happen, my camera just freezes, loud focusing noise upon camera startup, pressing any button does nothing, SD card blinking with no number, have to remove the battery to completely turn it off. With another lens the FW v2.10 works fine at the moment. I shall bring my lens to Sony Support Centre for checkup. Thanks again Brian.

  5. Awesome. Thank you. By the way I remeber seeing your pictures somewhere and sometime time ago, maybe it was you your website. Anyways I really like them especially the ones in your click through gallery on your website. Fantastic stuff.

      1. Alexander Kwiatek

        Hi Brian, the update did the trick for me it seems! With 2.10 I can no longer reproduce the problem. Shooting is smooth now and the review button works every time now that I shot like 30 images. Yes, original Z batteries and the Sony grip for the a7iii through a9.
        Have a happy new year.

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