Sony a7 III & a7R III Firmware Update 2.00 Adds LA-EA3 Adapter AF Modes

Sony a7 IV Firmware 2.01 Improves Creators’ App Support

Benefits and Improvements • Fixes a Creators’ App issue where the Auto Time Correction and Auto Area Adjustment features turn off • Improves the operational

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Sony Unveils ECM-S1, ECM-W3 & ECM-W3S Wireless Microphones with Exceptional Sound Quality

ECM-S1 enables clear sound pickup with high-quality streaming microphone sound for in-camera audio recording and ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S allow for a wide range of shooting

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Just Announced: $329 TTArtisan 500mm f/6.3 Fullframe E-Mount Lens

Here’s a blast of nostalgia for any of you who remember ads for bargain basement Spiratone telephoto lenses in the back of Popular Photography. TTArtisan

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20 thoughts on “Sony a7 III & a7R III Firmware Update 2.00 Adds LA-EA3 Adapter AF Modes”

    1. It worked, no problem. It has become a bit more complicated, because you have to grant some privileges to the updater in the security prefpane.

  1. Anders Rønningen

    Just tried, and it did not work for me on Mojave. After connecting the camera in mass storage mode and pressing Ok, nothing happens. Btw, should I be using the USB-C or the micro USB connector. The instructions say to use the cable that came with the camera, and there was no USB-C in the box.

  2. Testing the A7Riii this evening with the new firmware on the following lenses:
    SAL30028G2 – all focus modes available… focus seems more responsive
    SAL70200G2 – all focus modes available… focus seems more responsive
    SAL2470ZA – all focus modes available… focus seems more responsive or no change
    Tamron 15-30mm – all focus modes available… focus is definitely more responsive than before
    Tamron 90mm Macro SP DI USD – all focus modes available… focus is the same… hunts before locking on especially in low light

  3. I need to walk away and try again in the morning and I will follow your steps posted here. Following the Sony site for Mac 10.13 has been a royal pain in the you know what! An hour wasted and still no success. Sony builds great cameras but their software process is unbelievable. They have made it even harder that it was before! The special updater for the updater is apparently doing nothing regardless of what I “allow”.

  4. Still have problems with the update on 10.3.6 even with the driver loader installed. It kept asking for security check – I already have the firewall turned off and temporarily shut off the anti virus software. Of note, I did not upgrade to v1.10 when it was released earlier. My 7RIii is still in v1.00. Does it matter? Do I have to upgrade to v1.10 first? Thanks

    1. No, there’s is no need to install v1.10 before updating to v2.00. Everything in v1.10 is contained in the v2.00 update.

      Previous 10.13 Updates required you:

      !. Run 10.13 Driver Loader first – you don’t actually install it – rather you run it a the start of the process.

      2. Only once that is done, do you open the firmware update – the update is inside the ‘Resources’ Folder as shown in this post. The camera should NOT yet be connected as you launch the update.

      3. Once the firmware update tells you to connect the camera should you do so using the cord that came with your camera. At that point simply follow all on screen directions. Camera firmware updates take about 15 minutes to run.

  5. Hello!
    Maybe my question is a bit off topic, but it’s in a way regarding the 2.0 firmware update, so…
    I wonder if you have found a way to manage to get the A7R III to do “stop down” AF with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2? With the native lenses you are supposed to be able to choose between stop down and fully open aperture with firmware 2.0. But with this lens I have tried and failed to find a way with either the Metabones IV or the Sigma mc-11 adapter. It would be very useful with this particular lens, since it has a serious focus shift if you would like to stop it down.
    Best regards

  6. Thank you for the fast reply!
    That works well for manual focusing, and is good to know. I hadn’t realized that function was available for the Sony A7 series.
    However (maybe obvious) it’s not possible to get AF at the same time, neither to magnify (as far as I managed to do anyway) while one activates that dedicated button.
    When using the native lenses you’ll could have the stop down AF automatically (for bad or worse).
    Thanks again for clearing that out for me.

  7. Not really. I want to have the lens stopped down while the camera is doing the AF. The focus shift with the Canon EF 50mm F/1.2 is so severe that if I take a picture with eye AF of a person with his/her head in a 55 degree angle towards me with F/4, it focuses on the first eye, but the Second eye turns up in in focus in the final picture. When I do the same thing in F/1.2 it nails the First eye. And no, it’s not just with eye AF that I’ll get the shift.
    But after your reply, and my attempts with my now dedicated “Shot Result Preview” button, I assumed that it’s not possible to have stopped down AF for this lens.
    What I tried, was to press the shutter button for AF, while holding my now dedicated “Shot Result Preview” button. But that didn’t work.
    Then I went with the second best thing, trying to magnify while pressing my “Shot Result Preview” button, so at least I could see properly, but that failed as well.

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