The Camera Store TV Sony FS7 4K Camcorder Review – Part 2

Sony Creators’ App is Available Now!

Sony Creators’ App is available now as a part of Sony’s Creators’ Cloud platform of mobile apps. It functions as an extension of a camera

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Sony a7 IV Firmware 2.00 adds Creators’ App Support

Sony a7 IV Firmware 2.00 adds support for the new Creators’ App mobile application that replaces the Imaging Edge Mobile app. Note: This update is

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Tale of the Tape: Fast 50mm FE Lens Comparisons

How do four premium quality FAST 50mm lenses for Sony Fullframe E-mount cameras compare? Here’s a Tale of the Tape comparison between the Sony FE

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4 thoughts on “The Camera Store TV Sony FS7 4K Camcorder Review – Part 2”

  1. YES! Thank you guys!
    Fs7 part 1 was helpful, but the expected type stuff, part 2, especially Jordan and Levi talking straight about their experiences- THIS is what I have been scouring the inter webs for. The two position input of them both bridged the gap to where I sit on the spectrum.

    Noise in shadows- I’d love to hear some straight talk from Jordan about the IRE stuff. I’m seeing lots of posts about making whites 80% IRE. As a Canon DSLR entry into video world… what the hell is IRE? I used the 7Q on the Fs700 and 20% of our footage came back flooded with noise. I know over exposing and IRE is what will solve this- but there’s a sad lack of explanation on the interwebs about this. Help us, Jordan, you’re our only hope! (don’t miss the Star Wars reference)

    I think Look Labs over graded your test piece (gd, why is everyone falling in love with blacks looking blue and highlights looking mango??) but, when you bring a bar of chocolate to the Wonka Factory- whose surprised you walk out with everlasting gobstoppers? That jab aside- for my rental Fs7 and shoot this week- first order of tomorrow’s to do list is buying the studio log luts for our shoot. I really appreciate you having a product ready for this camera- huge relief when I bring it on set. Props, guys.

    Never seen your site or reviews- after I hit ‘post comment’ i’ll be looking through to see what else hits the sweet spot for me. Well done, Gents!
    Jordan- enjoy that new human.
    Levi- blow the old dudes away with what you can dream up 😉

    Me- more wine and stay up all night reading more or hit the hay and try this with coffee. Big life questions.

    Jokes aside- this 2 part review is spot on. As the dslr DP taking a big risk on he Fs7 this week- THANK YOU.

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