The Camera Store TV Sony FS7 4K Camcorder Review – Part 2


Just Announced: $329 TTArtisan 500mm f/6.3 Fullframe E-Mount Lens

Here’s a blast of nostalgia for any of you who remember ads for bargain basement Spiratone telephoto lenses in the back of Popular Photography. TTArtisan

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Tamron Officially Releases 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VC VXD G2 Lens

The second-generation Tamron 70-180mm f/2.8 Di III VC VXD G2 Lens ($1,299) designed for full-frame Sony E-mount cameras, expands the capabilities of its mid-range telephoto

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Sony Announces CineAlta BURANO 8K Digital Motion Picture Camera

Sony VENICE has a new baby brother, designed for the high mobility so often required for solo shooting. Sony’s new CineAlta BURANO 8K Digital Cinema

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4 thoughts on “The Camera Store TV Sony FS7 4K Camcorder Review – Part 2”

  1. YES! Thank you guys!
    Fs7 part 1 was helpful, but the expected type stuff, part 2, especially Jordan and Levi talking straight about their experiences- THIS is what I have been scouring the inter webs for. The two position input of them both bridged the gap to where I sit on the spectrum.

    Noise in shadows- I’d love to hear some straight talk from Jordan about the IRE stuff. I’m seeing lots of posts about making whites 80% IRE. As a Canon DSLR entry into video world… what the hell is IRE? I used the 7Q on the Fs700 and 20% of our footage came back flooded with noise. I know over exposing and IRE is what will solve this- but there’s a sad lack of explanation on the interwebs about this. Help us, Jordan, you’re our only hope! (don’t miss the Star Wars reference)

    I think Look Labs over graded your test piece (gd, why is everyone falling in love with blacks looking blue and highlights looking mango??) but, when you bring a bar of chocolate to the Wonka Factory- whose surprised you walk out with everlasting gobstoppers? That jab aside- for my rental Fs7 and shoot this week- first order of tomorrow’s to do list is buying the studio log luts for our shoot. I really appreciate you having a product ready for this camera- huge relief when I bring it on set. Props, guys.

    Never seen your site or reviews- after I hit ‘post comment’ i’ll be looking through to see what else hits the sweet spot for me. Well done, Gents!
    Jordan- enjoy that new human.
    Levi- blow the old dudes away with what you can dream up 😉

    Me- more wine and stay up all night reading more or hit the hay and try this with coffee. Big life questions.

    Jokes aside- this 2 part review is spot on. As the dslr DP taking a big risk on he Fs7 this week- THANK YOU.

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