Monster ScreenClean 2.0 + CleanTouch 2.0


There are some new products I simply want – while others like this I really NEED!

One of the cool products at CES 2015 is Monster’s update to their popular screen cleaner for monitors, laptops, phones & tablets: Monster ScreenClean 2.0 + CleanTouch 2.0

Monster took a wash-and-wax approach to getting any screen clean, and keeping it that way longer. If you want a brilliantly clean TV screen, a germ-free tablet, or a laptop screen that shines, this Two-Part Clean and Shield System is the answer, allowing you to go longer between cleanings. My first application has kept my laptop, phone and tablet screens clean and smudge-free for the last two weeks.

Monster ScreenClean 2.0 + CleanTouch 2.0 comes in two sizes – the pair of 60ml bottles are perfect for travel and the 180ml bottles are perfect for home and studio.

Step 1 – ScreenClean 2.0 Deeply Cleans

For a screen that goes beyond clean, you need ScreenClean 2.0 screen cleaner. This no-drip solution wipes out fingerprints, eradicates smudges, and dissolves grime. It’s the deepest clean you can get safely.

Step 2 – CleanTouch 2.0 Shields the Clean

After cleaning your screen, apply part-two of this system, Monster CleanTouch 2.0 for a microthin coating to protect against microbial growth and repel fingerprints and dust, long after you’re done cleaning. It shields the clean for a deeply clean screen, longer than other screen cleaners.

  • Wipes out smudges, dust, and fingerprints
  • Unlike other screen cleaners, these solutions are both streak-free
  • Get a clean TV screen, touchscreen, tablet, smartphone, laptop, computer, and more with the ultimate safety
  • Provides a longer-lasting clean for a clearer, brighter screen
  • Monster’s no-drip gel won’t find its way into sensitive electronics

Available in Two Sizes:

Monster ScreenClean 2.0 + CleanTouch 2.0 Clean and Shield System – Two 180ml bottles ($29.97 Amazon)
Monster ScreenClean 2.0 + CleanTouch 2.0 Clean and Shield System – Two 60ml bottles ($19.97 Amazon)

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