Guide to Sony Imaging PRO Support

Check out Sony Imaging PRO Support if you’re looking for premium pro support service for your Sony cameras. Sony Pro Support offers qualifying pro members dedicated phone and email support, expedited repairs and reduced shipping on repairs, evaluation loaners, three camera and/or lens maintenance services per year and invitations to special events.

Sony Imaging PRO Support is currently available in the USA, Japan, Germany, Australia and Hong Kong.

Depending on demand and success in these countries, Sony Imaging PRO Support could expand to more. If Sony Pro Support is not offered in your country – contact Sony in your country or region.

Sony Imaging PRO Support USA Membership Benefits Include:

• Dedicated Phone & Email Support
• Invitation to special events
• Evaluation Loaners (try before you buy)
• Repair Facilitation Loans if repair turnaround time is not met
• Three camera and/or lens maintenance services per year
• Covered Inbound/outbound shipping cost

(Membership Benefits vary between regions. Consult the program terms and conditions in your area.)

Qualifying Applicants Must Meet All the Following Requirements:

• Own a minimum of 2 Sony Alpha Full-Frame interchangeable lens Cameras and a minimum of 3 Sony Zeiss and/or G Series lenses
• Be an active professional photographer (self-employed or an employee of a professional imaging business/organization)
• Provide professional work samples – either tear sheets or a business URL with galleries
• Pay an Annual Membership Fee*

*Sony Imaging PRO Support USA Membership is $100/year. Prices vary depending on region.


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21 thoughts on “Guide to Sony Imaging PRO Support”

  1. Having long been a Canon Pro Services member, with a single 1DX body, I question the absolute requirement for multiple SONY bodies. I find this off-putting. The lens requirements are on parity, however.

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  4. It would be nice if they’d count the Sony cinema cameras (FS5/FS7/F55/etc) as a camera body… considering the cheapest of them costs double what an A7RII does.

  5. I was a Minolta Pro for 22 years and have a lot of G lenses and Sony gear so I just applied for the Sony Program. How do you know if your app when through and was received?

    Thank you

  6. Read today there’s new walk-in location in Los Angeles? Is this true?! If so…FINALLY!

  7. Brian: I believe one of the many benefits of Sony Pro Support is access to discounted rentals at If that is so, then what is the discount amount and why is not listed on this website as one of the benefits?

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