One Day Sale on Sony SD Memory Cards


Sony Electronics Announces Custom Gridline License for Alpha Cameras

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 28, 2023. Today, Sony Electronics announces a new custom gridline license planned for the Alpha 7 IV in March 2024 onward,

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Sony and Associated Press Advance In-Camera Authenticity Technology

New In-Camera Signature Solution Attaches Digital Certificate to Photos at the Point of Capture to Certify Legitimacy SAN DIEGO – Nov. 21, 2023 – Today,

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MonsterAdapter Developing LA-FE2 Lens Adapter with AF Support for Nikkor D-type Lenses

There may FINALLY be hope of AF Support for older Nikkor D-type Lenses thanks to this development announcement by MonsterAdapter. Development Announcement: MonsterAdapter LA-FE2 November

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2 thoughts on “One Day Sale on Sony SD Memory Cards”

  1. Hello, what is the difference between the red with gold and black with gold sony xdsc class 10 u3 cards? which one is better?

    1. The difference is the write speed. Faster write speed means the buffer clears more quickly. I use the fastest cards which are the gray on black shown in this post. They are made for the max speed the camera can handle.

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