New Shipment of Sony a7RII Coming Soon!


Great News for anyone waiting on Sony a7RII! There’s a new shipment of Sony a7RII cameras coming to B&H Photo on September 1st! I’m told that the shipment has more than enough cameras to cover all current back-orders. So if you’ve been waiting for a7RII cameras to arrive order yours NOW!

Sony a7RII Field Test – Part 1
Sony a7RII Field Test – Part 2

Elliott Erwitt in the living room of his New York apartment in 2014

Remembering Elliott Erwitt (1928–2023)

As a high school photographer thirsting for knowledge, I came across a wonderful series of books from the Masters of Contemporary Photography. I started with

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Sony Electronics Announces Custom Gridline License for Alpha Cameras

SAN DIEGO – Nov. 28, 2023. Today, Sony Electronics announces a new custom gridline license planned for the Alpha 7 IV in March 2024 onward,

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Sony and Associated Press Advance In-Camera Authenticity Technology

New In-Camera Signature Solution Attaches Digital Certificate to Photos at the Point of Capture to Certify Legitimacy SAN DIEGO – Nov. 21, 2023 – Today,

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5 thoughts on “New Shipment of Sony a7RII Coming Soon!”

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    1. Only that Zeiss is overwhelmed with Batis orders. I know they are trying to fill orders as quickly as they can but Zeiss doesn’t believe in speeding things up – which from a craftsmanship perspective is a very good thing even if the wait is painful!

  2. Can’t wait for a mid format Sony like the pentax 645z. BTW, love your book “Sony A7 / A7R From snapshots to great shots” I got it after I bought my A7 and very helpful. I now have the A7R II.

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