DxO Gives Sony a7RII Top Mark


It should come as no surprise that today’s DxO Ratings rank Sony a7RII as their highest ranked camera EVER with an overall score of 98! DxO’s marks for a7RII’s first-in-class 42.2MP back-illuminated full frame sensor bear out results many of us have already seen in our eye-test. It excels in every area of their tests from color depth to dynamic range to great high ISO output. In other words it performs just the way it was designed to.

More good news, B&H Photo is getting a new order of Sony a7RII cameras on September 2nd!!!



DxO’s List of their Highest-Rated Cameras of All-Time. Twelve of the Top 13 cameras use Sony sensors…



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3 thoughts on “DxO Gives Sony a7RII Top Mark”

    1. Actually the D810 came in 2nd place…

      Unlike Canon they’re smart enough to but their sensors from SONY!

      By the way, I’d agree that Sony a7II is a great camera too!

  1. I bought a Sony A7R II… It’s terrific! Dam, it’s perfect…Excellent camera, portable one, videocamera amazing and I can use all my Minolta (70-210 f/.4), Sony A-Mount (135 f/. 1.8), Zeiss A-Mount (24-70 f/.2.8) [with a proper adapter like LAEA-4] lenses… and my perfect Zeiss E-Mount (55 f/.1.8) lens!

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