Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Warning for Sony Camera Users

Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Warning for Sony Camera Users

Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Warning for Sony Camera Users – WAIT!!! Resist the burning temptation to upgrade to the latest Mac OS UNTIL it’s supported by all the third-party software. Mac OS Updates typically take time before they’re supported by Sony software and updaters, so consider this fair warning. DON’T UPDATE YET!!!

At the very least, be certain that you update all camera firmware and apps BEFORE updating your Mac

Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Confirmed Compatibility List:

[Please Note: I had previously installed Mac OS Driver Loader]
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a7II (version 3.20 or later)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a7RII (version 3.30 or later)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a7SII (version 2.20 or later)
• Sony PlayMemories Home for Mac (version 3.2.01)
• Capture One Pro for Sony (9.3 or later)
• Capture One Express for Sony (9.3 or later)
• Adobe Lightroom 6.7
• Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.7
• Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
• Sony Remote Camera Control (RCC for Mac) (3.7 or later)

Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Incompatibility List:

• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a7 (version 3.20 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a7R (version 3.20 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a7S (version 3.20 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a5000 (version 1.10 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a5100 (version 3.10 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a6000 (version 3.20 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony a6300 (version 1.10 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-100 (version 1.10 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-100 II (version 1.10 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-100 III (version 1.20 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-100 IV (version 1.30 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-10 (version 2.00 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-10 II (version 1.30 or earlier)
• Sony Camera Firmware Update for Sony RX-10 III (version 1.30 or earlier)
• Sony PlayMemories Online (Camera App Updater)

Please Note: All Incompatible Firmware Updates were released BEFORE Mac OS 10.12 was released. It’s always recommended that you update all camera firmware and apps BEFORE updating your OS.

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110 thoughts on “Mac OS 10.12 Sierra Warning for Sony Camera Users”

  1. Sony’s firmware updaters for A7x series bodies won’t run on Sierra either, even ones released after 10.12 like the A7M2 3.20 firmware

  2. Well, I’m reading this so late! I recently updated to Sierra after waiting a few weeks but it seems that Sony is taking longer to fix these. We much appreciate to pass the message on behalf of those who use Sony cameras. We need these apps working properly.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I’ve been going crazy the last couple of hours trying to figure out why I couldn’t update the firmware on my a6000. Hopefully someone will post when Sony finally updates their firmware loader.

  4. The updated firmware still isn’t released? How long do Sony’s updated generally take? I sure would love to be able to update my firmware on my macOS machine…

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  6. I am not able to install the Driver Loader to my macbook pro running Sierra. Is this one of the incompatibilities? When should I expect a new version of Driver Loader to be ready?

    1. I had already installed Sony’s Mac OS 10.10 and 10.11 Driver Loader on all my Mac’s before upgrading one of them to OS 10.12 to test compatibility of firmware and app updaters. Given the incompatibility listed in this post, I don’t believe Mac Driver Loader is of any value with OS 10.12. (I only mention it because it was previously installed.)

      All the incompatible firmware updates were released BEFORE OS 10.12 . This is why I always recommend updating all firmware and apps BEFORE updating your OS.

      Sony is really slow to support new Mac OS, so I’d advise finding a friend who didn’t update to Sierra and showing up with a six pack or a nice bottle to share while you update your cameras.

  7. Hi Brian,
    I’m Hans from Munich, Germany. I just recently bought a refurbished macbook pro with OS Sierra, version 10.12.1 to digitalize & edit many of my old but precious tapes, some of them filmed several decades ago (but still okay because stored carefully) with a Sony DCR-PC 100.
    Now I had to realize that the macbook (my first) is quite primitive in some aspects, only has a simple video player, etc.
    After getting the right fire wire adapter I’ve been searching the web for a fitting video-grabber plus a video editing tool to finally store the movies on some external discs & DVDs before they deteriorate.
    I also read some complaints on the web about the video processing tool that Apple offers via their app store, so I’m actually considering getting rid of the macbook again and even return to Windows although I had a really bad and short experience with my last Windows tool by Asus, a company I’d never buy anything from again.
    So you see, I’m currently quite uncertain and desperate about how to proceed with my precious films.
    Any suggestions from an expert like you would be very welcome and appreciated.
    Best wishes

  8. Hi Brian

    Do you now any workaround for getting the “Playmemories Home Importer” working on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1?

    Thanks for any help.

    Best wishes

      1. Hans Behlendorff

        Hi Brian,
        does your warning really mean “all” Sony Video cameras or mainly new ones. I have a Sony PC100E from the 1990s that records on DV cassettes. I’m currently using a macbook pro with os sierra 10.12. and looking for the right tool to process the films. So I’d have to avoid iMovie for the time being? Any suggestions which tool I could use, just to capture the content of the cassettes, edit and save the films on hard discs and some on dvd? Best wishes, Hans

  9. Hey Brian,

    I have the A6000 and wanted to use Remote Camera Control for thethering on my MacBook vers. 10.12 Sierra. It doesn’t work. Program is running but can’t connect to the Camera… I tried it on a other MacBook without Sierra, there it worked fine… and also on a Windows PC… Is there any other Program i can use for thethering my Macbook with my a6000?

    thanks for help!

    1. You need to update Remote Camera Control to version 3.6.00 in order to be compatible with Mac OS 10.12 Sierra.

      I personally find that Capture One Pro for Sony ($50) is a much better option for tethering.

  10. Hi Brian, bit late to the party on this but i have an A7s with firmware version 1.10 and Im trying to upgrade on a mac with version 10.12.2. obviously none of the firmare versions are letting me begin the process starting with version 2.0 and then 3.0. Any ideas how i can upgrade or is that it?

  11. Hi, Brian,

    I have just connected my A7M2 to Macbook running Sierra 10.12.
    The process started well, update process launched and the green bar reached its end (so I guess it is almost completed). After that it remains in that condition for the last 40-50 min without any progress.

    I have no clue what to do further. Should I leave it for a night or?
    I am afraid to get it bricked.

    1. If the green bar reached 100% it’s likely your and it’s been sitting that way for 40 minutes, it’s very likely your update is complete. There is normally an on-screen message on the FW Updater on your Mac that tells you the update is complete and to turn off the camera and then disconnect. I’m not certain how long that message stays on since I usually have multiple cameras on update and I want to move on to the next as soon as I can.

      1. Thanks for response. The issue is that FW Updater is stuck on step 3 “Run the Install” and does NOT move onto the next Step 4 “Complete the Install”. All FW Updater buttons are inactive, and a little red light is ON on my camera (next to SD card slot). I do not know what happens if I simply interrupt the process.

  12. Hi Brian
    I just realized there is a firmware update available for the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 prime. Since I purchased a new MBP it came with Sierra. I imagine the same OS incompatibility holds true for lens firmware updates?

  13. I’m using OSX 10.12.2 and Remote Camera Control Ver.3.7.01.
    when started Remote Camera App, show the alert: Cannot detect the camera, but camera connected my macbook.
    whats wrong?

  14. Seems i am unable to install the PlayMemories Camera Apps software on my hackintosh (it installs but afterwards it is nowhere to be found), i am running the latest build of sierra (10.12.3). I am able to shoot tethered with the Remote Camera Control app. No idea why the playMemories thing doesn’t work, is it still incompatible with Sierra?

  15. That update on MacOS Sierra doesn’t work for a NEX-5N either. Their (Support) recommendation was to either drop down a couple OS’s or use Windows. They said it’ll work with Windows 10.

    1. Firmware updates written before the release of Sierra aren’t compatible. That’s why I strongly recommend you ALWAYS make certain all camera firmware is up to date BEFORE updating your computer’s OS.

  16. Just ran into this on my a5100 on Sierra 10.12.5 can’t connect to the camera to update the firmware nor do any of the fancy RCC stuff. Very disappointed in Sony.

    1. Remote Camera Control is definitely compatible. Make sure both the camera app and smartphone/tablet app are up to date.

      I don’t think a5100 has had any firmware updates since Sierra. But only updates released after Sierra are compatible. This is why I tell people to NEVER do a full version Mac OS update until all you cameras and other devices have been updated.

    2. Hi Brian,
      thanks a lot for sending another warning about Sony Cameras not being prepared to work with the current Mac update. I’m getting Apple messages every day to update but I have always refused to da that.
      Actually I guess I’ll have to also buy a new Windows PC to be able to save my old Sony movies on DVDs. And my Sony (DCR-PC100E) only transfers videos via DV in to a Computer, or at least that’s the most convenient way to do it.
      When I download Videos to my Macbook (from Youtube for example) and transfer them to an external hard disc I can play these via usb on my Blu Ray Player but there are always problems with the sequence of the videos and there is always a second (empty) file with the same name for each video, etc. I never had these problems with my old Windows computers.
      So while a Mac certainly has it’s advantages in some areas (security for example) it also has it’s disadvantages.
      Both systems have their pros and cons and none of them is perfect.
      Kind regards,

  17. Do you know if it is safe to update firmware on my a6000 using my Mac running Sierra 10.2.5? I appreciate your info here on this page. Last time I updated my firmware I bricked my camera because of incompatible OS. Me smart now. 🙂

    1. You won’t brick ypur camera if the OS is not compatible. The update simply won’t connect. (In fact you’ll NEVER brick your camera if you follow these directions.)

      All Sony firmware updates released after OS 10.12 are compatible – but I don’t believe any firmware updates have been released for a6000 since 10.12 dropped so you should be fine with the firmware updates you ran before updating your Mac OS. Which I’m certain all of you always do…

      1. Thank you Brian, for your quick response. I did not have your instructions when I bricked my camera, and to be clear, it happened while updating firmware on my Mac, but I don’t know what caused it. I am reasonably good at following instructions but the Sony directions for updating are confusing. Trust me, I will follow your instructions to the max! So if I’m reading your answer correctly it sounds like I’m safe to update using my OS Sierra 10.2.5, thank you again!

        1. I’m actually saying I don’t believe any a6000 firmware updates have been released since OS 10.12 came out. Firmware released prior to 10.12 won’t run on 10.12. ALWAYS update all your cameras before considering any Mac OS version update.

  18. Hi, I’ve just bought a Sony A6000.

    I’m attempting to install apps using the camera’s WIFI. Following the route to login, it results in an alert stating:

    Could not connect to the server. Set the correct Area/Date/Time and verify the ‘Network Settings’. This makes no sense as I’m already connected to their server as I’ve had to go through several of their web pages to get to this point.

    The Area, Date and Time are correct and Network Settings are correct. I’ve phoned Sony support who’s help so far has been poor, to the point where after 45 minutes of being on the phone they asked me to hold for a couple of minutes, and then cut me off.

    Sadly my MacBookPro already has Sierra installed so I can’t install apps using that route.

    Please could you advise if you know of any solutions to installing apps using the Camera WIFI.

    1. I updated an app just last week using camera W0Fi connection. It was clunky as hell but it worked. What country are you in and which app are you trying to install/update?

  19. Thanks, Brian, for great info! Just printed out your 10 Tips for Firmware Upgrade.
    Question: I’m leaning to use the Remote Camera App on my A7sii. I watched a youtube video where a guy, using that app, was able to set aperture and ISO remotely. My app lacks these features. And I can’t seem to ID the version number of the app, nor can I find the Sony page to update these in-cam apps.

    Any additional help appreciated!

    1. Yours probably says ‘Remote Control Embedded’ which means it’s never been upgraded. Search this site for details on how to update PlayMemories Camera Apps

    1. No. It works fine on my iPhone. As I said before, you need to update the CAMERA app – not the phone app! What EXACTLY is your camera app called?

  20. So I found this post almost a year after this discussion was first posted because I can’t update the firmware on my Sony NEX 7 with my new MacBook Pro 2017 running Sierra 10.12.6. Does this mean that there is still no way to install the firmware update?

    1. All firmware updates released after Sierra are compatible. Those released before Sierra are not. ALWAYS make certain all camera firmware is updated BEFORE even considering a full Mac OS update.

    1. Yup. That firmware update was released before Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra. Every full Mac OS update will cause firmware updates released for previous OS to fail. My suggestion is to find a friend who was not as eager to update their Mac OS and in the future be certain that all your camera firmware is up to date BEFORE even considering a full Mac update. Personally I never update until AT LEAST version .03 for just this reason.

  21. Play Memories Importer does now work through WI-FI, got it working for Was close to giving up though – had had it working for Yosemite but not since updating to SIerra. On Yosemite I was forced to set camera to MTS to get transfers to work. It now seems you should NOT anymore have this set. Troubleshooting guide at Sony claims you should:

    “Set the camera to Mass Storage or USB Mode.”

      1. Yup. Same warning as above. If you shoot Sony, don’t be in a rush to update Mac OS. Full Mac OS updates always cause incompatibility issues with Sony firmware and software updates.

  22. Michelle Sherliza

    Brian – thank you for this great site. I just purchased a Sony A6300 with version 1.10 software installed. (Purchased November 16, 2017). I am running Sierra 10.12.6 on my MacPro laptop computer. I just noticed a firmware update 2.00 on the Sony web site. Can I go ahead and update my camera to this version of 2.00 using Sierra on my MacPro laptop with 10.12.6 Sierra on it? So grateful for your help. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. It may be compatible with Sierra by now – just not High Sierra. You won’t damage anything if the Mac OS is not supported. The update simple won’t connect.

      1. Michelle Sherliza

        Hi Brian – just tried updating – won’t do it. I have an old Mac not running Sierra. Would it be alright to try updating it on this Macintosh? I just don’t want to damage my new camera. It is operating great so maybe I should just leave it at version 1.10 and not worry about version 2.00 which is suppose to help the overheating issue when shooting in 4K. What would you advise?

        1. Macs are fine. That the only thing I use and I’ve never had an update problem. If the update was released before Sierra was released you may need that pre-Sierra computer.

          1. Michelle Sherliza

            Great news, Brian! Just finished updating my new A6300 camera to 2.00. Worked perfectly! Reading to shoot 4K tomorrow as we celebrate our family Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful day and please know how grateful I am for your support and help. Blessings and my prayers!

          2. i’ve just gotten a macbook pro 15″ (running sierra, USB-C all around) and an a 6300 (firmware 2.0). the mac just won’t recognize the camera. finder, photos app, aperture… nada. i’m trying to connect via a USB-A to USB-C adapter. is that the problem? if not, what is? (michelle in this thread has had better luck, i’m not sure what helped in her case.)

          3. Nope the USB-A to USB-C adapters are not an issue (as long as the adapter works with other cables). I use one too.

            Are you using the original cord that came with the camera? Not all generic cords have all the proper pins.

            Also be sure to follow ALL my directions like USB Connection Setting, don’t plug into a hub, etc…

          4. figured it out… it was the USB connection setting. had me stumped for a while but all’s well. thanks!!

  23. Michelle Sherliza

    Additional note to your viewers: I have a MacPro laptop, (15 inch retina display), running this version of Sierra – 10.12.6. I just downloaded the latest Sony Version 2.00 software for Mac to this computer without any problems, It took about 15 minutes. Just don’t try it with the latest version of HIGH SIERRA. Hopefully, the updated version for High Sierra for Sony cameras will be out soon. This new version 2.00 helps the overheating problem in 4k – check out theYouTube videos regarding the improvement with this update. Good luck!

  24. I am trying to update Sel2470 on 10.13.2 and 10.13.1 with original cable but it is look like 10.13 not allow to update this lens, am I right ?

  25. Is there any way I can get the Timelapse app on my 3.1 A7s? I can’t update to 3.2 at the moment because I’m on High Sierra.

    1. I’m not certain which camera firmware is required for that app, but you can purchase apps from the camera – it’s simply very tedious to type in the required data. As for firmware, maybe you can find a friend who was not so eager to update their Mac OS.

  26. Good article, but read it too late. I cannot update any of my Sony DSLRs because the “FirmwareUpdater” is incompatible with Sierra- hopless!

  27. Hey Brian,

    I am having an issue with my 2017 Macbook Pro (running the latest software update) where .arw files lose some of their quality (e.g. saturation and become dark) once imported. However, if I import to my iphone 8 or ipad pro, the photos look like they do in the EV of my Sony A7II.

    I’ve tried adjusting color profiles and different macbook pros, but nothing seems to work.

    Any thoughts!!?!?!? Thanks.

  28. Hello Brian, I just found your website as I was trying to find out if the MacBook Pro was compatible with the Sony ILCE 7S M2. I would be very grateful for your advice which is that the camera is not being recognised by the MacBook. I have checked the firmware on the Sony and it is v3. So I don’t know what has/is going wrong. Please help. Thank you

      1. Hi Brian, thank you so much for replying so quickly. I intend to run a series of talks using video conferencing software. Rather than use the inbuilt camera on the MacBook Pro (June 201) i wanted to hook the Mac up to an external camera so that I can both present and record the talks at the same time. What I found when I tried to connect the camera to the Mac via the multi port adapter using the hdmi port the camera could not be found.
        I phoned Apple Support and they had a go but could not find the camera – they checked systems in about this Mac – basically there was no indication at all that the camera was connected to the Mac. We tried using a usb and an hdmi cable.
        Should I try to reinstall the Sony v3 firmware ? I can’t remember if I downloaded the driver loader first.

          1. I had a look at Teradeck and all I saw was a load of kit that I could not make head or tail of!
            Do you have any thoughts as to why the presence of the camera could not be detected by the mac? Surely it should have shown up in Hardware Overview in System Information?

  29. Still can not connect my A6300 to macbook pro running version 10.13.4 🙁

    Any suggestions?

    Many Thanks

  30. Bjorgvin Sigurdarson

    Hi. Seeing you seem to know a lot about these cameras i wonder if you can help me. I just bought a used a7s with firmware 3.20 already installed but when i connect it to my laptop to try and import photos it doesn’t show up. Nothing in image capture and no untitled folder in the finder. I am not trying to get the live shooting feature, just being able to import is what i am looking for. I don’t know if i need another card, works fine on my other camera.

    Thanks in advance

    1. I highly recommend purchasing a SD Card reader. But if you wish to download directly from the camera, set the USB Connection to Mass Storage and use the USB cord that came with your camera.

  31. Hi there! Thank you so much for all this great info — I just wish I’d come across it sooner. I’m trying to update the firmware on my Sony a7r, currently running version 1.01 (yes, woefully out of date) & I’m running Mac OS 10.13.4.

    I download the firmware version 3.10 & when the software couldn’t verify the connection, I also downloaded the Driver Loader. But when I open it, I never get a prompt to enter my password so I can’t complete the installation. And indeed, when I double-checked, it looks like the available version of the Driver Loader for the aR7 doesn’t (yet?) support OS 10.13.4.

    Any suggestions in the meantime? Is this case where I should try to find someone whose Mac is still running an earlier OS version? Sit tight until Sony *does* release a version supporting the latest OS?

    Again, thank you for all this great info! I’ve learned a lot!

    1. I don’t expect Sony to release any more updates for the original a7R.

      Your best bet is to find a friend using a PC or who wisely avoided 10.13

  32. do you know if they’re going to update the firmware 1.1.0 for the Nex-5T to Mac OS 10.13? i can’t install to my camera

  33. Mojave 10.14.3 will not let me even get to the point where the camera is recognized by the computer to complete the update. help. Is the thunderbolt the issue?

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