Sony a7II Firmware Update 3.20 Adds Wireless Radio Flash Support


Sony a7II Firmware Update 3.20 adds support for the new Sony FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander and Sony FA-WRR1 Wireless Radio Receiver.

This utility updates the ILCE-7M2 camera firmware to version 3.20 and provides the following benefits:

Improvements over version 3.10:

Adds support for the Radio-controlled Lighting System



MAC 10.10 and 10.11 USERS:

if you have not already done so, you will need to first install Mac Driver Loader before running any updates.

Before Updating Please Read:

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10 thoughts on “Sony a7II Firmware Update 3.20 Adds Wireless Radio Flash Support”

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  2. I downloaded and installed the last a7ii firmwaare 3.10 and it terrible affected my focusing. I’m sure you would have seen videos of this on YouTube. Sony has not commented on this, WHY? Does this new firmware correct that terribe fault caused by the 3.10

  3. Thanks for your reponse Brian. But respectfully you haven’t addressed the issue. When I upgraded to 3.10 it cause my focus to be either back or forward slightly; Amar Talwar on YouTube experienced that issue. Luckily he got rid of his a7ii, I can’t and I’m stuck with mine. I’m experience this problem whenever I use my 55mm 1.8. Sony has not addressed that issue, and what I’m now asking you, if you were ever aware of it, and does upgrading to 3.20 solve that issue

  4. OK I hear you. Can you now elaborate on what firmware 3.20 does to the camera. Not too clear on this wireless thing to which you refer. Furthermore, I’m not seeing much detail on it.

  5. Does wireless radio flash support mean we don’t have to mount the TTL flash on the camera anymore? Wonder what kind of flash to buy if I want it to work remotely.

    P.S. I have recently bought a new Sony A7II. Updated the firmware to 3.3. Need to buy a flash now.

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