Godox TT685S Flash Kits for Sony Mirrorless Cameras


Godox TT685S Flash kits for Sony Mirrorless CamerasAvailable on eBay & Amazon are the latest TTL HSS flash system to support Sony cameras with Multi-Interface hotshoe. Godox TT685S supports both optical transmission with even illumination and stable output and 2.4G wireless transmission with all-in-one functions.

Kits are available with a Godox X1T-S Transmitter and one, two or three Godox TT685S flashes:

One Godox TT685S Flash + One Godox X1T-S Transmitter sells for $180
Two Godox TT685S Flashes + One Godox X1T-S Transmitter sells for $339
Three Godox TT685S Flashes + One Godox X1T-S Transmitter sells for $410

Godox TT685S Features:

• GN 60 (m ISO 100)
• Powered by 4 x AA batteries
• HSS to 1/8000th
• Flash Mode – ETTL / M / Multi
• 1st Curtain Sync / 2nd Curtain Sync
• FEC / FEB – 1/3rd Increments (±3 stops)
• Manual Flash – 1/128 – 1/1 output control (1/3rd increments)
• Flash Zoom 20 – 200mm
• Full 360 Degree Swivel, and Tilt Head
• Large LCD Screen
• Metal Foot with Locking Pin
• USB Port for Firmware Updates
• 3.5mm Sync Port
• External High Voltage Battery Port

Supported Cameras Include:

Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7II, a7RII, a7SII, a6300, a6000, a5100, a5000, NEX-6, a99, a77II, a68, a58, RX1, RX1R, RX1R II, RX10, RX10 II, RX10 III, RX100 II







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110 thoughts on “Godox TT685S Flash Kits for Sony Mirrorless Cameras”

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  2. Hi Brian,

    The A7II has a “x-sync speed of 1/250th”. Does this mean that 1/250 is the fastest exposure time for flash photography even with HSS flashes? Thanks

    1. X-Sync speed does not refer to HSS.

      HSS will sync to max shutter speed of camera.

      Bear in mind that the faster you go the more flash output you clip, meaning the flash exposure is greatly reduced at 1/8000 but not at 1/320, etc…

  3. Hi Brian. I have a Sony a58 with wireless flash. I thought I would be able to control the TT685s flash direct from that wirelessly but I seem to be having a problem. Am I correct in thinking this should be workable like this or do i have to connect the flash to the hotshot of the camera.

    Kind Regards


    1. Everyone uses a different “flavor” of wireless. Godox/Flashpoint wireless-enabled flashes and receivers will only work with Godox/Flashpoint triggers.

        1. Only by wireless IR TTL but not wireless ATG ADI TTL radio flashes.
          This is because all Sony flashes do not have wireless radio receiver built into the flash.

          What you are trying to say is like if you are a Canon user.
          One can not get wireless radio ETTL II from a wireless flash happen to be Canon 580EX II when you have a parked Canon 600EX-RT on camera’s hotshoe.
          This, again, the Canon 580EX II doesn’t have built TTL radio receiver.

  4. Hi Bryan, as I observed in eBay specs for godox tt685s Sony a7m2 is not included in the compatibility of the said flash..only a7r, a77, a7r2 and a6000 only. Is compatible with my a7m2?. Thanks

  5. Like what Brian Smith says.

    Sony MIS (Sony’s crappy hotshoe) = direct fits
    Minolta, Minolta/Sony = need an adapter

    Brain, let me know if the AF assist beam on flash /or transmitter works on your Sony A7 series, OK?

    At the moment all transmitters will not do passthru ATG ADI TTL.

  6. I just got the TT685S. I only use it on the A7ii hot shoe. I cannot figure out how to set it in TTL with automatic zoom focal length. Can you advise which buttons to push.

    1. Albert, press “Mode”, then turn the plastic Wheel until you see “TTL” on LCD.
      Auto zoom works only when you have a supported E-mount zoom lenses.

      Hope they are helpful.

      You did read the manual, right?

    2. 3 conditions to use the auto zoom flash:
      1) it is used with an E-mount zoom lens
      2) the flash is in right angle position (facing front)
      3) the built-in wide panel is not pulled.

  7. Hi Manny, The Godox TT685S (for Sony MIS) is actually better than Sony HVL-F60M, unless you like a weak candle light for shooting video if you have a Leica 50/0.95 lenses.

    If the Godox TT685s is in ATG Master ADI TTL radio modes (Commander- on camera), then the Sony HVL-F60 (receiver/remote/slave) will not be compatible.

    But if TT685s (Commander- Master on camera) is set in ATG Master IR ADI TTL (line-of site), then the HVL-F60M (receiver/remote/slave) must be set into Remote (receive/slave) mode.

    You can use HVL-F60M (Commander-on camera) then set TT685s into ATG Wireless IR TTL to get ATG ADI TTL.

    You can use the TT685s to do ATG wireless IR flash when set into S1 or S2 modes with all cameras that are made (either the camera has built-in flash/pop-up flash/hotshoe flash. You can not do that on HVL-F60M.

    The Godox TT685s is a quadbrid flash (radio/IR/Si/S2)
    It has a PC Sync Socket while the Sony has none & overheat very quickly.

    1. If you are planing on buying the kit (X1Ts & TT685s, I recommends over HVL-F60M), then you need to search and buy two of this…

      Shoe Adapter (ADP-AMA)

      If you already had the Sony HVL-F60M (I suggested Sony to provides one free & includes with flash).
      Then you only need to buy one Sony ADP-AMA Adapter.

      Basic setup #1:
      * Sony ADP-AMA Adapter on Minolta, Minolta/Sony’s hotshoe
      * ATG/Godox/Neewer flash (flash that has MIS) on top of adapter
      * Flash can now be setup for ATG IR ADI TTL Commander wireless flash.
      You must have a supported Remote flash to be able to shoot wirelessly.
      * Now you can shoot by wireless IR (infrared/line-of-site only) with
      Sony (from Sony) remote flashes
      * Avoid shooting much in portrait modes.

      Basic Setup #2 (flash kit for Minolta’s hotshoe):
      * Adapter on camera
      * ATG/CheetahLight/Godox/Neewer’s X1Ts (radio transmitter) on adapter
      * Now you can do and shoot wireless radio ATG ADI TTL for this flash.
      * Many of the setting can be done on the transmitter.

  8. A good answer, ATG. With the hotshoe adapter i will not need anything, ONLY the godox flash TT685S. Very thanks.

  9. I and even Brain will agree to go for the flash kit.
    It’s just a little bit more and still lot less than Sony lousy HVL-F60M overpriced flash.

    With the kit you can produce better arts with light.

    But if you are shooting in a studio and have other Minolta or Sony’s flashes, you can do only ATG IR ADI TTL up to 10 meters. You just to have to know how to set into Commander (Master) modes.

    It really has five shooting modes:
    1. Flashes on camera (flash with adapter)
    2. Commander (setup to Master-radio)
    3. Commander (setup to Master IR-line-of-site)
    4. Remove flash from camera- ATG wireless IR S1
    5. Remove flash from camera- ATG wireless IR S2

    Once you set this flash or most ATG flashes into S1 or S2, you can use any camera with built-in-flash or pop-up flash or parked speedlight and get wireless IR flashes as either your main light or secondary light.

    Only the ATG’s will have the following which not available from anyone.
    * ATG Passthru
    * ATG AF assist beam
    * ATG HSS with bounce
    * ATG Tribrid TTL radio switching

    Experienced flash photographers do not like use on camera flash. If they do, they only set it into very low power for catch lighting or for flashing a Remote (Slave flash) under wireless IR flashes in TTL or manual flashes.

    Again, this flash and well as Nissin (ATG) are better bang for the money.
    Just remember these flashes, except ATG’s, like the Canon 580EX II/600EX-RT/600, Nikon SB-800/900/910 are not built for the working professionals.

    So do not use ATG/Nissin/Quantum battery pack or shoot many in HSS.
    You can use the battery pack, just avoid using the white dome and rapid shooting beyond F8.0.
    Many can’t afford these external battery packs anyway because they are over $600+.

    1. Hello, I just tried to search any info available as I’ve bought godox x1 TTL for sony camera. Looks like it doesn’t work with canon 580 EXII, I think I tried every possible option and it doesn’t work;(

      Any suggestions would be appreciated!


      1. Godox uses a different wireless triggering protocol than either Sony or Canon, so no it will not trigger a Canon 580 EXII flash – Only Godox/Flashpoint flashes.

        1. many thanks Brian for your quick reply!
          I was 100% sure it will work as per description on ebay;)
          Ok looks like I would have to sell it and exchange for godox speedlite.

          thanks again!

        2. Brian, sorry to bother but I’m thinking if godox x1 ts will trigger yongnuo yn600 ? Will the be compatible? Yongnuo is much cheaper than godox speedlite.

  10. Hi Brian, I just discovered the Godox system and I’m very impressed! So far just picked up the TT685 S fas a test. I’m planning to order a few more as well as a couple AD600 Witstros. Love the X1 transmitter too.

    Quick question, I broke the plastic crappy foot off of my TT685 S speed light. The flash works perfectly and just the foot cracked. It looks like you can replace the whole part with 4 screws and I read a couple people on forums buying the part needed on eBay. I searched and found nothing. Wrote to Godox directly but their email response has been lacking. Have you heard of being able to order these parts? If so, can you provide a link? I really value your opinions, they always seem spot on! Btw, curious if you prefer the Nissin flashes or the Godox now? I personally had a Nissan D700i and air commander and sold it. I much prefer the Godox interface and 1/3 stop settings and other features better.

    1. It seems that Godox may be cutting a few corners on these flashes – namely the flash foot. Another reader was able to get the foot replaced by the eBay seller.

    2. Scott, Nissan only make vehicles & not flashes. The MIS was the worst hotshoe ever coming out from Sony.
      Their overpriced top-of-the line, Sony HVL-F60M has no ATG Auto 2 mode, no PC Sync and overheat very quickly.

      ATG/Nissin/Godox/Metz’s, made for Sony, are not at fault.
      Many preferred ATG’s Gold/Nissin over the battleship ATG’s Godox.

      ATG’s Godox TTxxx, are not made for serious amateurs.
      The same can be said to Canon 600EX-RT II and Nikon SB-910.
      They overheat & melt the fresnel lens when using the ATG Gold Elite Battery Pack/Quantum Turbo Battery.

      You should have no problem in taking out the four screws on the hotshoe.
      You have to be careful above 330v coming out to but you.
      Some models require you to use a soldering gun.

      Contact Alzo Digital, CT, USA and ask for ATG’s, if you need parts/repairs/mods.

  11. Hi Brian, I hear the sony hotshoe is not exactly durable but it made me wonder if it would be possible to use the x1t-s with the TT685c/n?

    All I really need is to get full control of the flash wirelessly via the x1t-s, i.e ettl, hss and manual control. I would assume this would be possible?!

    Loving your work, very inspirational.

  12. Will the Godox system allow wireless rear/second curtain flash? The Nissin Air 1 and i60a do not seem to allow that function as the camera flash menu must be set to wireless, not rear. My impact remotes work on the rear setting with my old Nikon flashes, Q Flash and Lumedyne, but I am looking to have a speedlight that does HSS as well. Thanks for any info you have Brian or @ATG

    1. I now have the Godox TT685 with the X1 and they do work in rear curtain and HSS on wireless. I find both to be quite a bit more complicated than I would like compared to my impact and pocket wizard triggers, but they do what I need them to do and at a reasonable price.

  13. I have some question How to turn pre-flash off ?
    I use with a6300 and it’s always fire pre-flash every shot on TTL even in manual mode.
    Sorry for my bad eng

  14. Nikolas Lenk Gomes

    Dear Brian,

    Good Afternoon!

    I’m from Brazil and I’ve an sony Alpha A57 and a flash Sony HVL-F60M (with the adapter on the camera).

    I’m looking for a trigger to use my HVL-f60m off-camera, triggering it by radio/wireless. I do not like to use the On-camera Flash to trigger the HVL because if the flash is not on the sight field, it will not trigger.

    My question is:

    My questions are:
    1- does the X1T-S will trigger wirelessly my HVL-f60m off-camera without any receiver attached to the flash?
    2- I only need to put my HVL-f60m on slave mode on the same channel that my trigger?

    Thank you, my friend.


  15. have you heard any issues with v860iiS staying seated in the hot-shoe ? I have A7R2 and it keeps losing connection and camera says an incompatible device is attached. maybe a faulty unit. can’t find much info online about connection issues. just upgraded firmware to 1.3 as well, but same issue.

        1. also be very very careful is placing the flash in mounts.. All sides on my v860ii have broken off…
          Can’t find a replacement to fix it now. i can only use it off-camera now

  16. Dear Brian,

    I am a Sony A77 Mk1 owner. The camera has the old Minolta hotshoe. I am very interested to buy the Godox Kit (TT685S + X1T-S ) but I would like to know if it is fully compatible with my camera using a Sony ADP-AMA adapter.
    I already raised the same question to Godox but I had no answer for now.
    Can you help please?

  17. Hello, The preflash is off on my 685S when i shoot in rear curtain mode (choosen on camera-Sony A77II ) and that makes my flash and camera faster to shoot the next picture.

  18. Hi Brian,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    Wonder if you’ve ever tried optical wireless flash with 2 godox tt685s and Sony a7II? I’ve got 2 of that flash and trying to figure it out but doesn’t seem successful.

    Long story short I set the off camera flash to optical slave mode (red screen with the flash icon on the top left corner) and the on camera flash to optical master. My camera’s set to WL flash mode too. Weirdly, it works when I press FEL button, both flashes fire several times, but when I press the shutter button, only the master flash fires while the slave one does nothing.

    Hope to hear from you soon 🙂


    1. Have’t tried it but I’d image that Optical Slave mode and Wireless are not compatible. Try setting Flash Mode to Fill Flash with the master in the hotshoe and the slave off-camera. I’d think that’s how it’s supposed to work.

    2. I’m having the exact same problem. tt685s is set to optical slave (red screen with flash icon) and my on-camera flash is supposed to trigger it. It works intermittently (most of the time not). I think it is a defect.

      1. Clarification to my last post: By intermittent, I don’t mean that sometimes the receiver doesn’t “see” the on-camera flash, I mean it won’t work at all, even if I point the tt685s directly at the on-camera flash. Days later it might work without any problem, and is extremely sensitive to the on-camera flash even at great distances and from behind barriers. Has to be a defect.

        1. Optical flash triggering can easily be tricked by ambient lighting conditions or other interference factors. That’s among the many reasons manufactures are switching to 2.4 GHz radio triggering.

        2. The trick to use the flash as optical slave is to set it on manual as if you are using it as on-camera flash. Then select S1 or S2. Only then will it fire as an optical slave off-camera flash.

  19. I have a TT685S that I’m using with a new 6500. It is not working correctly. The flash, when mounted on the 6500 does not switch to the manual or multi modes. It is stuck on the TTL mode. When detached from the camera, I can switch modes file.

    I have the latest firmware ver 1.8. Has anyone else tried this flash on the A6500?

  20. My TT685s produce very warm and greenish photo, mounted on A7II using AWB. I tested Nikon SB-900 on A7II with same setting, the color is not that warm. I have to use kelvin 4600K and tweak the color balance chart to have useable (but not perfect) direct from camera photo.

  21. Hi, Brian. Do you have any thoughts about the Nissin i40 vs Godox TT685S vs Metz mecablitz 44 AF-2? My concern about the Godox is the plastic hot shoe mount.

  22. Hi Brian,

    I have a question for you about the compatability with the x1 and the sony a6500. The transmitter works fine on my a6000 but when I put it on my a6500 it wont fire. Am I doing something wrong????


    1. Make certain a6500 is not set to Silent Shooting. Next, check to make certain the settings are the same between cameras – particularly flash mode. Some flash commanders require it to be set to Fill-flash while others require Wireless.

  23. Hi Brian, I am thinking about TT685S flash as the second one (slave) having sony a7ii and sony flash Sony HVL-F43M connecting by Nissin Air receiver/trigger. Would the Godox flash TT685S work with them?

    Thank you in advance for the answer!

  24. Hey Brian, I’m using the sony A6000 is there a reason why when I set my flash mode to wireless on my camera I can’t shoot in manual mode with the flash. However, when I set to fill flash, it then can be used in manual mode. Now, on the flash itself, HSS is enabled, but on my camera the only time when HSS is showing up as an icon on my camera is when I set my flash to wireless mode. Is there any difference if I set it to fill flash or wireless flash. Am I still able to shoot in HSS?

  25. Hi Brian, Does the TT685s work with the A9?.
    I’m having problems with mine!
    Turn the flash on TTL comes on, then turn the camera on & the Flash switches off!

  26. Brian
    Wondering if you can help
    I cant get myTT685s flash to shoot on Manual on either my A7R2 of A9 when the camera shooting mode P.
    I can shoot Manual with flash when camera mode is on M
    Any ideas ?
    Tks in advance

    1. That’s likely the way Godox has designed it figuring that full Program mode will change both shutter speed AND aperture.

      I’d recommend that you instead select Aperture Priority as your shooting mode.

  27. Soory for disturbing again. Can i use this hotshoe adapter

    Pixel TF-335 HotShoe Adapter for Sony Old Flash to New Multi-Interface Camera

    It is from e -bay.

  28. Hi Brian
    What flash mode should I set my a7Riii to? Unless I’m doing something wrong the only mode I can set to is 2nd curtain.

  29. Hi Brian,
    I just acquired two TT600 manual flashes with wireless capability. I know TT685s can control them wirelessly but does this make the whole set TTL? or the TT600 still can only emit manual amount of light?

  30. HI brian,

    i bought TT685s flash for my sony a7ii. But when I try to power on. there’s no display on the LCD or power is not working. Do you have any idea about it? coz i used new batteries already.

  31. It’s hard to find comparison of Sony vs. Godox flashes in simple uses like event type situations (one on cam flash). I am unsure between this Godox or a Sony HVL-F43M. I’m more concerned about reliability and simplicity of use on a7III, a7rII or a7rIII cameras than about output power.
    What would make either one preferable? Thanks for all your input here!!

  32. Hi Brian, thanks for taking the time to read my inquiry… I have a Godox TT350s and A6300 and my wife has a Canon 5D Mk3. I just ordered a Godox TT685C for her camera. Can I expect these two flashes to be able to trigger each other wirelessly, I.e. given one is Sony optimised and one is Canon, does this make them incompatible for use as slaves to one another?

    1. Haven’t tested that, but the only way a Sony-protocol flash will trigger a Canon-protocol flash is if the slaved flash is attached to a simple optical slave. They’ve been around for years and the only drawbacks are line of sight, distance & any flash in the area can trigger it.

      Now if you’re using a Godox trigger to fire both off-camera. Bother might trigger – however a Sony trigger can’t adjust output of a Canon flash and forget about TTL/HSS.

      Bottom line, since Godox flashes are really cheap, I’d recommend buying a pair of Sony Godox flash if that’s what you need

  33. Hello Brian we are confused. My son is a wedding photographer and has recently moved over to Sony mirrorless A9, A7, A7111 which he loves. BUT he also purchased a Hahnel 600T Pro kit for Sony. With lower light levels at recent shoots he has realised that the AF Beam system is not working. He has contacted Hahnel who have confirmed that this kit is not compatible with his mirrorless cameras. This is a bit of a shock. Are there any speedlights out there which are compatible or is this a fundamental problem with this series of Sony cameras. Would value your advice.

  34. Hi Brian. Need your advice on a compatibility question. I currently have two Godox/Flashpoint AD200s with a remote Pro trigger on my Sony A7RIII. I’d personally rather get the Sony HLV60FM for my OCF / fill light over the Godox V860ii….but is it possible to use the Sony OCF to trigger the AD200s with TTL/HSS or am I forced to go with the V860ii? Thanks.

    1. As a general rule, different brands of flashes rarely can control TTL/HSS of other brands. The exception is Godox and Flashpoint which are the same flashes with different names.

  35. Would this work with the Sony a5000? Curious after trial and errors with other flashes. I kno the a5000 does not support hss and has no hot shoe, just wondering how this would connect and would it catch the flash at 1/160?

  36. Razlam Bin Abd Raji

    Hi Brian, I hope your answer will be the solution of my problem. I had Sony Hvl-f60m flash and to use it for off flash I need to buy the Sony trigger or another Sony flash as controller. Unfortunately, Sony equipment very expensive and I was looking for the best solution for my situation. Either I sell the Sony flash and change to godox or buy the godox TT685 as you mention on description to be my controller (correct me please if I’m wrong). Do I still need to buy X-T1 transmitter for or I can directly use the flash as controller? Is it TT685 the only godox flash got this function, how about TT600?

    1. Sony’s radio controller won’t work with the HVL-f60M anyway – only the RM

      It’s tricky with other brands. Aside from Profoto, all are reverse engineered, so they work with some Sony cameras and firmware, but I can’t guarantee if they’ll work with all.

    1. TTL will likely work, however you need to check with Godox to confirm if Sony a300 is supported for HSS.

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