Godox Announces Sony X1S TTL Flash Triggers and Flashes

Godox announced Sony-compatible X1S TTL 2.4Ghz flash triggers which allow full remote control, including TTL and High Speed Sync with upcoming Sony-compatible Godox flashes.


Godox X1S Sony Transmitter (Available on eBay for S56)

Godox also announced plans to make Sony-compatible versions of their popular TTL speedlights that will include the X series radio system built inside the unit.

Godox TT685S Flash (Available on eBay for $119)

UPDATE: (4/2/16) The first Godox TT685S Flash kits are now available:

  • One Godox TT685S Flash + One Godox X1T-S Transmitter sells for $180
  • Two Godox TT685S Flashes + One Godox X1T-S Transmitter sells for $339
  • Three Godox TT685S Flashes + One Godox X1T-S Transmitter sells for $410

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    Godox TT685S Flash Kits for Sony Mirrorless Cameras

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    12 thoughts on “Godox Announces Sony X1S TTL Flash Triggers and Flashes”

    1. Wow, fantastic Brian and thank you … you made my week in posting this! The Godox 360 (Adorama’s FlashPoint) has proven to be the solution to all of my lighting needs. I’m fine working manually but especially with macro work in the field TTL will be a game-changer.

      Do you have information as to whether this new unit requires the Sony a7x to be in Wireless mode? The standard Godox trigger does not and the exposure occurs instantly, but my experience (as also confirmed by Minox) has been that Sony’s Wireless mode introduces a slight delay, not ordinarily of concern but something which becomes problematic when shooting macros of active insect subjects.

      Planning to move to this TTL in any case, just curious. Thanks again!

      1. It was just announced and I’ve not seen Godox X1S, but if it works like other flash triggers, you’s want to put the camera in Fill-flash mode. Godox indicated that receivers will be built into new flashes. I’m not certain if they are making add-on receivers for existing flashes.

    2. I know they have X1 receivers for Canon and Nikon. So it is reasonable to expect an X1S receiver for Sony which should trigger any miShoe/Sony flashes. I’ve been scouring for more info because I’m heavily invested in the Godox system (all manual ATM though) and interested to know what exactly they will be releasing. I have learned the X1S and the TT685S (the Sony AAA powered TTL flash) will remotely control manual as well as TTL flashes. No on is certain whether the Sony version will allow 5 groups like the Nikon or 3 groups like the Canon.

      They had some initial problems with the batteries but the Lion flashes are a game changer. Consistent output, power, and recycle time is so nice I can’t image going back!

    3. Thanks for the news !!! Now i think i’m gonna wait before buying the Nissin Di700A , with ttl and hss i think this is gonna be a very popular solution for Sony users

    4. Brian. I wonder if the AF assist lamp will be triggered by the Sony A7 series cams. Think that is all that cam be missing. Rest looks good.

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