Capture One Adds Sony Tethering Support

Phase One has announced that starting today, a special version of Phase One’s Capture One Express software will be available free of charge for owners of selected Sony cameras worldwide. Now, these Sony camera owners can leverage the renowned high-quality raw image conversion that Capture One delivers.

“Sony shows great innovation and leadership in the photography industry,” said Henrik O. HÃ¥konsson, CEO and President of Phase One. “We are excited and proud to be cooperating with Sony to provide advanced photographers with tools that bring out the best in their images.”

Additionally, Phase One has developed a special version of its Capture One Pro software that gives Sony camera owners access to more pro grade features, such as Local Adjustments, Film Grain and more at an attractive price. Both new special Capture One applications share the same architecture and imaging pipeline as the renowned Capture One Pro application, which has been released in Capture One Pro 8 today.


Capture One for Sony offers Raw file support for:

Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7II, a6000, a5100 a5000, a99, a77, a77 II, a65, a58, a57, a55, a37, a33, a900, a850, a700, a560, a550, a390, a380, a350, a330, a300, a290, a230, a200, a100, a3000, NEX-7, NEX-6, NEX-5T, NEX-5R, NEX5N, NEX-5, NEX-F3, NEX-3N, NEX-C3, NEX-3, NEX-VG20, NEX-VG30, NEX-VG900, RX1, RX1R, RX10, RX100, RX100II, RX100III, R1, QX-1 and future Sony cameras.

Upgrade to Capture One Pro for Sony

For the most tools and functionality, pony up thirty bucks (23 euros) to upgrade to Capture One Pro for Sony. This is a much more robust program which adds more advanced lens corrections and real tethering for supported Sony cameras.

Capture One Pro for Sony supports tethering for Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7II, a99, a77II, a6000 and a5000 and future Sony cameras.

UPDATE: Click HERE to read how the latest updates adds Live View tethering for Sony A7S, A7II and A77II

I knew that Sony tethering was coming in Capture One Pro 8 – but I didn’t expect it to be available in anything other than the $299 full version of Capture One Pro 8 software so offering those features in Capture One Pro for Sony for just $30 came as a very pleasant surprise.

This page outlines the differences between Capture One Express and Pro for Sony (PDF).


Get more information about Capture One Pro for Sony go to:

Here’s a Couple Videos to Get You Started

The free Capture One Express for Sony software includes basic tools and lens profiles for RAW conversion. It also offers what Phase One calls “tethering support via hot folder” for Sony A7, A7R, A7S, A99, A77II, A6000 and A5000 cameras. This means that you connect via Sony Remote Camera Control and use Capture One Express to watch a hot folder – this is similar to the way Adobe Lightroom and Bridge support tethering with Sony cameras.


Here’s the link to Download Capture One Express (for Sony)

How to Capture to a Hot Folder using Capture One Express for Sony:

Getting Started with Capture One Express for Sony:

If you need support for other camera brands get Capture One Pro 8 software here.

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31 thoughts on “Capture One Adds Sony Tethering Support”

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  3. Curious: dpreview says of the A6000 regarding remote operation: “the one thing that’s not available is a live view of whatever you’re about to photograph” Is this the case when using PhaseOne?

  4. Here’s the complete quote, which to me, seems not to refer to the app…
    “One new feature on the a6000 is the ability to control the camera from your Mac or PC. You can adjust the majority of camera functions from your computer, though the one thing that’s not available is a live view of whatever you’re about to photograph.”

    1. They are correct. Live View is not possible when tethering A6000.

      A7S, A7II and A77II are the only Sony cameras supported for Live View tethering in Capture One Pro for Sony (8.1).

  5. I don’t see an 8.1 update for the capture one pro sony version. I only see the Sony express, and I don’t want to revert back to the express version. How do I update my pro version?

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  7. HI Brian, I’m having problems trying to shoot thetered with A7R2 with Capture one pro for sony. Files are been missed while transferring to computer. I shoot like 10 pictures and only 05 comes in to the computer. Have you experienced this?
    My firmware is uptodate and I have a very high speed Mac late 2015 .
    Thank you for your help.

    1. If you shoot a 10 frame burst it should take a while to transfer, but you should get every single image. Despite the USB-3 connection on your Mac, Sony uses USB-2 and a7RII files are large (or double-large if you shoot uncompressed…)

  8. Brian, I’m shooting an a7II Sony tethered to mac laptop running v. 10.13. Using C-1 Sony Pro. The entire system worked perfectly until tonight. Error message said it could not connect to camera. In checking to see if the USB wire was working, I connected it to my desk top and fired a pic. All is good there. I then reconnected the cord to my other port on the laptop with similar result. The port accepts the external drive so I’m thinking it works. Pls. advise

    1. Normally that simply means the USB cord came loose from either the camera or laptop. If the message does not go away after reconnecting, the cord may have been damaged.

  9. I want to use my nex 3f Sony camera for shooting claymation stop motion. For this I need to be able to control through a tether. Would the Capture One Pro for Sony software enable this functionality in my camera?

  10. I notice that Capture One Pro has a drop down box for Drive Shooting type in tethered mode. Does this allow interval shooting and if so at lower than 10s interval as offered by the Sony tether app. Camera is A7S.


    Roger Burridge,

  11. Brian, I have not yet purchased the software so I do not know. I am keen to find out before I make a purchase. If it offers interval timing at a couple of seconds I would be tempted to purchase.


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