CamFi Announces Wireless Camera Controller for Sony Cameras

Published: February 28, 2017


CamFi Wireless Camera Controller ($120 from Amazon) now supports Sony cameras using the latest CamFi 3.0 app. Sony camera owners can attach the CamFi wireless controller to their camera via a USB cable to access and control the camera remotely using a laptop or tablet over Wi-Fi.

CamFi supports Live View from supported Sony cameras and enables photographers to change camera settings and capture shots using a laptop or tablet. CamFi 3.0 supports both Raw and JPEG image formats and the controller supports multi-camera setups, and also support for the latest DNP wireless printer server. Both MTP and PC Remote modes are supported – users can select their preferred mode in the camera’s “˜USB Connection’ menu.

According to the CamFi Sony support page, Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7 II, a7R II, a6000, a6300 and a5100 are currently supported with additional Sony camera support for a7S II, a6500, a5000, a3500, a3000, a99, a99 II, a77 a77 II and a68 coming in the future.

For Sony shooters already using the Remote Camera Control app, as long as Remote Camera Control meets ALL your needs there’s no need for this. BUT…CamFi is an option for those who want longer WiFi range, a hard-wired option, compatibility with PCs – not just smartphones/tablets, multi-camera control or the ability to transfer RAWs – not just Jpegs.

For Sony shooters tethering using Capture One Pro – that’s my choice for tethering as well – but it’s strictly for USB-tethered shooting to MAC/PC. CamFi will do that too – but it also offers wireless control and transfer to smartphones/tablets and multi-camera support which is not possible with Capture One Pro.

Check out the CamFi Sony support Page for details on how to set up and use CamFi with Sony cameras.

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26 thoughts on “CamFi Announces Wireless Camera Controller for Sony Cameras”

  1. Sadly/frustratingly Sony could add all this functionality with a software update to both the cameras and devices. Sigh. Missed opportunity for a lot of value added.

    1. Capture One Pro is great – but strictly for tethered shooting to MAC/PC. CamFi will do that too – but also wireless (ergo the name) control and transfer to smartphones and tablets. CamFi also offers multi-camera support which is not possible with Capture One.

  2. On the Amazon product page it says “Only Support Apple iOS System” and on the support page it says “mobile, PC or iPad.” Which is it? Also, mobile can be Windows, Android, iOS.

  3. Can the new version bracket more than 3 exposures in the Advanced Bracketing mode with say the a7r ii?

    1. Update: comes from Camfi support “Yes, the steps are only limited by the max value of shutter speed or aperture. It can shoot more than 3 brackets.”

      And thank you Brian for replying and suggesting.

  4. Sebastian Streit

    Sounds great – and excatly what I would need.
    But looking at the Amazon reviews: Only two, but 1 and 2 stars only – all describing software instabilies and bad WiFi?

    1. That’s bothering me too. The range compared to CamRanger is concerning as well. I shoot a lot of interiors and I can seem to find a better solution which keeps me holding on to my canon body.

  5. I got one of these to test. So far its working, barely. It keeps losing USB connection with the camera which makes it nearly useless.
    It also does not support saving images to SD card on camera while transmitting JPG to device. That makes iOS and Android use impractical due to storage limitations. Great concept but needs some major development to make it useful for me shooting architecture and real estate which is main reason for purchase.

  6. Returning to amazon. Had hoped the latest 3.0 version would be an improvement. Updated the firmware too to be sure. It’s going back. Nope, it useless for me:

    Sony a7rii test
    1) can’t monitor camfi’ internal battery level and no way to use a second if need be
    2) brackets in one direction only. Current exp + and steps up from there. No — 0 ++ option
    3) painfully slow at taking each bracket as the CamFi is downloading to the iPad. Unable to turn that feature on/off. Deal breaker #1
    4) confirmed that it’s not saving to the memory card, so you are stuck downloading to your device. Deal breaker #2

    I see a camfi being handy for shooting tethered to a pc/Mac with Lightroom. But not for my workflow. I didn’t even bother with Canon after these tests.

  7. Seems to be a failed product. Wondering why CamRanger is not available for Sony. I hear it’s a Sony issue. Care to comment?

  8. Has anyone tried this on the A7Riii? How does it compare to the Sony PlayMemories application? I wonder if the image quality is similar?

    I have used the PlayMemories on an iPad Pro. It’s useful for checking out the composition. The resolution often looked soft. I cannot tell if the lens is properly focused . I shoot architecture with manual lenses.

    The CamRanger worked well for me on Canon. It did not have LiveView. The resolution was excellent. I would have a good idea if I was happy with the photo.

    All this leads to the question why can’t CamRanger and Case Air work? I know they have the right Sony contacts. I met some camera executives during a Sony special event at Adorama. They promised to work with the third party tools if those companies make an effort. I forwarded the info to CamRanger and Tether Tools in March 2018. Please bug or encourage them to work with Sony, so that I am not the only one. Thanks

    1. I can’t speak to CamFi, but make certain when using the PlayMemories App you’re set to shoot RAW + Jpeg. If you shoot RAW only it uses the embedded 2K preview. If you shoot both – you get the fullsize Jpeg.

      1. Thanks for the reply. My camera stays set on RAW + JPG. I will try some higher quality jpeg files. Going too high would wipe out battery life quickly. Shooting a building complex – inside and out – can take all day.

        A CaptureOne tether would be great. I have seen the quality. I don’t like the idea that all images must be saved to a laptop (the camera has dual memory slots). And, I am afraid I would accidentally drop the laptop. My iPad Pro has industrial strength rubber protection. Kind of like what they put on iPads for small children.

        I often need to step back and not be in the reflection of glass doors. The wire would be a problem. Sometimes, I also carry a speed light on a pole for darker areas. I can do both with an iPad.

        It was hard to give up the CamRanger. A wireless tether option with it’s own battery is the most ideal. I even had a backup that I found cheap on Ebay. I hope that CamRanger wants to help Sony shooters and expand their base.

        For now, I will order a CamFi and report back.

  9. I just bought the camfi for my Sony A6500. From reviews and other users, supposedly the A6500 is already the most suited camera for the camfi in the Sony line, but I am sorry to say this product is not good. If you are using the CamRanger or DSLR Controller, this is nothing close. It’s way too slow and for my A6500 I am unable to zoom and unable to do focus stacking. Back to my 5D4 for wireless tethering. Wasted $90

  10. I’m go8ng to attend an event and will use my A7S and A6000…
    If I buy the Camfi Pro to send images to the laptop, will I be able to switch from the A7s to the A6000 with the Camfi or should I have a unit on each camera?
    It is not cheap at the moment here in the UK…

    Advice please for those who tested the Camfi Pro, have a you done a test between two Sony’s within one unit…

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