Yongnuo EF-E II Lens Mount Adapter Available on Amazon for $99.99

Yongnuo EF-E II Lens Mount Adapter

Yongnuo has released an update to their new budget Canon EF to Sony E-mount Adapter. Yongnuo EF-E II Lens Mount Adapter is Available on Amazon for $99.99

Specs Include:

• Allows EF/EF-S series lens or lens to be compatible with E mount Camera.
• Equipped with USB interface to improve product performance, supports firmware upgrade and lens data analysis through USB.
• Features Two Focus Systems with focusing system selection switch, support AF focus system and Mixed-focus system, both focusing systems require camera support for normal use.
• Equipped with Fn function keys, it is possible to achieve more practical functions in the future. Please pay attention to the offical announcement from to get the latest information.
• Includes 1/4 inch screw hole at the bottom, can be installed on the tripod or other fixed bracket easily.

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10 thoughts on “Yongnuo EF-E II Lens Mount Adapter Available on Amazon for $99.99”

  1. I have this adapter, it’s not worth buying really. I tried it with a couple of my Tamron lenses but AF was really bad. Love my A7 III though.

  2. Yes, it would be nice to know which lenses have been tested. For example, does the Yongnuo 85mm 1.8 work with it? I have the Sigma MC-11 where is doesn’t work on the A6500 at all. And sorta works on the Fotodiox Pro Fusion, with some strange lockup of the A6500. On original A7R, forget about it, it doesn’t work with either.

    1. I just retested with MC-11 and A6500, seems I was wrong there. Yongnuo’s 85mm 1.8 appears to work OK sometimes. AF-C focus works right after camera startup, but after awhile it stops working. Same with AF-S. It would be nice to know if the Yongnuo adapter works well with all the Yongnuo lenses.

      1. One thing I’d suggest is to keep shooting with that combo. Lens adapters actually learn from doing. This is why often people think firmware updates result in worse performance simply because they have allowed it time to ‘break in’.

        So keep shooting with that combo at different distances and subjects.

        If it doesn’t improve, give this a shot.

  3. Would this FINALLY allow me to use autofocus with my Canon lenses on my a6000?????? Please someone say YES!

    1. There have long been better options for that posted here. This is just another budget-priced offering. Sony a6000 is limited for AF-S with adapted lenses since unlike a6300, a6400 & a6500, a6000 cannot enable Phase-Detection AF with adapted lenses.

  4. I ordered this adapter from Hong Kong. It will be here in 2-4 weeks. Does anyone know if it supports AF in video mode? In one of the spec sheets that I saw somewhere, it lists video, but I wonder if actually supports it.

    1. The question you want to ask the manufacturer is whether it supports video AF-C.

      Lots of adapters support video but only AF-S which essentially means locking focus once video begins which is pretty worthless.

      However the better adapters like Sigma MC-11 allow video AF-C with some – but not all lenses or cameras.

      1. You are right. What I’m looking for is Video AF-C. I guess I’ll find out when I receive the adapter. Thanks!

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