What Sony E-Mount Lens Do You Want Next?


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143 thoughts on “What Sony E-Mount Lens Do You Want Next?”

  1. More than anything else, I’d love an announcement of a 200-600mm f/4.5-5.6 GM. The 100-400 is beautiful, but I’d really like that extra reach.

  2. A GM update of the FE 55/1.8. Make it a 55/1.4 GM *with focus hold button* and if at all possible, see if the GM wizards could integrate that little *close focus ring* from the RX1Rll’s lens. This would be an excellent lens, and one unique to Sony.

    On a side note, the new 24/1.4 GM, it looks just perfect in performance and design!

  3. Sony made a point to challenge Nikon’s larger mount = faster lenses / better IQ statement. Maybe we’ll see a couple really exotic fast primes, an f2 zoom would be nice (though I doubt that one but it could work as well with the mount argument and also challenge Canon) and a 35 f2 seems to be on everyone’s wishlist. 12 is a big number so we could also see a few replacements of current lenses.

    1. Canon’s $3,000 28-70 F2 and Nikon’s $6,000 Manual Focus 50mm F0.95 created a GREAT opportunity for Sony to release fast glass without the initial sticker-shock.

      I don’t expect any “replacement” lenses. Just new.

  4. Brian, doesn’t it seem strange that we don’t have any idea what the lenses will be or when they will release them? I’m all in on Sony but it is a little strange, isn’t it?

    1. It’s like the original lens roadmap letting you Sony is committed to 12 new E-mount lenses that are coming soon. I imagine they will be announced one or two at a time.

  5. It’s a great time to be alive in photography for sure. The past few weeks have been New Release City of cool stuff from many manufacturers. Competition always makes for better products for us.

    For me, I’d like to see the return of the aperture ring on all Sony lenses – not just a few GM models. I use the 16-35 GM and there’s no ring on that model too.

    I’d like a 10mm F4 Full Frame Rectilinear with a 67-72mm filter ring. F4 would keep it more compact, the cost and filter size down. (Oh, yeah – and an aperture ring!)

  6. I would like an E-(APSC) version of the 55-300 DT but with non rotating front lense suitable for filter use. Keep the 62mm filter diameter. I know there is a70-300 but that is aFE lense so to big and heavy for A6xxx cameras.

  7. I should see 2 lenses_ a 16-35mm F2.0 lens with manual focus-ring + autofokus for astro/and northern Light, and a 70-300mm F2.8 lens fitting the 2 Sony E-converters. As light as possible! I agree with Cowart- Sony doesn’t tell us anything about what is happening. Here in Scandinavia/Norway we have no contact with Sony. It seems as they do not care about Sony users in Norway at all!

  8. I would like a 50mm f1.2 or preferably f0.95. 35mm f1.8 along with a couple of Tilt & shift lenses., oh & a 28mm f1.4. Using xa elements they should be much more compact & lighter than Canon, Nikon & Sigma lenses

  9. Although I shoot FE, I’d like to see some smaller, lighter APSC telephoto glass. I’d also like a fast UWA for Astro/nightscapes (24 Is good… but wider is better), and some super telephoto, 150-600 equivalent g quality, and 300, 500, 600 GM primes, which im sure is in the works after the A9 release.

  10. Pedro Lopez Alegret

    A zoom fish eye, angles of view from 180° to 100°, like the old Pentax zoom fish eye 17-28 mm in the analogical time.

        1. Good question. If I had only one then a 16mm F4, if one more then 50 or 85. F4 would be okay – trying to keep the price, weight and size down. Most likely used on a tripod anyway for buildings/real estate but hand holdable for the Toy Model Effect.

        2. A 17mm as sharp as the Canon 24 TS which is so sharp I have no need for
          for a Sony.
          I know this is for lenses but Sony has got to improve weather sealing, that is one of their weakest points. I’m sure you’ve let them know that Brian but remind them every time you talk with them.

      1. I use a Canon T/S-E 17mm / MC-11 on my Sony bodies and it works very well (no vignetting or other issues compared to my old 5DIII). It is a very large and heavy combination though, so a Sony FE native one in that focal length range would be welcome.

        1. laowa 12 mm canon mount & magic shift converter = 17mm shift for sony… !
          and with a simple adaptator you can use it as a 12mm as well !

  11. LA-EA4 mk2 with a99II focus module
    17/3.5 Tilt Shift
    21/1.8 GM (zero distortion)
    35/1.8 Pancake
    58/1.2 Noct GM
    135/1.8 ZA
    180/2 APO ZA
    200/2.8 APO G Macro
    250/5.6 mirror AF
    300/2.8 APO G

  12. 50mm F/1.2 GM (not sure if its possible with the E-mount)
    200mm f/2.8
    300mm f/4

    I would love it of they could keep the same quality on their lenses and find a way to make them 30% smaller. I have the 16-35GM and 70-200GM and they are the same size as the Nikon and Canons.
    Nikon has used the PF technology to make their 300mm f/4 quite a bit smaller.

    1. Yes, no matter what Canikon marketing departments may claim, 50 1.2 is absolutely possible with E-mount. Mitakon made a 50mm 0.95 FE lens waaaay before Canikon got serious about mirrorless.

  13. I’d personally love to see a 200mm f2 – The Nikon 200mmf2 is the only lens keeping me with Nikon gear but if Sony decides it’s going to make a 200 f2 I will be the first to buy it and will finally say goodbye to my dinosaur system

      1. I think Sony needs a 100-500 to compete with Canon. A slightly faster aperture on the long end (vs Canons f7.1) would be nice. In addition, serious enthusiasts would love to see a phresnel based super tele prime like Nikons 500 f5.6 and 800 f6.3 PF designs. These are lightweight , sharp options for wildlife photographers who aren’t willing to shell out over $13k US dollars for the 600F4.

  14. Sony FE LENSES WISH LIST 2018/2019: SEL816FISHEYE, SEL16F28TS, SEL20F18, SEL35F18, SEL50F28TS, SEL90F28TS, SEL135F18GM, SEL150400F4TC14, SEL200F20GM, SEL300F28GM, SEL500F40GM, SEL600F40GM

  15. As an old Olympus OM film camera user I only own the Sony kit 24-70 kit lens. I use my own Zuiko’s with an adapter. For the advanced amateurs a line of manual focus, small and light lenses with a lower price, but with electronic feedback to the camera of all exif data, would be nice. Or is Sony leaving that line for cheaper chinese lensmakers to come up with.

  16. Not a Pro just like to play! The Voigtlander 10mm f/5.6 great for getting a lot in as well as getting up very close to tall towers BUT to get a 10mm at even f/2.8 or 12mm f/2.8 or miracle f/1.8 for astro shots. Now the SEL1224G f/4 is very awesome. But a big difference between f/4 and f/2.8 as far as light at night and a dream f/1.8. But reading reviews of Sigma 14 f/1.8 that is best at f/2.8. Using the SEL1224G f/4 on the A7RM2 at a lower ISO you are able to bring out the shadows as if a f/1.8 or f/2.8. But also we are talking about SS in a longer shot you would think but the lower/wider the f/# = a faster shot with NPF rule. Also a macro of 200+mm with f/32+ for a broader DOF and work further from subject mainly for distance for Hummingbird shots. But a lot of wish lists can be fulfilled with old film lenses, that I still use.

  17. It’s been fun seeing Sony and others vie for “ultimate” image quality in every regard, but that has resulted in a slew of large, heavy, expensive optics. I’d like a refocus on smaller, lighter, cheaper lenses. I agree with others that a 35/2 or 35/1.8 is a gap. I have both the 35/2.8 and the 35/1.4. The 35/2.8 is wonderful, but another stop of light would be great. The 35/1.4 is optically one of the finest lenses I’ve ever used, but it’s size and weight make me not want to take it with me frequently.

    And I love aperture rings. Please aperture rings on all future lenses (at least primes) Sony!

  18. Back in the ancient film days I had a Tokina 50-150mm f3.5 for my Minolta XD11, it was my ‘standard’ lens. So, a AF lens with a similar focal range & aperture with IS would be my wish. Also, a macro lens in the 150mm-200mm f3.5 to f2.8 IS to have more working range.

  19. Apsc lenses:
    16-50 f2.8, 55-300 f4.5-5.6, cheap 24/2, light 135/2,
    apsc macro something between 70mm and 100mm fast and light

  20. Something that combined with the 16-35 F: 2.8, for example a 35-105 F: 2.8 or 40-105 F: 2.8 if the latter was significantly lighter than the first, I would also ask that it be macro 1: 1 to 105 mm . With that combo, 80% of Sony users would be served, maybe one would add a 1.4X TC or 2.0X TC in the bag.
    Primes: a 20 mm and a 40mm at F: 1.8 or F: 2.0 (not as expensive as the Batis), with those two plus the 85 F: 1.8 that already exists, those who like cousins ​​would have the battery perfect lenses. Lenses would be lighter and cheaper than the F: 1.4 of Sigma.
    I would also ask for a 200-500 F: 5,6 even if it was 20% more expensive than the Nikon, or a 250-600 F: 5.6 not more expensive than 2,500 €.

  21. I saw this announcement and was super surprised. To be honest, after reading through all of the comments here, not one lens really jumps out at me. I like the Sigma 150-600, that could be something feasible for Sony native glass. Perhaps a 60-600, like the new Sigma. Would def want those lenses to have OSS. I suppose while we’re at it, I would like a FE version of the 50mm F1.8 that’s already available for E mount in APSC, love that lens! It could be a 50mm F2 OSS, even that would be fine for me. Something light and comparable in size to the 28mm F2.

  22. Like other requests a really fast GM 35mm and new stf lens at 150mm with a T stop improvement over the 100mm GM.

    1. I like the idea of a really fast 35mm GM now that Sony has shown their GM lenses outperform…gulp…Zeiss…

      As for a T-stop improvement on a STF lens, there is actually a direct correlation between the T-stop light loss and the smoothness of the bokeh. Less light loss = less smooth bokeh.

      1. If the new 24mm f/1.4 GM and 85mm f/1.4 GM could be be joined by a 35mm and and 50mm, that would make a great GM prime family. They already have a great f/2.8 GM zoom family.

          1. I realise there are ZA lenses in 35mm and 50mm f/1.4, but I think the GM lenses perform consistently better than the Zeiss ones. I have both, in various focal lengths. Although I have long used and loved Carl Zeiss glass, Sony’s GM lenses are on a different level. The 24mm GM adds light weight to its list of achievements too. I would love to see more future lenses prioritise that.

  23. We don’t need another huge lens for a small body camera such as Sony A7 series. Just a perfect AF 35mm balanced between size and enough light (f 1.8-2)… If we were looking for big-size lenses we had stay on DSLR field or we have to move to bigger format digital bodies!

  24. I forgot to comment on another lens that I would like, there is the 70-300 / 4.5-5.6 in almost all brands, even Canon has an L type with extraordinary quality. Well a 70-300 / 4 would fill the high range for most users complemented with 1.4x and 2x converters.
    Taking into account that the A7 has a function aps-c to extend focal, and also to users of the A6xxx series.
    If it is not heavy and expensive, I think many would make a hole in his backpack.

      1. I second that. The current 70-300 is too slow for birding. A 300 f/4 prime would be good too. Sony could take the Minolta 300 f/4 and upgrade it to e-mount. Great lens and affordable.

  25. I hope this post is seen by Sony and take note of their new 12 lenses, although Sony lenses are good but expensive.
    I pray that this post will also be seen by Tamron, Sigma and the other manufacturers of lenses and accessories, since there is a large market for Sony FF and APS-C cameras, these manufacturers can not continue ignoring all that potential market, Canon and Nikon already You are not alone in this.
    I hope you will quickly adapt all of your current lenses for Sony mounts, and also take note of our comments to improve your offer.
    Sigma has started by modifying its Art series, but they are very big, heavy and expensive because they have unnecessarily low diaphragms for normal use.
    Sony has many gaps to cover, cousins ​​F.1.8 and 2.0 of 15, 20, 24, 35 ¿40 ?, macros of 50 and 150, long lenses such as 200/2, 300/4, 400 / 5.6, 500/4 and 800 / 5.6 and some zoom. As I said, a 70-300 / 4 and a 250-600 / 5.6 could be very desirable if its weight and price are not excessive, and a 35-105 / 2.8 to complement the existing 16-35 / 2.8.
    They should be creative to improve what is now.
    I hope that independent manufacturers are part of Sony’s work with better prices and with the same or higher quality than Sony. Greetings.
    (Written with the Google translator)

    1. First off, aside from top-quality Zeiss lenses, third-party lenses will always be cheaper than Sony, Canon or Nikon lenses largely because nobody would buy them if they weren’t.

      Third-party lenses are also not designed for a specific camera in large part because third-party manufacturers can keep the price down by modifying each lens for many mounts.

      Some third-party lenses like Zeiss Batis & Loxia and Samyang/Rokinon AF lenses are designed for mirrorless, but many including Sigma FE lenses are large DSLR lenses with just a deeper mount flange added for mirrorless cameras, so they lack the responsive AF speed of native FE lenses. (A Sigma executive recently confirmed that they plan to release their first mirrorless lenses in 2019, but until then, their fullframe mirrorless lenses are all modified DSLR lenses.)

      I’d expect that the 12 Sony E-mount lenses coming in the next year will be a mix of fullframe FE an APS-C lenses. Sony has done a great job building their FE line-up – not only in terms of which lenses they released – but in surpassing the quality of Canon and Nikon glass virtually every time.

      It’s exciting to look forward to the next dozen Sony E-mount lenses. Don’t forget that there will be more to come after that!

  26. 35mm f1.8
    Fast AF, small and compact with good weather sealing..
    It’s a std lens I’m sure many photographers would need..
    It’s about time Sony should deliver a basic lens (just like A7III.. basic yet powerful )

  27. I just saw SAR a survey to choose a maximum of three lenses that you would like Sony to manufacture for its mount E. It seems incredible to me that it is winning with a comfortable difference a zoom … 24-70 F: 2 !!!.
    I think many do not think, just fantasize. That zoom will have the size and weight of a 70-200 F 2.8 and cost $ 3,500-4,000.
    Are there really people who are willing to pay that and carry that tank for hours?

  28. In our photoclub I see a lot of people with the fullframe Sony FE mirrorless body using adapters and vintage lenses on it. I myself use my Zuiko lenses from my OM film SLR. on my A7. They are good, sharp, light and small. As a non sport and action photographer I think that Sony misses out on that sort of manual focus lenses with only exif info transmitted back to the camera. Sony make the photographic hobby affordable again with a set of these primes

      1. I just wish Sony would build them like the 85mm with AF/M switch and focus hold button. A Set of primes for us hobbyist starting at a 20mm-135mm would be excellent to go with our f4 zooms. Please

  29. Exactly Brian, those three quotes are a great example of the type of lens that most photographers need … “with these three lenses you can go around the world”, this phrase was said by the great master photographer John Hedgecoe in the 70s referring to 28, 50 and 105-135 mm., you have cited 85 mm. which is also very viable.
    Although everyone has their favorite focal points, in my case they are 24 / 1.8, 40 / 1.4 and 90 / 2.8 macro for portrait and macro. I think that in the end I will buy the Sony 24 / 1.4 and the Batis 40/2, the 90 / 2.8 macro I already have it.
    Now there are strong rumors that Sony will release a 35 / 1.8 and 135 / 1.8 at the beginning of 2019. I hope they are as good as the Sony 55 / 1.8.
    Written with Google translator.

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  30. Hi guys, I’m a bit late to the party but…

    I’d love a G-Master lens (aperture ring, focus hold button…) in the 2.8/180-2/200 focal range if I could dream. We could take some of the GM 24mm f1.4 DNA and mutate it. That would be awesome if possible. Something smaller/lighter than the GM 70-200 f2.8 so I might bring it with me more often.

    I miss my old Nikkor 180mm f2.8 ED AIS from my MF nikon kit. And would love a modern update with native e-mount auto focus & IBIS/OSS. Something usable wide open, with close focus and well controlled comma.

    I imagine it would be doable in the: f2.8 with a 72mm filter at 77mm filter & 1.5kg range…
    If the former came in at or just under $2kUSD I think it would be a winner. You would imagine it would be cheaper/lighter than the GM 70-200 f2.8? I’m no lens designer though so I may be dreaming (bending) the laws of phisics.

    1. There was a time when a Nikkor 180 F2.8 or Canon 200 F2.8 was a “must” in every photojounalist’s bag. Then along came 80-200 F2.8 and now 70-200 F2.8 zooms and sales of 180mm & 200mm primes fell flatter than a one-calorie pancake. Canon and Nikon still have them in the line-up but they’re old lens designs that haven’t been updated in years.

  31. **50/1.2 – please! (let’s keep in mind one of the main appeals of Mirrorless which is the small form factor!)
    45/2 pancake
    *40 f2.8 (or less) pancake with good AF – no more sigma 40/1.4 monster lenses!

  32. I would like to see an E Mount equivalent of the excellent Olympus 12-100, something like 16-135 f5.6 to keep the weight similar. That way with the A7R3 it’s a single body to either use full frame or switch to a lighter kit using APC mode that is as good as M43 gear.

      1. Thanks, yes I did take a look at those. The 24-240 is nearly 50% heavier which rules it out for me as a carry around. I guess the equivalent would be a Sony FE 24-200 GM with continuous f8, but I can’t see Sony making that 😉

  33. I’ve just test the 55mm… and went with the big and heavy sigma art, because in manual focus, the 55mm focus by wire is juste horrible… so, a new good and compact 55-50mm with a better focusing ring for me !

  34. I would like to get a lens for aps-c like the Olympus 40-150 f2.8 pro: small, light with a fast autofocus system.

      1. It could be. Fujifilm also has a 50-140 f2.8 for aps-c (76-213 equivalent) with fast autofocus. These lenses (Olympus and Fujifilm) could be used for indoor children, pet or sports photography too.

  35. A lot of issues are about auto focus, so why not a diverser line of pure manual focus lenses??
    With a bit more effort a lot more satisfaction and sharper pictures!

  36. Sony’s 135mm f/1.8 (A Mount) would be the perfect portrait lens addition in the FE lineup. Also, adding a consumer priced 150-600mm f/4.5 or 5.6 would be wonderful in a G series lens. I love the G-Master glass, but I’ll be living in a van down by the river soon!

  37. Circular fisheye
    Rectilinear fisheye
    14mm f/1.8 for astro and architecture
    16mm T/S
    135mm f/1.8
    200mm f/2
    300mm f/2.8

  38. Definitely a 14mm f/1.8 GM for ultimate astrophotography
    or zeiss distagon 15mm f2.8 for e-mount
    or 12-24 mm f2.8GM
    currently there is lack of fast ultra-wide lens in the lens group .

  39. I hope it’s something between 28/2 and 85 / 1.8 with a price between 400-500 $ / €, that would be a popular lens among Sony users.

    Some think it will be something like 50 / 1.8, $ 250, I do not think this was as popular as the previous.

    There are many buyers pending the new 35 mm, but if the final price is like the 55 / 1.8, many will choose to buy a Sigma or Samyang 35 / 1.4 that are cheaper, with great quality, but also larger and heavier.


  40. WOW! Just getting to the end of comments was a task, and clearly what I am most wanting in Sony lenses has been related several times, but just in case Sony monitors your site for ‘feedback,’ I’d also vote for a relatively fast 200-600mm. i know that more light invariably means larger glass, but still to have that at a constant 5.6 would be good, something even brighter would be better. But balancing costs, weight, quality is always a challenge. But I would argue that there already are other relatively inexpensive lenses in the 150-600mm range, so hopefully Sony will see that they need to do better, even if costs climb. If a GM lens, that would be great!

  41. In the first intervention of this post I was asking for a Sony 35-105 / 2.8 with macro at 105 to complement the 16-35 / 2.8.
    It seems that Tamron heard my prayers, and almost did what I asked. It has announced a 35-150 / 2.8-4, and with its end at F / 4, I do not think it’s very expensive.
    I keep dreaming of the first, to see if Sigma or Samyang do it.
    Tamron has also announced a 17-28 / 2.8 and a 35 / 1.4. And Tokina a 16-28 / 2.8, this opens more possibilities.
    Or Sony starts running, or they eat a good piece of his cake. Greetings.

  42. I wish Sony would make 24-55 f2 (and make it a bit smaller than the Canon 28-70 f2). Paired up with an 85mm 1.8 it would make the perfect wedding/ portrait set for me.

  43. 100-110 2.8 IF w IS Macro, great portrait lens and useful for macro or closeup of faces.

    Don’t particularly care for macros like the 90 which telescope out during focus, something like the 100 IS Canon 2.8, that was a great lens for a great price. Lighter than the 70-200 2.8 can be used for all day headshots without wearing out the hand during shooting.

  44. I really want a 70-300 2.8. Closest existing lens is the 70-200 2.8 but I’ve heard 200mm doesn’t get very far in football, soccer, or baseball fields. And the existing 70-300 doesn’t have a wide enough aperture to deal with indoor gym lighting or games at dusk.

  45. At last sony has registered the 35 / 1.8, I hope that they have listened to the wishes of their customers, and be like their 85 / 1.8 in quality, weight and price. Rokinon with its new 45 / 1.8 of $ / € 400 can give the bell if it has the quality of the Sony 55 / 1.8, although by focal, price and weight, is closer to the Sony 50 / 1.8, but will have to do much better than This to justify its higher price, we’ll see how good it is. I would like to see an unbiased review of 45/1.8 vs 50/1.8, vs. 55/1.8, and in the future, also with the next 35/1.8.
    The new 200-600 / 5.6-6.3 I do not think it’s what the Sony users wanted, maybe a 200-500 / 5.6 would have been perfect, anyway, it would be nice to see a review with the sigma and tamron 150- 600, and the Nikon 200-500 / 5.6.
    Sony still has to update its 300 / 2.8 and 500/4 for the next Olympics, and create in a few time at least a dozen new lenses to complete its catalog, if you want to compete with Canikon.
    The day that Tamron, Sigma, Rokinon … etc, get their lenses to work in Sony cameras just like native lenses, Sony will be in trouble, and all because of the high price of many of their lenses. Greetings

    1. The FE 200-600 was one of the lenses I recommended when I sat down with Sony lens engineers and product planners two year ago.

      I suggested two options:

      FE 200-500 f/5.6
      FE 200-600 f/5.6-6.3

      Either way I suggested it be a G (not GM) lens in ordxer to be competitive in terms of price. Some people might like the former because of the constant max aperture – but 1/3 stop is nothing with today’s sensors and 500mm is not much of a jump from the existing FE 100-400 GM.

      In terms of AF compared to Tamron & Sigma 150-600s, the FE 200-600 G smokes them. As for the Nikon 200-500 that’s not even an option since Nikon glass doesn’t adapt worth a damn.

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