Washington Post Weighs in on Noisy Camera Debate

Washington Post Noisy Camera Debate

New York Times photographer Doug Mills was the big winner at NBC’s Democratic Debate.

The Washington Post reports that NBC cameras picked up on the clickety-clackety sound of DSLR camera mirrors flapping at the debate. In order to drown out the din, a NBC producer laid down this directive to the photojournalists covering the debate, “No shooting unless it coincided with audience applause.”

This didn’t affect Mr. Mills who was shooting his Sony a9 mirrorless camera using its silent electronic shutter.

“When I got there, the woman who was from NBC said, ‘Hey, you can’t shoot.’ I explained to her my camera was mirrorless and she was like, ‘Why doesn’t everybody have one of these?’ So then I just kept shooting. I had a great advantage,” says Mills.


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via: Washington Post

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4 thoughts on “Washington Post Weighs in on Noisy Camera Debate”

  1. David Greenberg

    Love it! How long before a DSLR shooter claims a violation of the 1st Amendment? (Or will it be the 2nd? 🙂 )

  2. Kevin Burroughs

    Yes! Love my A9 and its noiseless shutter. Confuses the other bird photographers as they think I missed the shot.

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