The Other Side of Fame

Does this look fun? Fame is a funny thing. A lot of notions about fame and celebrity are based on which side of the velvet rope you find yourself. There’s a great scene in Barry Levinson’s “PoliWood” where two actors shoot down any notion that Hollywood celebrities are motivated by the desire for photo ops. […]

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Matthew Modine Walks in Your Shoes

I ran into Matthew Modine at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Barry Levinson’s documentary PoliWood. After the screening, Matthew took the stage with several of his follow actors and director Barry Levinson to speak about the film. I loved Matthews’ response to a question about why Hollywood was…so…liberal. I loved Matthew’s response. As he

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A Lesson from Levinson

I attended the New York premiere of Barry Levinson’s film PoliWood at the Tribeca Film Festival with my friends from The Creative Coalition. The film both examines lobbying efforts by Hollywood celebrities as well as how the television media has changed since it’s origins as “profit” has overtaken “public service”. While I was working on

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