The Other Side of Fame

Tim Daly turns the tables on Paparazzi

Does this look fun?

Fame is a funny thing. A lot of notions about fame and celebrity are based on which side of the velvet rope you find yourself.

There’s a great scene in Barry Levinson’s “PoliWood” where two actors shoot down any notion that Hollywood celebrities are motivated by the desire for photo ops.

Sure, it’s a necessary part of the business. Red carpet photo ops are one of the ways motion picture studios promote their latest releases. Just those 4-color flyers for your local hardware store.

But fun? I don’t think so…

Imagine running a gauntlet of this on your way into the movies.

Actually, to quite honest, the photographer who blasted me with his flash was extremely nice and quite personable. We ended up having a drink together. We were at a party, after all. If he seems more dapper than you’d imagine for a paparazzi, there’s a good reason for that. It’s actually actor Tim Daly giving me my 1/15 second of fame…


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