Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter Review

Published: September 1, 2020

Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter

Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter ($248 from B&H Photo | Amazon) allows Focal Plane Phase Detection AF, AF/AE Tracking up to 11 FPS with SSM & SAM A-mount lenses along with built-in screw-drive functionality for Sony A-mount lenses that when coupled with Sony a7R IV and a6600 cameras, allows still photography autofocus without the need for the SLT mirror. Teleconverters and Movie Recording are not Supported.

Screw Drive Focus Motor

Sony LA-EA5 lens adapter focus mechanism
Cutaway drawing shows the Sony LA-EA5 lens adapter’s screw drive focus mechanism that is powered by the camera body.

Sony LA-EA5 Lens Adapter Camera Compatibility

Sony α7R IV (FW 1.20), α6600 (FW 1.10)

SSM/SAM LENSES: Focal Plane Phase Detection AF, AF/AE Tracking up to 11 FPS
SCREW DRIVE LENSES: Focal Plane Phase Detection AF, AF/AE Tracking up to 11 FPS

• Download Sony a7R IV FW Update 1.20
• Download Sony a6600 FW Update 1.10

Sony α9, α9II

SSM/SAM LENSES: Focal Plane Phase Detection AF, AF/AE Tracking up to 10 FPS

Sony α7 III, α7R III, α7S III, α6100, α6400

SSM/SAM LENSES: Focal Plane Phase Detection AF, AF/AE Tracking up to 2.5 FPS

Sony LA-EA5 Lens Compatibility Guide
for Focal Plane Phase Detection AF

Sony SSM/SAM lenses & 2nd Generation Screw Drive (8-pin) lenses

Minolta lenses will perform similar to Sony counter-parts of the same design. For instance, the Minolta AF 70-200 F2.8 APO G D SSM & Minolta AF 300 F2.8 APO G D SSM are should perform similar to Sony SSM lenses. Minolta 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.4, 50mm F2.8 Macro and 100mm F2.8 Macro should also perform similar to their Sony counter-parts.

1st Generation Sony Screw Drive lenses (5-pin)

Minolta 1st Generation Sony screw drive lenses should also perform similar to the Sony lenses on this list.

Sony Manual Focus lenses


Camera Mount: Sony E
Lens Mount: Sony/Minolta A
Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.2″ / 66.0 x 31.7 mm
Weight: 3.10 oz / 88 g

In the Box

Sony LA-EA5 A-Mount to E-Mount Adapter
Sony ALC-R1EM Rear Lens Cap
Sony ALC-B55 A-mount Camera Body Cap
Limited 1-Year Warranty

Field Tests

A-mount lens adapters have been a challenge to say the least. While Sony LA-EA1 & LA-EA-3 enabled focal plane PDAF for stills with SSM & SAM A-mount lenses they could not drive older A-mount lenses that incorporated screw-drive autofocus technology inherited from Minolta.

SSM & SAM Lenses

LA-EA5 offers Eye AF and Focal plane phase-detection AF with AF/AE tracking at:
up to 11 fps* on a7R IV & a6600
up to 10 fps* on a9 & a9 II
up to 2.5 fps* on a7 III, a7R III, a7S III, a6100 & a6400

*Continuous shooting speed may change depending on the attached lens

Sony a6600+ Sony LA-EA5 + Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G II

Sony a6600+ Sony LA-EA5 + Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G II

Sony a6600+ Sony LA-EA5 + Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G II

Sony a6600+ Sony LA-EA5 + Sony 70-400mm f/4-5.6 G II

2nd Generation Sony Screw Drive lenses (8-pin)

This adapter is great news if you own 2nd Generation A-mount screw drive lenses like Sony 85mm F1.4 ZA or 135mm F 1.8 ZA. While AF is not nearly as responsive as their native FE G Master counter-parts – at least it works well enough to breathe new life into these lenses or to allow you to transition to E-mount cameras.

Sony LA-EA5 SAL 85mm F1.4 ZA
Sony LA-EA5 with Sony a7R IV + SAL 85mm F1.4 ZA

When coupled with Sony a7R IV and a6600 cameras running the latest firmware, Sony LA-EA5 unlocks the potential of my favorite Sony A-mount lenses including Sony’s Zeiss 85mm F1.4, 135mm F 1.8 ZA lenses allowing still photography autofocus without the need for the SLT mirror.

Sony a7R IV + Sony LA-EA5 + SAL 85mm F1.4 ZA

Sony a7R IV + Sony LA-EA5 + SAL 135mm F 1.8 ZA

1st Generation Sony Screw Drive lenses (5-pin)

I’ve honestly got to do more testing on this one, before offering a final opinion in terms of compatibility, but I’d temper your excitement if you have this older Sony or Minolta screw drive lens designs.

Sony a7R IV + Sony LA-EA5 + SAL 20mm F2.8


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129 thoughts on “Sony LA-EA5 A-mount Lens Adapter Review”

  1. Any idea whether this adapter will support legacy Minolta AF lenses on the A7Riv, or is it limited to the lens IDs of the Sony-branded lenses?

    1. They should perform the same as similar Sony designs. Minolta SSM lenses like the Minolta AF 70-200 F2.8 APO G D SSM & Minolta AF 300 F2.8 APO G D SSM should perform quite well. Screw drive lens performance depends on whether the lenses are 1st or 2nd generation.

      1. what about a LAEA4 – LAEA5 compare of focus performance when used with the Minolta 300 f2.8 and 400 f4.5 high speed? I believe there are a lot of lenses like these around waiting to see some action.

        1. Minolta High Speed lenses are 2nd generation screw drive lenses with a shorter focus throw, so they should perform similar to the SAL 85 ZA & 135 ZA lenses that I tested which I’d rate as ok, but a bit slow for sports. On the other hand, the Minolta 300mm 2.8 SSM should perform as well as the Sony SAL 300mm 2.8 G – but not as fast as the G II

  2. Hi,
    I wonder (I am assuming really) if Sony will release a firmware for the A7ii etc to use screw drive lenses with this?

  3. LA-EA5 A-MOUNT what are the compatibilities and restrictions using the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony (A-Mount) when paired with the a73/a7r3 series

        1. Eye AF is functional with SSM lenses on a7R IV & a6600 with the latest firmware updates. Just be aware that as with all adapted lenses, Eye AF is not as responsive with rotational stepping motors as it is with FE lenses that use Linear AF motors.

      1. I would like to know if the 4 or the 5 version of this adapter works with the sigma 300mm 2.8 or the 150-500 mm 5.6-7.1. as the 3 version does not support autofocus

        1. Sony LA-EA4 uses its own AF system so that should definitely work with both of those lenses. Sony LA-EA5 adds AF functionality for Sony & Minolta screw drive A-mount lenses with the cameras listed in this post. Sony doesn’t test or support third party lenses so I cannot say whether they will work with the cameras listed.

      2. I just updated the firmware on my a7RIV and was expecting the LA EA5 and the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG to be compatible. It does not seem to be. I have tried different functions, and I have had no success in autofocus. It just hunts and hunts, back and forth and back and forth, but no focus made. Am I forgetting something? Is this lens non compatible?Thank you.

        1. Hi Karen and team,

          I just got the same issue ( hunts and hunts, back and forth and back and forth, but no focus achieved )
          with sony A7IV + LA-EA5 + Sigma 50mm f/1.4 HSM ART A-Mount

          Was the issue finally solved ? Maybe lens FW upgrade ?

          I saw some video of “LA-EA5 + Sigma 50mm f/1.4 HSM ART A-Mount” working fine on A7IVR

          Kind Regards

  4. thankyou…i guess ill just have to buy one to see how the eye af works with adapter and lenses (Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony A and the Sony Vario-Sonnar T* 24-70mm f/2.8 ZA SSM) using the a7r3/a73

  5. I have the 85mm ZA and several quality Minolta lenses, which I use on a A7. I was looking to upgrade the body but realized the limitations of the LA-EA4 adapter. The rep at Sony recommended buying FE lenses, but you are really buying a whole new system then, so it opens you up to other options (Nikon z and Canon R). So I am very glad to see this adapter announced. Sony has been the only player in this space – it is good to see some competition to keep Sony on its toes.

  6. Christoph Oberschneider

    Is there any difference in AF performance with the LA-EA5 & SSM lenses compared to the LA-EA3?

  7. Nice but there is no mention about any Minolta lenses. Preaty useless unless you own 85 & 135 ZA lenses and A7R IV.

    1. Minolta lenses will perform similar to Sony counter-parts of the same design. For instance the Minolta AF 70-200 F2.8 APO G D SSM & Minolta AF 300 F2.8 APO G D SSM are SSM lenses. I believe the Minolta version of the lenses listed in Generation 2 will function the same though that excludes the Sony Zeiss designs which were not based on Minolta lenses. The vast majority of Minolta lenses are Generation 1.

  8. Looks like Sony updated their website and now Minolta 1-st gen. lenses are included as working with la-ea5 (at least with a7r IV).

    1. The Sony FE lens line-up is MUCH more complete than Canon or Nikon mirrorless. Canon is doing a better job with their RT line than Nikon Z, but they both have a lot of catch-up to do and Sony has not taken their foot off the gas.

  9. Interesting but…
    5 years late, limited support for screw driven lenses ( monster adapter proved it is possible to have older bodies like the A7II and III work with such lenses and use the sensor PDAF). No support for matched TC (older 200, 300 APO lenses). 500mm Reflex can still only use the center focus point.

    Many artificial limitations. I have been waiting for years for this product but Sony disappoints again 🙁

  10. Is there any difference at all in functionality between LA-EA5 and LA-AE3, when used on a7Riii with SSM lenses

      1. I think that la-ea5 sales will be poor, since the screw drive motor is disabled all of the affordable bodies. I sold my la-ea3 and sal70400G when I bought my sel100400GM. The la-ea4 will do for my old Minolta AF lenses fo now. I always enjoy your site. It is where I get the complete story on new equipment.

        1. I think it’s possible that support might eventually be extended to additional cameras through firmware updates, but I’ve heard no official word to that effect.

    1. Autofocus is not available during movie recording, but assuming the shutter release is not assigned to movie recording, you may be able to pre-focus with a half press of the shutter release.

      1. That is what I mean, hope somebody can confirm this. I record some talking head stuff, where I am the head. Being able to focus with the app, and without changing modes before recording would be nice.

    2. Indeed. I sold almost all of my (excellent) motorless A-mount lenses when I moved to E-mount mainly because of the limitations of LA-EA4. I kept only the Minolta 100mm soft focus and the 500mm f/8 reflex since there is no equivalent in the E-mount world. I think I will buy the LA-EA5 for them. And maybe I’ll buy again a Minolta 200mm HS!!! 🙂

  11. Have you compared the AF performance to the la-ea3?
    Would be good to know if it’s better. Currently using the 70-400G2 with LA-EA3 on A9II, and the AF is fairly good, a bit slow but mostly sharp.

    1. I’ll be testing next week, but the specs are the same.

      Sony A-mount lenses use rotational stepping motors so the max speed for AF tracking on a9 II is 10 FPS.

      This is notably slower than Sony FE lenses which use more responsive linear autofocus motors that can adjust focus up to 60 times per second on a9/a9 II.

    2. Hi Bryan,
      The ‘other’ adapter (Monster) allows using any focus points with the 500mm Reflex. No reason why the Sony adapter would not support this, even if functionality was a bit degraded on cloudy days.

      As for support of older (screw-driven) Minolta matched tele-converters: no reason why they would not work as intended when used with old-style Minolta HS 200 f2.8 APO Or 300 f2.8 APO.

      About body support: why only the most recent bodies support AF with screw-driven lenses? The “other” adapter supports AF with screw-driven lenses with the A7II and A7III, the only requirement here is to have on-sensor PDAF. Performance might not be optimal with those bodies but it maybe made to work, nonetheless.

      All of these are either artificial limitations or real technical ones but in light of what the other adapter can do, I would think Sony actually limited its adapter hardware to avoid offering some functionalty.

      We’ll see in the future if Sony chooses the high road and extends the capabilities of this adapter. Hopefully, they will.

      Best regards,

      1. I assume “Monster adapter” refers to the hacked LA-EA4 I’ve seen posted on the web. It’s an interesting concept, but since it’s a hack use at your own risk…

  12. Hello and thanks for giving us interesting informations.
    I’m currious if the continuous AF with a6600 better than a77II?
    I’m using SAL70200F2.8G.

    1. In my opinion, no it is not.
      SAL 70-200 F2.8 G uses rotational stepping motors, so focus speed is limited by focus design no matter what camera body you put it on.

  13. Thank you for your comment.
    i agree that this lens will be the main bottle-neck.
    I ever try to shoot something moving in a shop with this lens in combination with a7iii and la-ea3 and found that the continuous AF performance is something degraded in comparison to a77II. This is the main reason that make me hesitate to move to e-mount.
    With a77II it is possible to AF to moving subject around 50km/h and if it is possible to maintain this performance I will consider to move to e-mount.

  14. Could you please tell a little bit more about the performance of the adapter with “1st Generation Sony Screw Drive lenses (5-pin)”? Your post indicates that it works, a very big surprise, but then you make a point about the performance which is cryptic. Can you please elaborate?

    Does it AF at all? Is it very slow?

    1. Most of the A-mount lenses I own are Sony (generation 2) A-Mount lenses. The only generation 1 A-mount lens I could find was the SAL 20mm F2.8 and I don’t want to make any wide ranging statements having only tested one lens.

  15. What are your thoughts on 300ssm and 500mm f4 af speed, would it be enough for soccer and sports? I also have the 135 ZA and find my la ea4 a bit slow, but thinking about investing on the long glass!

      1. Antonio Raffaele

        Ciao Brian complimenti sempre per i tuoi test che danno valide informazioni ma non mi è chiara ancora una cosa l’anello LA_EA5 come funziona su RIII e il 135 1.8 za e 85 1.4 za

  16. Is there any technical reason this adapter will not work in video mode or is this just a software restriction?

    1. It’s an issue with the lenses – not the adapter. Video AF is simply not possible. Same is true of adapted Nikon lenses.

  17. I am not sure I buy that as an accurate explanation. if the phase detect of the laea4 works, why not the pd of a camera’s sensor? I suspect that the performance is not so great, so they won’t allow it.

    1. LA-EA4 has a dedicated AF module (albeit a rather dated one) that works continuously even while the camera is exposing 24 FPS (or more). Trying to do this off the imaging sensor is much more challenging. The max FPS for autofocus with LA-EA5 is 11 FPS (and that’s only with SSM & SAM lenses) so the math will tell you it’s not possible to provide autofocus when shooting 24, 30, 60 or 120 FPS…

  18. That makes sense. What I would LOVE to see is AF-S while in movie mode. I shoot some talking head videos every year, where I am the talking head. I don’t need AF-C, but if I could use the app to focus and then start recording, it would work. If you could AF-S using touch during record, that would be icing on the cake.

  19. While waiting for my pre-ordered copy of LA-EA5, I decided to order the Monster Adapter (the hacked LA-EA4) to give it a try. I received it today and it works nicely with old Minolta lenses such as the 500 f/8 or 200 2.8 when paired with the A9 — a camera currently not supported by LA-EA5. In my opinion, this tells a lot about Sony limiting their products on purpose. I really hope Sony will release future firmware updates to support LA-EA5 and screw driven lenses on older E-mount cameras.

    1. What do you mean by hacked ? I have the la-ea4 and use it with my 16f2.8 exclusively on a7iii. I was thinking if selling the ea4 nad buying the ea5 but then I read it not being compatible with a7iii for af.
      In two minds now, should I go for the switch and wait for the firmware update or sit low as is.
      Please suggest.

      1. The “Monster Adapter” that a previous poster mentioned in a third-party hack of the LA-EA4 adapter. My comment referred to that – not an unmodified LA-EA4.

      2. I opened my LA-EA4, removed the mirror pellicle and replaced the motherboard with a new one produced by Monster. After such a “hack”, the camera no longer uses the phase detection sensor of LA-EA4. Instead, it relies on the on-sensor PDAF like any other native E-mount glass. With A-mount screw-drive lenses. With my A9 — which is not supported by LA-EA5 when paired with screw-drive lenses.

        1. For instance, I have focus tracking and eye-AF with an old Minolta 500mm f/8 reflex, across the whole frame. Attached to my Sony A9.

        2. Thanks, I saw the video on you tube. How the focus speed ?
          Also could you please share the link where you ordered the circuit board.

          1. There is no website, I bought mine on eBay. I contacted the authors and they sent me a link to an eBay auction. Search for “MonsterAdapter” on Facebook and you will find the official group. This is the only page I am aware of.

            As for focus speed, right now it is not that fast. The authors told me that they preferred focus accuracy in earlier releases of the firmware. I will never use it for birds in flight, but it is decent for slow moving subjects. As an example, I tried eye-af for a portrait with Minolta 200mm f/2.8 and Minolta 85mm f/1.4 and they work fine.

            Last note: you can always revert back to the regular LA-EA4. Just store the pellicle mirror in a safe place. I don’t think I will ever do it, but in case you are not satisfied with the performance you have that option.

  20. Hi Brian. Just wondering in photos AF-C, which combo’s AF better is? a6600 + EA5 or a77ii? I got couples A-mount Sony SSM lense left and just wonder if there is any improvement on a6600 compare to a77ii.

  21. Okay, I’m still confused. Am I able to get Eye AF on motorless (screw drive) lenses? I have old Minolta and Tokina lenses with no internal motors. All I want is eye AF to work.

      1. Actually, Eye AF works with older Minolta lenses.

        Using an A7IV, LA-EA5 and the old first generation Minolta primes: 24mm f2.8, 28mm f2.8, 50mm f1.7, 85mm f1.4 and 135mm f2.8. All of them work with Eye AF. The 200mm f2.8 HS APO (Modified first white version, with the HS mod) works too. Even the 500mm f8 Reflex does Eye-AF: as soon as the face is detected, that lens behaves like other ones.
        This is just great.

        Now, if Sony could had support for the white A-mount teleconverters, everything would be just awesome 🙂

    1. Hello Martin. With the exception of camera launches where Sony tries to distribute cameras to all their retailers in each country by a certain date, most release dates for are estimates. I just checked the B&H Photo website and I don’t see an estimated ship date – only “New Item – Coming Soon”. I’ve set an alert to notify me when they’re in stock.

      1. Thanks Brian. B&H took down the October ship date after it came and went without shipping.
        Appreciate your follow up.

      2. Mine arrived yesterday, Monday the 24th.
        I tried it out on my model “Wanda” using the a7r IV and Sony 135mm f1.8. Apparently I can’t upload the pic here, but my results were very good. It’s a headshot and being that close at 1.8 her iris is amazing sharp but her lashes at not because of the DOF. This is a good combo for portraiture. It saved me a ton of money over buying the Sony native 135mm.

  22. It’s really strange, in an impressive sort of way, to see the A7r4 focusing ancient 1980’s screw-drive AF lenses using object and eye tracking, quickly and accurately. I didn’t really expect it to work as well as it does on these old lenses, and certainly not as fast. For what it’s worth, just for kicks I had excellent results with the old screw-drive Minolta 28-135, the 50 f/1.4, and the 35-70 f4, the kit lens from the Maxxum 7000 in 1985.

  23. I am also getting good results with my legacy Minolta Maxxum 85mm 1.4 lens. In fact better results than I got with my A-mount Sony bodies! Since someone stole my Sony 85mm 1.8, I plan to use the Minolta lens on the job for portraiture. It is true classic glass.

  24. I have the Minolta 200mm f2. 8 g apo hs lens and a Sony a9 camera. Will the AF work with this combination with the a9 and this lens?

  25. Will Sony update the software to enable use of this adapter on the Sony A7RM2 and A7R? I want to use some Minolta Maxxum lenses. I will buy this Sony LA-EA5 A-mount adapter when this happens.

    1. I doubt either of those cameras have the processing power to drive AF with screw drive lenses. LA-EA4 is still your best bet for that with cameras not listed in this post (or those cameras released later)

  26. Brian, I understand based on your list the Zeiss 24mm is not compatible? I was thinking that would be a good lens on the 6600.

  27. Wondering if you’ve had any chance to try this out with the old Minolta lenses with 5 screws since this post. I have a bunch of old Minolta glass (80-200mm f/2.8 APO G and the 135mm f/2.8 are my favorite lenses) and I’m wondering how well it does with that. I’m primarily an action photographer (dogs), so the AF for action is important!

    1. I don’t own any Minolta A-mount lenses – only Sony A-mount. But screw drive rotational AF is pretty slow tech for action when compared to native lenses with XD linear AF.

    2. I tried some old Minolta lenses (for example, 28/2, 35/2, 50/1.4). You do get AF, but it is not good enough for action photography. It might be that the 80-200 is better because it is HS kens, but I doubt it will be good enough. With my kids, it is good enough when they are relatively still, but when they are active the AF is not catching up with them…

  28. Brian,

    If someone was to pick up an A6600 and had a choice of the Sigma 30mm 1.4 native or the use of the LAEA-5 with the FF Zeiss T* 24mm F/2 ZA SSM would you expect the adapter to really slow down the AF shooting? I’ve read that Sigma is better at F2, so most likely that would be the range of use, but the mind wanders that even with the Zeiss glass the adapter is going to slow it down. I’ll also have potential access to the 50mm of the same Sony Zeiss as well.

    The Sigma got those great DXO marks though, which has me wondering.

    Just curious what opinion you’d have.

    1. If you already own a Sony 24mm f/2 ZA, it’s worth adapting. AF speed is likely the same as a Sigma E-mount lens since (unlike Sony which uses XD linear Af in their FE lenses) Sigma is still clinging to rotational stepping motors just like those used in the 24mm f/2 ZA.

      The “look” is absolutely better with Zeiss glass than Sigma.

  29. hi i have a sony a7ii and would like to use my sigma 500mm f4.5 and sigma 300 f2.8
    which adapter would you suggest. mainly use for wildlife, currently using with a a77ii
    i also have sony 70-200 f2.8 and 80-400

      1. thank you for the quick response
        i think my sigma lenses are a bit older, they have 5 pin and look to be screw focus
        would the le ea4 be my only option
        cheers steve

  30. I’m looking at purchasing a Sigma 17-35mm f/2.8-4 EX ASPHERICAL lens to use on my A7riv with the LA EA5 – are they compatible? Thank you

    1. DON’T.
      There are much better native E-mount lenses offering considerably better optical performance and far better AF.

  31. Hans-Erik Jensen

    Has anyone ever tested a7Riv with the LA-EA5 adapter and Minolta 600 mm f4 APO HS ?

  32. Does the Alpha 1 have the same compatibilities as the A7RIV when it comes to using screw drive lenses with the LAEA5? I still can’t believe that the screw drive lenses with the LAEA5 is only manual on my A9 . I wonder if that’s something that could be patched with a firmware update in the future.

    1. That’s a great question. I returned the adapter I received for my review, but since Alpha 1 has the latest processors it likely performs the same as on a7R IV. As for a9, I suspect if it was possible to add compatibility it would have been done already.

  33. I use the a7RIV and a9 as backup. While I do have the LA-EA3 & 4, I find I always need to check the compatibility charts to see which of my older “a” mount lenses work better with which camera and which adaptor. If I was to get the LA-EA5, (which appears to have a much smaller and streamlined profile) would it work well/better with all my autofocus a mount glass – at least on the IV? I think I’d be more inclined to use my older lenses and the adaptor if I didn’t always have to check the specs before I changed lenses. I’d love to ditch the 3 & 4 and just have one dedicated adaptor until I migrate to all e mount glass.

    1. LA-EA5 adds AF for stills for certain but not all A-Mount lenses with supported cameras. It most certainly replaces LA-EA-5 and if you don’t shoot video and your lenses and cameras are all supported, it might also allow you to ditch you LA-EA4.

  34. Is this adapter compatible with a a7rii and an a-mount Tamron SP 150-600mm? Specifically does this adapter support Tamron’s USD AF? If not what adapter would you recommend?

  35. HI BRIAN.


  36. Hi brian.
    Thank you for the update 0n the minolta 700si dynax
    Maxxum xi 35mm-200mm tele fìt alpha 7111 dslr
    Camera.with la‐ea adapter.

  37. I own an a-mount Tamron SP 150-600mm and the LA-EA3, will the LA-EA5 give me anything worth buying it to replace the LA-EA3?

  38. Hi Brian,
    I have a A7iv with a LA-EA5 adaptor, I am really struggling with the auto focusing using a Sigma 50mm 1.4 DG HSM & Sigma 105mm 2.8 EX DG.
    Both lens work perfectly on the a99ii.
    All other Sony lens work perfectly with my camera new set up – SAL2470Z, SAL70200G2 & SAL70300G.
    I know you have previously mentioned that “Sony doesn’t test their adapters with third-party lenses. In some cases they perform the same as native lenses, but they are not tested”.
    Is there a Sigma ( or other ) adaptor that will work ( eye autofocus ) with these lenses?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Both of those lenses use an older version of Sigma AF that’s not nearly as responsive as their more recent ART lenses. Sigma doesn’t make A-mount lenses adapters. Your most reliable AF for those particular lenses will be with Sony LA-EA4.

  39. Hi Brian,

    I am a fairly new wildlife photographer, I have the Sony A7r4 paired with the Sony 200-600mm lens. I would very much like to get a prime lens and I see there is the Sony 500mm f4 ssm. It’s an old lens now with an A mount. Sony A7r4 mirrorless camera is of course E mount; would the A mount 500mm work fine with the A7r4 if I got an adapter? Just curious as to the pros and cons of having that lens on a mirrorless body, if of course it’s even viable?

    Thank you.

  40. You don’t cover whether the LA-EA5 allows AF in video mode on Sony E-Mount cameras. This seems to be a hit and miss situation and for someone with legacy A-Mount lenses who is buying a new Sony E-mount camera, this is critical information. E.g. apparently AF in video mode on the a6400 works really well, it’s hit and miss on the A7Riii, and the A7RIV seems to not work at all (ask me – I just bought one two weeks ago, along with an LA-EA5, and it was a very expensive mistake…). Who knows what the A7RV does as far as AF in video mode… or the A9ii… or the A1.

    1. Doesn’t matter which body. LA-EA4 was the only Sony adapter that provides reliable video AF with A-mount lenses. This is not isolated to Sony A-mount, the same is true of adapted Nikon F lenses. Neither function well for adapted video AF.

      1. The thing that I have a problem with is that:
        1) there is absolutely no mention of this limitation on Sony’s compatibility chart, although other video limitations are mentioned
        2) exactly the same image is reaching the camera sensor whether it arrives through an e-mount lens or via an a-mount lens with an adapter mounted on it. This seems to be Sony building in an artificial limitation into this adapter.

      2. One other question – seeing that Sony is stating that the FX3 and FX30 are compatible with the LA-EA5, does AF not work with these video cameras too when this adapter is used?

        1. Also be aware that many lenses will allow prefocus AF for video but cannot track once you actually begin filming. You don’t consider that acceptable video AF. Yet you can easily show off fast prefocus using an external video recorder.

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