Sony Announces New Flagship HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash

Sony has announced their new flagship HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash ($599.99) featuring a 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver with 98′ Range along with the Sony FA-EB1 External Battery Pack ($249.99) and Sony FA-RG1 Multi Interface Shoe Rain Guard ($24.99).

HVL-F60RM Wireless Radio Flash ($599.99) is equipped with a built-in 2.4 GHz radio transceiver to allow photographers to quickly create portable lighting setups with complete support for P-TTL / ADI metering.

This flash can be set as a commander or a remote that fully supports Sony’s existing radio commanders and receivers, including ratio control, the ability to work with up to 15 flashes in five groups, and access to 14 channels. The flash works within Sony’s optical wireless flash system as well, where it is also able to operate as either a commander or remote unit.

Compared to its predecessor, and in addition to the added radio transceiver, the HVL-F60RM also has improved overheating protection for more consistent and reliable performance. It has a guide number of 197′ at ISO 100 and 105mm, along with an improved recycle time of 1.7 seconds. Full bounce capabilities are available, too, with tilt from -8 to 150° and a total of 180° of rotation.


Also, it has a zoom head of 20-200mm which can be widened to 14mm with a pull-out diffusion panel. The front-facing LED light has been updated and can now also be used as an AF illuminator with E-mount mirrorless cameras for more reliable, faster focusing in low-light conditions. Additionally, the flash also has a dust- and moisture-resistant construction along with a durable metal foot.

Sony HVL-F60RM Flash has a dust- and moisture-resistant construction along with a durable metal foot

Sony HVL-F60RM Flash includes plastic white soft diffusion, tungsten & florescent conversion panels

Compatible Cameras:

Product Highlights

    • 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver with 98′ Range
    • Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
    • Guide Number: 197′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
    • Zoom Range: 20-200mm (14mm with Panel)
    • Quick Shift Bounce for 90° L/R Pivot
    • Tilts from -8 to 150°
    • Wireless TTL Ratio Controller/Remote
    • LED Light and AF Illuminator
    • Quick Navi Interface with Dot Matrix LCD
    • Recycle Time: 0.1-1.7 Seconds

Sony FA-EB1 External Battery Pack

Sony FA-EB1 External Battery Pack ($249.99), dedicated to the Sony HVL-F60RM and HVL-F60M flashes, the FA-EB1 External Battery Pack helps to reduce flash recycle times as well as provide more flashes per session.


Using a battery magazine system, up to eight AA alkaline or NiMH batteries can be used to offer up to approximately 660 flashes per set of batteries, along with fast recycle times of 0.6 seconds. This magazine can also be used with just four AA batteries in place, and when in use, this pack will be used as the priority power source in order to alleviate power drain on the batteries in the flash.

The battery pack is dust- and moisture-resistant for use in inclement conditions and the cable connection points have been reinforced for improved reliability. Additionally, the included protective pouch can be used to mount the battery pack to a tripod leg or other stand for hands-free use.

Product Highlights

    • For HVL-F60RM and HVL-F60M Flashes
    • Promotes Faster Recycle Times
    • Accepts up to 8 x AA Batteries
    • Dust- & Moisture-Resistant Construction
    • Included Protective Pouch

Sony FA-RG1 Multi Interface Shoe Rain Guard

Sony FA-RG1 Multi Interface Shoe Rain Guard ($24.99) helps to protect the flash and camera when working in wet conditions, is attached to the MI shoe of the flash in order to prevent water from entering either the flash or the camera.

Press Text:

Sony Launches New Flagship HVL-F60RM Guide Number 60 Flash Combining Overwhelming Continuous Flash Performance with Advanced Operability and Wireless Control

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 22, 2018 – Sony Electronics, a worldwide leader in digital imaging and the world”™s largest image sensor manufacturer, has today announced a new flagship addition to its digital imaging range with the launch of the HVL-F60RM Flash.

Addressing the needs of the increasing numbers of professional photographers adopting the Sony α system, the HVL-F60RM offers high-power flash output, reliable continuous performance and advanced control features with integrated radio control options.

The HVL-F60RM has a guide number of 60[i] and covers illumination angles from 20mm[ii] to 200mm,[iii] providing uniform wide-range zoom coverage without shading with continuous shooting up to 220v flashes. The use of heat resistant materials and the deployment of new advanced algorithms means that heat resistance has been increased by as much as 4x[iv] compared to the previous model, HVL-F60M.

Further improvements have been made to the recycle time which has been reduced to 1.7 seconds[v] or just 0.6 secondsv with the new External Battery Adapter, product code FA-EBA1. A unique benefit of previous Sony flashes, Quick Shift Bounce is included, allowing the photographers to quickly shift from horizontal to vertical orientation, 90 degrees left or right, upward by up to 150 degrees, and downward by 8 degrees for flexible positioning and optimum lighting for a wide range of scenes.

Independent light output level (LEVEL -/+) buttons allow direct control of output or compensation, supporting an efficient workflow. A comprehensive display facilitates adjustments and flash output level confirmation, and also provides intuitive access to flash output settings for paired wireless flashes.
Functions can be freely assigned to the unit”™s four-way controller, center button, and control wheel for easy access when required. Furthermore, TTL flash output can be memorized and recalled in manual mode when needed for immediate use or use after minor adjustment. This is another feature that can simplify manual workflow and save time.

The dust and moisture resistant design [vi] of the HVL-F60RM allows flash shooting even in challenging environments and a new optional Rain Guard vii, product code FA-RG1, provides added protection to the connection between the flash and camera[viii]. Another example of the complete attention to detail that has gone into the design of the HVL-F60RM, is the metal foot of the Multi Interface Shoe connection which has been re-designed for increased rigidity and reliability.

A pre-requisite for leading-edge studio set-ups, the wireless radio communication is non-directional so receiver flash units can be positioned anywhere up to approximately 30 meters[iii] away from the camera, even in situations where reflectors or other obstacles would interfere with optical communication. A HVL-F60RM mounted on a compatible camera ix functioning as transmitter can be paired with off-camera units functioning as receivers. Multiple flashes are supported with the user able to use up to 15 flash units, assigned in to up to 5 groups x or wireless flash control and the use of a pairing system effectively prevents interference from other electronic devices.

[i] 200mm at ISO 100 in meters
[ii] 14mm with wide panel
[iii] 35mm full-frame equivalent
[iv] Sony test conditions
[v] With Ni-MH batteries, Sony test conditions
[vi] Not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof
[vii] Not to completely protect against water ingress. When the camera is held in the portrait orientation or at a tilt for photographing, in particular, it may fail to protect water ingress
[viii] With this unit attached, the camera may fail to record audio during video shooting, depending on the model. For the camera models to which this precaution applies, visit:
[ix] Refer to the Sony support page for camera compatibility information
[x] In the Group flash mode. Up to 3 groups in the TTL or Manual flash mode


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      1. Thanks for the clarification. I’d love a way to use my NPA-MQZ1K as a remote power source too, rather than buying a AA battery pack. Any chance we’ll see an adaptor to the remote power port? A short cord with a holder for a NP-FZ100 battery would be perfect, this way we could pop-in a single battery, or the dummy battery of the NPA-MQZ1K.

  1. Looking at the new F60-RM flash over on Sony’s site, they’re recommending Ni-MH batteries and it takes 4 @ 1.2V per cell (unless that’s changed). Or 4 alkaline’s @ 1.5V, so it looks like our acceptable voltage range is between 4.8-6 volts.

    To a layman, we should be able to power the new F60 flash directly from a regular USB power source with a simple adaptor cord?

    It’s probably not that simple, but it’d be fantastic if is where. Is there a USB connection on the flash unit, maybe one that powers the unit (as on the Alpha cameras).

    Appreciate the input BTW!

  2. Can I use HVL-F60RM as a slave and trigger with any other flash by “flash sensing” from another flash? Like I can use my Nissin i40 as a slave and manually selecting the flash output power. (very conventional system as off camera fill flash)

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