Tether Tools Introduces Infinite Camera Power


Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System is the first infinite hot-swappable power source for time-lapse photography, power-hungry LiveView shooting or video production. It offers uninterruptible power to most DSLR and Mirrorless cameras via any common USB 5V power pack or wall power.

Case Relay meets the demands of filmmakers and photographers for whom consistent camera uptime is critical. Case Relay connects directly to any USB 5V battery, commonly used to charge smartphones and tablets.

The Relay contains a secondary 1,200 mAh internal charge allowing you to swap out power sources mid-shoot and maintain 100% uptime. This back-up power separates it from all other external power solutions on the market,

Case Relay is compatible with many Sony, Canon, Nikon and Panasonic cameras and can be powered by any 2.1+amp 5V USB power bank and/or USB Wall Adapter.

Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler is required for the camera being powered with Case Relay.

How does it work?

A Relay Camera Coupler is inserted directly into their camera battery port, then connected to Case Relay CPS. The Case Relay connects directly to any standard 5V external battery (commonly known as a portable USB charger, widely available at most stores or via TetherTools.com) or an AC power source, such as a wall outlet or generator.

With Case Relay’s own secondary, internal 1200 mAh battery, if the photographer’s external battery pack runs low it’s easy to hot swap the external battery and not lose power to the camera. With the new Rock Solid External Battery Pack (10,000 mAh) from Tether Tools, photographers will be able to shoot considerably longer than with a standard camera battery. A 10,000 mAh external battery will provide 3-10 times the power of most camera batteries, depending on the camera.

When access to AC wall power is convenient, simply plug the Case Relay cable into an AC Wall Adapter (sold separately) for an infinite power source. (USB Active Extensions can be used for added distance)


Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System

Tether Tools Case Relay Camera Power System ($99.99 – Order Here)


Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler


For Sony a7, a7R, a7S, a7 II, a7R II, a7S II, a5000, a5100, a6000, a6300, a6400, a6500 and NEX cameras:
Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler for Sony Cameras with NP-FW50 Battery ($34.99 – Order Here)

For Sony a7 III, a7R III and a9 cameras:
Tether Tools Relay Camera Coupler for Sony Cameras with NP-FZ100 Battery ($44.99 – Order Here)


USB Power Bank – 2.1 Amps or more

Tether Tools Rock Solid 10,000 mAh External Battery Pack ($49.99 – Order Here) – or any 2.1 Amp (or more) USB Power Bank will work, including my personal favorite Anker 20,000 mAh Portable Ultra High Capacity Power Bank ($39.99 – Order Here)

Hold it all in place with Tether Tools StrapMoore ($18.95 – Order Here)

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    1. Expect that powering through the Multi Terminal port only works on a7RII, a7SII and a6300 and using the Multi Terminal port to power the camera means you can’t tether or use a wired remote or intervalometer.

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