Sony Announces HVL-F45RM Flash

Published: February 7, 2017

Sony HVL-F45RM Flash

Sony has announced their first 2.4 GHz radio controlled flash, the compact Sony HVL-F45RM flash ($398 at B&H Photo | Amazon) with built-in wireless capability of operating up to 15 flashes in 5 groups.

When mounted on camera, Sony HVL-F45M can act as a flash commander or it can be triggered off-camera using a Sony FA-WRC1M Wireless Radio Commander using built-in 2.4 GHz wireless wireless connection capability of operating up to 15 flashes in 5 groups.

It’s compact form is aimed at Sony’s mirrorless camera line-up as well as the reduced size of Sony’s new flagship A-mount a99 II camera


• 2.4 GHz Radio Transceiver with 98′ Range
• Compatible with Sony ADI / P-TTL
• Guide Number: 148′ at ISO 100 and 105mm
• Zoom Range: 24-105mm (15mm with Panel)
• Tilts from -8 to 150°
• Rotates Left & Right 180°
• Radio or Optical TTL Commander or Remote
• LED Video Light
• Flash Distribution and Memory Settings
• Dust- & Moisture-Resistant Construction

Beyond the radio system, the HVL-F45RM makes many improvements upon its predecessor, including a size reduction of more than 10%, moisture and dust resistance, and an improved guide number of 148′ at ISO 100 and 105mm. The flash also boasts a faster recycle time of 2.5 seconds at full power, an LED video light, a zoom head of 24-105mm, new flash distribution settings, and an upgraded memory setting.

Users will also be able to tilt the flash head from -8 to +150° and rotate it 360°. The controls have been improved as well, with programmable buttons and a Quick Navi interface. Additionally, it has a Micro-USB port for future firmware updates.

The flash is designed to work with Sony cameras which feature a Multi Interface Shoe, however, wireless radio features are limited to the a7II, a7RII, a7S II, a99 II and a6500.


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21 thoughts on “Sony Announces HVL-F45RM Flash”

  1. Gret small flash! Now i just hope that Sony will add the ability to use the wonderful led light of that new flash as an external AF-assist for low light situations considering that all the G-master lenses cover the small in-body af light!! The same vay as the the Olympus FL600-R does.

  2. Hi Brian, would you recommend this flash for someone shooting on the A7Rii and Zeiss 55mm f1.8? Relatively new to the flash photography game so think this could be a good option for a native & compact kit to be ready for great portraits wherever I am. If I pick up a 135mm lens in the future will this flash work with it?

    1. Yes. This is the first radio wireless flash from Sony so it’s the future – not the past. It will work properly with Sony, Zeiss and Canon 135mm lenses. I’m not certain TTL will l operate properly with other brands.

  3. Hi Brian, Do I understand correctly, that for off-camera flash, I need the Wireless Radio Commander (on my A7m2) and those two components should work? IOWs, I don’t need the Wireless Receiver on the HVL45. I’m having difficulty ‘pairing’ I think… I’m familiar with Nikon’s optical system, I’m stumbling with Sony’s system. Thank you…

    1. Thank you Brian. I’ve paired the Radio Commander and the HVL 45 successfully, but I get the error message “This accessory is not supported by the device…” when I try to take a photo. One post suggested drying the contacts, which I’ve done (I don’t think they were wet or soiled to begin with) and still get this message.

      I’m frustrated with Sony in that the documentation in the HVL 45 box, was very basic, it certainly did not even covered all the features of the flash, except to identify them. I’m at a loss and now wondering if my flash is defective, though logic would dictate that I’m probably at fault for missing something. Any suggestions?

      1. That message usually means there is either a problem with the contacts on the device (unlikely Sony nice its new – yet possible) or with the contacts at the front of the MI shoe. Either moisture or debris could be the culprit. Try keeping the hot shoe cover on whenever the MI shoe is not in use.

    2. Aloha Brian, is my Sony A7RIV can act as commander to fire off this flash? or I still need a FA-WRC1M to fire off-camera flash?

  4. Thanks so much for the reply Brian. I have been putting off the firmware upgrade, but used your guide and voila! My camera shipped with 3.1, now current with 3.3. Your Bulletproof Guide was just the help I needed – thank you so much!

  5. Oliver Echevarria

    Hello Brian,
    Plan on getting the Sony HVL-F45RM for my Sony A7Rii. Quick question, if I bounce this flash can I use with HSS?

  6. Hi Brian,
    With the firmware 4.00 update for the A7Rii, does this mean the LED on the HVL F45rm will work like a focus assist light on the body?

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