How Do Sony a7R II and a7R III Compare?


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14 thoughts on “How Do Sony a7R II and a7R III Compare?”

  1. When shooting in 1080p 120 FPS, is there a crop factor like the A7SII does (x2.2) in 120 FPS? Fingers crossed for no… Thank you!

  2. When bracketing (including if use self-timer), does bit depth decrease on the A7r3 and if so, by how much? On the a7r2 reportedly this drops bit-depth from 14 down to 12. To maintain the full 14 bit-depth in th a7r2 you have to actuate the shutter for each individual image in the bracketing.

    1. Any Continuous Shooting Mode drops bit-depth from 14-bit to 12-bit when RAW Compressed is selected.
      Continuous Uncompressed or Lossless is 14-bit. Single Shot Mode is 14-bit.

  3. Large improvement in sharpness? You mean in JPEGs, right? How can there be a large improvement in sharpness shooting raw if the resolution is the same as before? Do you have some side-by-side examples you could share?

  4. Hi – am semi-amateur filmaker. If you had to purchase either A7Sii or A7Riii for videos and live streaming, which would you choose?

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