Here’s My Wishlist for Sony a7-Series Mark III Cameras

DISCLAIMER: This post contains absolutely zero inside information about the future of fullframe Sony E-mount cameras. ZERO. It’s just a list of things I’d like to see.

Since I’m under Sony NDA, I couldn’t say any of this if I actually knew anything about what’s coming next. But, since I know absolutely nothing, I can tell you what’s on my wishlist…

That should they tell you something about “inside sources” and “leaks”. Either they’re just guessing or they couldn’t talk. Don’t get lost thinking their predictions have any more clairvoyance than Miss Cleo.

But hey, it’s fun to speculate. So here goes my list the top features I’d love to see in the next generation of Sony a7-Series fullframe mirrorless cameras.

Please leave your suggestions in the Comments.

1. LSI Processor and Bigger Buffer


Better performance under the hood tops my wishlist over more megapixels or flashy new features. Adding the LSI Processor and Huge Buffer from Sony a99 II would allow longer continuous bursts, more frames per second, less time waiting for a buffer to clear and quicker image review. Think of it as a Hemi-engine upgrade for Sony’s flagship mirrorless cameras!

2. Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C Connection


WHAAAAATT??? A Cable Port??? Really??? Yup. There’s nothing sexy about cables and ports. Allow me to explain why you should care. Sony cameras currently use a multi-terminal USB 2 port that BADLY needs an upgrade. Combining Sony mirrorless tech with a USB-2 port is like putting an 8-track in a Ferrari…

Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C allow MUCH faster wired tethering – an area Sony currently lags behind the competition. There’s no physical difference between Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C ports. Each cable has identical symmetrical plugs on both ends of the cable so there’s no longer a “right” way to plug them in.

3. 14-Bit Continuous Shooting

Sony a7-Series cameras currently shoot in 14-bit in single shooting drive mode but down to 12-bit when set to continuous shooting. Adding an LSI and larger buffer should end the need for that which would be great news to my friends who shoot a lot of in Bracket-Continuous mode.

While we’re at it, it’s time to lift the 12-bit restriction for exposures longer than 30 seconds as well. My pal Sony Artisan Thibault Roland averages around THREE MINUTES per exposure and his stunning, timeless images absolutely deserve 14-bits!

4. Better AF Tracking

Just follow the example set by a6500 and you got it. Done.

5. Better Temperature Control

Small cameras with big sensors don’t have a lot of air space for cooling, but a better heat sink (even if it adds a few ounces) would be a great update if it reduced over-heating in blazing sun or when shooting 4K.

6. Dual Card Slots


Those of us who started shooting in the film era (in my case for over 30 years) may not see the urgency of demands for dual cards slots. But, enough of you view dual card slots as a Deal-Breaker that Sony should simply follow the words of the gods of Nike and ‘Just Do It!’

P.S. While we’re at it, if the camera is going to have 2 SD card slots, there outta be an option to save Raw to one card and Jpeg to the other or stills to one and video to the other. Just sayin’…

P.S.S Please support SDXC UHS-3 write speeds.

7. Add Lossless Compressed Raw

When the Uncompressed Raw option was added for for Sony a7 Mark II cameras, users quickly began to realize why Sony hadn’t offered it to begin with. Sony a7RII Uncompressed RAW files are HUGE! Yet while most of you can’t actually “see” a difference between Compressed and Uncompressed Raw, the idea of any loss bugs some of you. Lossless Compressed Raw would only be about 10% larger than Sony’s Compressed Raw format so it might hit the ideal Goldilocks balance between “too big” and “too small”.

8. Add sRAW for High Megapixel Cameras

While it’s certainly not needed for 12mp a7S cameras, I’ve gotten many requests for scaled-down RAWs from a7RII owners who shoot event photography where 8×10″ print output certainly doesn’t require 42.4 Megapixels.

9. Additional Aspect Ratios

Multi Apect Ratio Menu Setting

Speaking of 8×10 prints, Sony RX1R II added ‘Multiple Aspect Ratio’ that adds 4:3 and 1:1 crops in addition to the standard 3:2 and 16:9 options. This is a GREAT feature that really needs to make it’s way into the next generation a7-Series cameras. 4:3 hits a sweet spot between 8×10 and 5×7 without making the menu too complicated.

10. More Assignable Functions for Custom Buttons

I get lots of requests for more assignable functions for Custom Buttons for easy switching between Fullframe/APS-C and Live View Setting Effect On/Off

11. Dedicated Back-Button AF


There are four steps required to set up Back-Button AF, but people forget that once they do so, touch focus functions with apps like Smart Remote Control require that you turn AF w/Shutter back on. It would be MUCH easier to add a single “Shutter AF/Back Button AF” menu setting that works with apps no matter which way it’s set.

12. Beefier Joystick-Like Control Wheel

Sony a7 Center Button AF

I detailed the steps to allow the Control Wheel to function like a joystick. Two things could make it better:
1. Make the Control Wheel just a bit thicker so it stands out slightly more prominently.
2. Allow focus points to move diagonally – not just up/down and right/left.

13. Touch Focus

The addition of Touch Focus on a6500 for stills and video is a nice moderate compromise between those asking for touch-me-everything vs purists who want touch-nothing.

14. Wide-Open AF with Native E-Mount Lenses

Most native E-Mount lenses focus at the shooting aperture in order to:
A) Prevent Focus Shift
B) Reduce Shutter Lag as the lens stops down.

I have faith that Sony’s brightest engineering minds can find a way to deal with both issues so we can pull the sunglasses off the sensor.

15. Update LA-EA4 II Lens Adapter for Hybrid AF


The new Sony a99 II offers the Best AF system on the planet. Its dedicated 79-point PDAF sensor would offer the perfect upgrade for Sony’s LA-EA4 A-mount lens adapter! It would offer a HUGE leap forward compared to the dated (by Sony standards) 15-point PDAF sensor used in Sony LA-EA4 adapters.

An updated LA-EA4 II Adapter with this 79-point PDAF system could combine with on-chip PDAF sensors of future mirrorless cameras to offer Hybrid AF with Sony A-mount lenses that matches the blazin’ fast AF performance of Sony a99 II.

16. Improved Tethering Options

When tethering, the next gen a7 cameras should have the option to Save RAW both to SD card AND also transfer to PC for Redundancy. Or for Speed, the ability to Save RAW to SD card and only transfer the JPEG for faster review.

17. Back-Illuminated Sensor for a7III

Back-illuminated Sensors are expensive, but man do they ROCK at High ISOs! The advantages of a back-illuminated sensor would be well-worth a bump in price.

18. Silent Shooting Mode for a7III

Time for a7 to join it’s R and S siblings in silence with Silent Shooting Mode. Shhhh….

19. Phase Detection Auto Focus for a7S III

This is might be easier said than done. Sony “hides” the on-sensor Phase Detection AF points among the photo-diodes and there are quite simply fewer places to “hide” among 12 million pixels than 24 or 42 million.

20. Add Electronic Variable ND Filter

Adding the built-in Electronic Variable ND filter from Sony FS7 II and FS5 XDCAM’s would be a great addition for video with Sony a7-Series Mark III cameras.

21. Bring on the New Sony Menus

I’ve played around enough with a6500 and a99 II to say that the new and improved menu system would be a welcome step forward. I put this at the end because I’m assuming this is already fait accompli.

What’s NOT on my List?

The Number 9

Changing the number from 7 to 9 doesn’t make a camera better. Adding the features listed above does. Isn’t that right, Mister Bond?

No Pop-up Flash

It ain’t a point-n-shoot…

No More Megapixels

I’ve got no issue with megapixels, but don’t add megapixels for the sake of numbers. Sony has been really smart about this choosing 42mp over 50mp since not only does 42mp offer cleaner high ISOs, but it down-samples better for 4K. Only go up in megapixels if there’s a clear reason to do it. The same is true for a7S-Series cameras. Twelve is not an arbitrary number. The current 12.2mp sensor has the EXACT number of pixels needed for pixel-for-pixel 4K without line-skipping or pixel binning.

Don’t Blow Up the Body for a Bigger Battery

Small camera = Small Battery = Small Battery Life. You could absolutely get longer battery life out of the larger Sony NP-FM500H DSLR battery. Should Sony increase the body size just to fit a bigger battery into it? I don’t think so. Sure, Sony NP-FW50 batteries are small, but that also makes it easy to carry a spare.

Don’t Compromise Durability for Built-in GPS

Sorry GPS lovers, but for in-body GPS to function properly, a large section of the camera body needs to be made out of plastic. I’ll take durability over built-in GPS every single time. But wait…Canon 5D Mark 4 has GPS, didn’t I just say that a camera needs to be made with lots of plastic for built-in GPS to work? Exactly….


But for those of you who want GPS, I’d expect that, like a99 II, location data could be acquired from mobile devices via Bluetooth and recorded to still images or movies using PlayMemories Mobile app and a compatible smartphone or tablet.

What’s on YOUR Wishlist???

Please leave your suggestions in the Comments section below.

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82 thoughts on “Here’s My Wishlist for Sony a7-Series Mark III Cameras”

  1. My wish list.
    Bigger Battery
    Bigger Body
    Better autofocus
    MyMenu tab where I can put my frequent menu items.

    I agree wit USB C style ports and dual card upgrade.

  2. Hi Brian,

    I totaly agree with your list, but there is more:

    – add a true raw histrogram
    – increase the size of the RGB histogram. the actual size makes it impossible to accurately identify blown out highlights
    – a true base ISO 64 (like nikon with the same sensor)
    – an integrated intervalometer to dial in explicit exposure times for long exposure photography
    – more sophisticated apps for professional use (focus stacking; HDR bracketing, intervalometer etc.)

    And last but not least I am wondering why Hasselblad is the first manufacturer launching a camera with true touch screen functionality and smartphone like user interface. Didn´t Sony just now redesigned the menue structure? Why going down the same road as canikon instead inventing something toally new?



  3. The dual SD Card slots and buffer has been a huge issue for me and a massive reason while I’m shooting with the A99 most of the time. I’ve pre-ordered 2 A99II’s so I dont have to use the 7 for any events.

    @Don’t Blow Up the Body for a Bigger Battery@

    Disagree – larger body helps with balance as well as battery life, sick of constantly checking my battery grip ever 5 mins.

    @Don’t Compromise Durability for Built-in GPS@

    Again Sony lost it on the A99II, really upset by it as is locked into my workflow with the A99 when I travel.

  4. Agree with the list. Also re. point 10, More Assignable Functions for Custom Buttons – give us more toggle or “cycle through” options so changes can be made faster, without having to use a second control point to select the option – two button presses should be all that are needed to toggle between, say, APS-C On/Off

  5. Please add EVF sensitivity. It’s set too “close” – I often trigger it due to camera being close to my body or even with flipping the screen up. Alternative to sensitivity, I’d love also to be able to just turn off the EVF. Consider : I’d even love just a “pop up” EVF like on the SonyRX1M2, but I suppose that would be too “point and shootish”.

  6. changing af point (for example single point small) can be done by by one push (for example AF/MF botton) and then the wheels
    change this button to “af settings” (translated)
    now turn both control-wheels on front and back to move the focus point

  7. I would place a pre-order if these 3 features make it to the next A7III.

    Better AF, joystick-AF control, and dual card slots.

  8. I fully agree with you, with the following additions:

    – Some sort of GPS, either by an internal or external GPS device, or by asking my phone via Bluetooth for the position
    – Fastest write speeds to the dual cards
    – Don’t lock the camera while writing images to card
    – Fast 100% view to check image focus
    – A “my menu” to group the menu function that I use most often
    – A pixel shift mode

  9. This is about the perfect list. Would like to also see RAW histogram, and the ETTR mode from the A6500, as well as a new Bionz in addition to the new front end LSI. I agree about the size and GPS. Connected GPS is a much better option and I hope it, and Bluetooth LE, become standard on Sony cameras.

    I’d also love to see a higher resolution EVF and an option for XQD cards even if that means only having one slot. It would be great to configure my display options more completely (e.g. Put the histogram and level at the same time for those slow deliberate shots).

    Honestly if the A7III were to get a BSI sensor it might eliminate the need for the A7S. The pixel size would be less than ~10% smaller and the shallower wells and higher res might completely negate the noise advantage of the 12MP sensor while allowing for downsampling in video and room for PDAF. Imagine if the lineup was just an R and S model?

  10. One other thought. The variable AA filter seemed like a waste on the Rx1mk2 but it could be genuinely useful on the A7R for smoothing out aliasing when the sensor needs to bin pixels for capturing line view. Should give a cleaner image. And maybe help with SRAW. Will be fun to see what they come up with!

  11. The biggest issue is the inability to rotate the monitor screen foward..
    V blogging is the feature of this camera..

  12. great list, but you should have a great list…
    Love the “my menu” idea. My wish list would add a manual lens option so you can put in Focal length and aperture wheel is active. 2nd, put focus magnification back to 14.4. You rock! Thanks

  13. Leonard Porrello

    Great list! It seems that some of the items, such as lossless compressed RAW, aspect ratios, and maybe even Wide-Open AF could be added to the Mark II line. I don’t have budget for a new body, and those two additions would make me VERY happy.

  14. – What I’d want for all three versions, A7III, A7RIII and A7SIII, is the installation of heat pipes for cooling.

    After Sony’s significant heat issues with their Xperia Z series (SD810 SoC), occasionally destroying a phone (like mine) in less than 6 months of use, Sony became the first company to install tiny heat pipes into their Xperia Z5 models.

    If they can fit them into a phone, they can fit them into their cameras, to properly account for TDP – which should be an engineer’s first job.

    – The only thing that was keeping me from buying the A7SII was the lack of better AF and backside illuminated Sensor with attendant faster read-out.

    It just didn’t compare well to the A7RII for the same money.

    – An overall speed improvement seems inevitable and would reduce that nasty shutterlag.

    – higher data rates for video. They were cutting it too close. Probably to avoid competing with their own pro video cams.

    1. There were several reasons for the thickness of the sensor glass when the cameras were initially released. I’m not certain if that has changed. Maybe someone on the Sony Engineering team look into the possibility.

  15. I’d like them to fix the sensitivity of the evf sensor, so when I have the screen out and Im looking down at it, it doesnt keep switching between the screen and the EVF because it’s too close to my chest

  16. Thanks Brian,
    My list:
    -Electronic ND in-body
    -Improved IBIS
    -Better ISO performance
    -Internal Memory + 2 SD Card slots (don´t mind if microSD)
    -No lag
    -Large buffer
    -Lossless compressed RAW 14-bit
    -True histogram in RAW
    -Improvements in Sony PlayMemories as per your other post/link
    -Faster wireless transfer rate
    -More customisable functions (EVF disable, more AF options)
    -Same menu in all A7x in all generations (only grey out the options not available due to hardware limitations).
    -Sony will really look they value customers if they keep up to date all their cameras lineup software updates. Happy customers, even for old cameras, become brand loyal.
    -Sony has an edge because it is an universal camera, we can adapt almost every lens in the market. Sony should add more native capabilities for those lenses and not be afraid that they can potentially loose market for one or another lens. Competency is good and will force Sony to keep pushing the envelop in their lens lineup.


  17. I can’t remember which A7 camera has it, but if it’s not the A7M2, then more user defined custom settings that can be stored on the memory card. I have about 7 – 8 custom settings that I’d like to store for different shooting situations. Should be at least 8, preferably more or unlimited.

  18. Doctor Professor X

    Can’t believe nobody here writes about the unacceptable bad Roling Shutter problem. Less then 14ms please! Better chip readout with some additional study on motion blur. The motion blur is the key for Cinematic look. This is why ARRI Alexa is so much better! ARRI COMPANY spent years in “chip read out” development. All Sony camera included the F55 LOOKING videoish. SONY wake up this is not a secret. Also please better color science! It’s time….

  19. Cellphones are the future it should look more like a cellphone like the kodak camera. We are pro photographers, we don’t need look like a pro with a big boddy full of custom buttons and fancy stuff.

    1. When you say more like a “cellphone”, do you mean without that pesky viewfinder, hot shoe, aperture, shutter and exposure compensation dials, custom buttons and control wheel for navigation?

  20. The option to to set the half shutter press to magnification when using an non electronic manual lens along with the ability to have different preset magnifications. Currently takes too many button presses and after all an autofocus lens auto focuses with the half shutter press

  21. Brian: My request is simple. i would love it if we could customize the file naming protocol in video as well as stills. And also, if the Series setting in every Sony camera from here on out not reset itself every time you put in a new card. Why can’t they run it up to 10,000 or something before resetting to 0001? If you shoot video with multiple bodies, this stuff will drive you nuts, and it’s so easy to fix, compared to the above wishlist!

    1. Love that suggestion, Bob. Sony a6300 and a6500 allow custom naming for stills. Your point about including video is a great suggestion. Sometimes the easiest request are the most useful!

  22. Great list Brian, really hope Sony engineers implement these ideas.

    My additions:

    If there’s dual card slots, it would be nice to be able to record video to both slots at the same time. To my knowledge, all current Dslrs with dual card slots allow you to record stills to both slots at the same time, but video only to one.

    Overcome the flash sync speed limitation of the shutter without having to resort to high speed sync. My RX10ii is able to sync up to around 1/1250 reliably with a simple radio trigger and a studio strobe. Is there a way to do that with the a7/a6k series?

    1. Good suggestions. I’m not sure about the feasibility of dual video recording (bandwidth may be why no one has done it yet) but you don’t get what you don’t ask for.

      I agree on sync speed. Raising it to a dependable 1/250 (or better yet 1/500) with third party triggers is all I need. Then I can live without HSS.

  23. I am surprised nobody mentioned that Sony needs much better sensor dust control. The current IBIS-based sensor cleaning mechanism is ineffective compared to the ultrasonic systems used by Olympus, Canon and Nikon. This is of course compounded by mirrorless since the sensor is exposed all the time. Maybe having a curtain automatically shield the sensor when the lens is removed would help.

  24. For the A7R3, USB-C definitely. Tethered shooting transfer is still very slow. Processor and buffer need a serious boost, the R2 is a slow camera to use in the studio. Definitely add crop mode selection to the Fn list, at the very least, and may as well add a 1.3 crop option at the same time (for those older lenses with slightly poor corners), plus M-RAW.

    Physically, a larger joystick control would be a massive improvement, and whilst they’re at it a slightly more protruding and tactile AF/MF/AEL centre button to make finding it with a thumb easier. Perhaps move the Fn button to the left of the Menu button (left thumb can operate easily), leaving more space for an improved joystick/control wheel.

    And resist the urge to change the overall size. Also, I love the crop modes on my little RX1003, with RAW files recording full data so crops can be adjusted slightly later.

  25. Agreed esp 14) wide open AF, maybe sony need to develop magnetic controlled IRIS to cope with the high fps.
    24fps will be enough to differentiate from DSLR, but EVF refresh tate also need to bump up.
    16-bit RAW with DR similar to 50MP digital backs

  26. I need a more powerful battery charger. I can live with those little batteries so long as I can charge and replace them quickly.

    And please, no more megapixels. 42 is more than I need already.

    1. I hear ya, but when it comes to battery charging there’s truth to the saying “too much of a good thing”. Rapid chargers can kill batteries before their time. You want the batteries to charge as quickly as possible – just not too quickly. I still have batteries in rotation dating back to the original NEX-5. Quick charging would have killed them long ago.

      But I have a BETTER suggestion for you. My favorite new third-party Sony accessory is the SRs Quad Battery Charger for Sony Mirrorless NP-FW50 Batteries. It will charge 4 Sony NP-FW50 batteries at once without burning them up in the process.

  27. Hmmm… your list already is tempting as is !

    As for custom buttons, allow for a button to dedicate to toggle image stabilization –
    switching it on-off by having to move into a couple or three menu-paths is cumbersome and hinders the frequent switch from tripod to handheld to adapting to frequently varying shutter-speed/aperture choices depending on subject matter –

  28. Great List, Brian!
    Dual card evident, USB 3 essential, “my menu” of course, and aspect rations including square or customer definable with grids customer definable, LA-AE4II indeed, improved tethering, silent mode absolutely, 50 mp maximum, good high ISO, no gps, no larger battery, no popup flash. Raw choice for 12 and 24 and 50 MP.

    1. I like that you’re thinking less not more, but I doubt you’ll see any future Sony cameras that don’t include 4K and that requires 12mp on a 2×3 format sensor.

      As for lenses. I’ve got a separate post coming for those suggestions.

  29. Dear Sony, we desperately need 4:2:2 10 bit video output and internal 4:2:2 10 bit similar to the XAVC-L FS5 codec. We need it as a firmware update for the present A7s II and A7rII. Thank you!

  30. Good list. What I would like:

    1. Touch screen, and not only for touch focus. Even the Canon EOS M of 2012 already had a great touch screen interface…

    2. Better weatherproofing, a-la Pentax.

    3. GPS. I had it in my Canon 6D, and in no way felt that the camera robustness was compromised.

    4. Dual card slot, with option to copy files from one card to another, for backup.

  31. 1. A significant investment in colour science. Sony colours just don’t look natural. I can get the images to look natural, but it takes a lot of tinkering in Lightroom.

    2. Based on my experience with the A7RII – I wish it had a faster startup time. From sleep to shooting is quick enough, but from something like a battery change to shooting is painfully slow. Plus I get the NTSC warning.

    3. You called this a wish list so, I wish they could make a Canon EF mount version or offer an officially supported adaptor. Canon users would jump ship by the boat load.

    1. Eliminating repeated warnings when switching between PAL and NTSC has been suggested as an update to current cameras as well. It probably needs to be made once to warn people who don’t know what they are doing, but the repeated warnings every time you restart the camera is unnecessary and annoying.

      I don’t believe Sony can legally make cameras or adapters with a Canon lens mount, but Metabones and Sigma keep improving their adapters with firmware updates.

    2. I have to agree about color science.

      This is also evidenced by Sony’s new Xperia XZ, which shares the same camera tech with the latest iPhone. However, the iPhone gets natural looking colors out of low light footage, while Sony’s XZ’s footage has a heavy yellow tint.

  32. Christopher O'Grady

    I miss Camranger so much… The (stupid) smart remote app is such a toy.

    I desperately need Camranger back… You can’t check focus on the camera with the app running :-/ The image is so low res you can’t check focus at all. Using the app cripples so many features of the camera…

    Sony either needs to develop a “pro” wireless app themselves or allow Camranger to do it for them!

  33. One of the other things that I now see the benefit of is XQD cards. They are reasonably sized and so much faster than sd cards. It’s one of the things that makes the buffer speed on Nikon D500 so amazing. Seems fitting to put it in Sony cameras since it’s a technology that Sony manufacturers. It would be a temporary inconvenience for people that have stockpiles of SD cards but the speed of XQD cards is stunning and worth the price of transition.

  34. Another thing: enable external AF assist lights. The internal light is always hidden by the lens and very useless.

    I’m not sure why they disabled the lights in external flashes. Of course I would not expect a face recognition, when there’s just a grid of beams from that external source, but something should be possible.

    1. External IR focus assist lights are disabled because they result in inaccurate focus when used with on-sensor AF. A white LED works off camera. A red beam does not except from the camera axis.

  35. another addition:
    – ability to backup ALL settings to a computer
    – choosing another set of settings should include every setting, not just a few

  36. Completely agree with your list with the following additions:
    -Keep video files in the same folder as stills (instead of hiding them)
    -You alluded to this…allow us to view the images on the LCD immediately after shooting (the LSI may accomplish this – I’m not sure)
    -Film simulation options like Fuji and Olympus PEN-F have. I was surprised at how many jpgs were perfect SOOC with film simulations!
    -To add to your point about more customizing buttons/dials- allow us to re-assign the exposure comp dial (it’s useless if you shoot all manual), and allow us to assign “format” to a custom button or custom menu, and allow us to assign ISO to a wheel.
    -AWB doesn’t work as well as other cameras – fix it
    -I see your PPS covered faster SD card speeds

  37. as far as GPS, all Sony has to do is support it in the menu and allow an adapter to be plugged in or connected via bluetooth. Those people who want it, will be able to get it via an accessory, those who don’t never have to worry about it.

    Personally, I would far prefer a built in option. The ability to have every picture geotagged is a big deal to me, more importantly, without having to remember to turn on some app or remember to sync the log to the images before importing them.

    Nikon did it for years to open up the camera to allow third party gps. I don’t understand why Sony can’t do the same.

      1. I understand that. The issue that this presents, is to do that your phone would need to have a gps app constantly running. So while bluetooth itself may not drain the battery much, the gps definitely would.

        On the other hand, if a bluetooth gps stand alone device, like bad elf, could connect directly to the camera…. or be plugged in, then the power consumption needed to add accurate location metadata to the images would not affect the battery on a smart phone.

        This could solve two issues:

        1. An app that would need to always be running and in proximity to the camera every time a photo is taken.

        2. The power consumption loss to the phone to always be running this.

        Granted, in the future, providing accurate and instantaneous gps locations from a phone could require less power which would completely change this discussion.

  38. I’m sure some of these suggestions have been made:
    1a. Especially for the a7RII, Multiple RAW file sizes: RAW L, RAW M, RAW s
    1. 4 Way Tilt Screen: Reversible, tiltable and flipable LCD screen as pictured above by you.
    2. My Menu list like Canon has
    3. 135 f/2.0 or faster glass
    4. Longer lasting batteries or a single longer in size battery for the V Grip
    5. Focus tracking like the a6300 and a6500 series
    6. GPS internal, tags to images
    7. Touch screen
    8. Dual Card Slots….even though I haven’t had an issue, Pro Shooters need this.
    9. Double Exposure capabilities
    10. Wireless tethering App that uses ALL the functions that are built in to camera

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