Sony Camera Remote Software Developer Kit API Beta


Sony Camera Remote API beta SDK allows you to control a number of Sony cameras, including Sony Alpha cameras, Action cams, and lens style cameras, wirelessly from another device.

This opens up for a number of exciting use cases, such as zoom control, remote viewfinder, self-timer settings, still image capture and recording start and stop.

The Camera Remote API is a flexible API that builds on commonly-used protocols such as HTTP and JSON. And you can develop apps for any operating system, such as Android, iOS or Microsoft® Windows®.

Everything You Need to Begin Developing – in One Package

The Camera Remote API beta SDK includes all the tools you need to create cool remote control apps for many Sony cameras. The Camera Remote API beta SDK includes a sample code for iOS and Android, a development guide and API references.

Camera Remote API beta SDK v 2.30, makes it possible to remote control supported Sony cameras. The latest version includes support for the Action Cam HDR-AS50, APS-C mirrorless camera α6300 and Compact Hi-Zoom HX80 camera.

For more information, check out the API references in the Camera Remote API beta SDK.


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2 thoughts on “Sony Camera Remote Software Developer Kit API Beta”

  1. Oh wow!! This is so exciting!!

    I was just REALLY pissed off when trying out both the Android app as well as the software for Windows and thought “If they lack (capable?) developers, they should just open source that shit!”
    So to see that that’s actually kind of what they’ve done – blows my mind.

    Now I just hope that…
    a) The examples are decent.
    b) The devs at Sony have actually bothered to create API calls for EVERYTHING that you can do on the camera body.
    c) I find enough time to actually create at least what I need. (And maybe something actually usable for more people down the line…)

    Thanks for writing about this, wouldn’t have found it otherwise.

  2. Well… didn’t take long for disappointment to set in. Not sure why I expected that one could actually do things with this SDK…
    Can’t even e.g. adjust the size of the flexible spot. It’s right there in my fn menu! Why on earth would they not make this remote-controllable?!
    (Actually, I don’t even care that much about this specific feature but the fact that it’s not available means that I won’t even consider creating a serious app with this SDK)

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