SanDisk 64GB & 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Card WARNING: Sony a7 III, a7R III & a9

SanDisk 64GB & 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Card WARNING: Sony a7 III, a7R III & a9

[UPDATE: 12.18.18 Sony Firmware Update 2.10 for a7 III & a7R III and Firmware Update 4.10 for a9 provide a fix for this issue.]

Several readers alerted me to incompatibility problems with SanDisk 64GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC & SanDisk 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC memory cards in Sony a7 III, a7R III & a9 card slot 1 resulting in this warning: “Unable to read memory card. Reinsert memory card. Slot 1”

I’m told that OLDER SanDisk 64GB & 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I cards work fine. This only appears to be a problem with NEWER cards – so the issue may be limited to recent production. As always, be certain to only purchase memory cards from a reputable authorized dealer to avoid counterfeits.

Reported bad batch numbers thus far include:
128 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I – batch 766G
64 GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I – batch 838G, 839Z

• This is only an issue with Card Slot 1.
• In-camera card formatting does not resolve the issue.
• I have not received any complaints about 32GB Extreme PRO SDHC memory cards.
• A comparably-priced alternative is Sony SF-UZ Series UHS-I SD Memory Cards: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
• There are also no issues with:
Sony SF-G UHS-II SD Memory Cards: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
Sony SF-G Series UHS-II Tough SD Memory Cards: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
Sony M Series UHS-II SD Memory Cards: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB
SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II SD Memory Cards: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB

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134 thoughts on “SanDisk 64GB & 128GB Extreme PRO UHS-I SDXC Memory Card WARNING: Sony a7 III, a7R III & a9”

  1. I use several of these SanDisk Pro 128GB cards as detailed in your warning in both my A7RIII and A9 in slot 1 and have taken thousands of shots without a problem. I live in Australia and purchased them here so maybe the problems some phototographers are having relate to a faulty batch of cards not an overall incompatibility issue. I this info helps.

  2. For some reason the v30 are having issue. I don’t know what SanDisk has change with this new batch.

    The older v30 seem to work.

  3. One of my members said if you insert the card a few times it will finally work. I told him not to rely on that card…

  4. This is because of spurious cards in circulation. They can’t be formatted, after loading to a certain limit all files become invalid. You can’t delete those invalid files. These cards are of a lower capacity but their capacity is artificially boosted with some software. I have many 128, 64, 32 GB Samsung EVO Micro SDHCs which are unusable. Strontium too is unreliable.

  5. même problème ! j’ai perdu toutes mes données ! impossible de les récupérer même avec les logiciels de récupération ! (heureusement en double sur l’autre slot)
    Et là elle fonctionne de nouveau ! mais je ne l’utilise pas.

  6. Recently purchased two of the above 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I cards from Amazon with the same batch number (766G).

    128GB cards with batch number 766G will not work in Sony a7 III Slot 1. This warning displays: “Unable to read memory card. Reinsert memory card. Slot 1”

    Formatted cards in Slot 2 and inserted in Slot 1 with the same warning.
    Use SD Card Formatter then inserted into Slot 1 with the same warning

    Purchased two 128gb cards a few months ago from Amazon and all work well in Slot 1
    Batch numbers:
    514G – Works
    824G – Works

    There are other batch numbers that are problematic with Sony’s Slot 1. The below is from site.

    All Cards are Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I Cards

    128gb – 766G – Doesn’t Work
    64gb – 838G – Doesn’t Work
    128gb – 824G – Does Work
    64gb – 860G – Does Work
    64gb – 127G – Does Work

  7. I’ve used both 64 and 128 Gig cards in a9’s. Usually Slot 2… but haven’t experienced a problem. I’ve had both cards for over 3 months, minimum. Is there a date code?

  8. Okay… I have a A7R3 and A7m3 and the 4x 64 Extreme Pro UHS1 work great in any slot in both cameras. I ordered 2x 128s from amazon last week and they… not only did NOT work in the cameras slot 1 but in Win 10 they threw up an error. Replacements did the same.

  9. This problem has occurred for me with my ProGrade 128GB 200mb/s cards in Slot 1 only.

    I would shoot majority of a wedding day then with a few hours left, and maybe 1500-2000 uncompressed RAW photos in, I review a photo, and the card would corrupt telling me that it’s unable to read anymore. If i move that card to slot 2, I can read the files and review and even write onto it no problem. Also, all the files are still available to retrieve when I view them on my computer.

    I reached out to ProGrade as I thought this was a memory card issue and they sent me a new one and it did the same thing, which leads me to believe this is either a hardware issue or a software issue with Slot 1 in Sony.

    I don’t have time or the ability to send in my camera for service but it’s definitely been a frustrating and concerning experience so far…

  10. I reported this issue to Sony last month and they laughed at me and told me I had dirt in my spots. I have posted adetailed observation of this issue on as many photo sites as I could . I hope we will have a resolution from Sony

  11. I’m also facing this problem, Even I use Sony UHS-II 64GB on slot1 with A9 and A7Riii. This problem can occur from camera make SD card damage.

    1. That’s a totally different issue. Damaged card contacts can happen with ANY card. Be certain to put them in a card case as soon as you remove them from the camera.

      1. Card contact still new no any damage with it. My scenario is, it show “Unable to read memory card.” during burst short and camera restart itself. Let’s me explain my previous reply. I think root cause of this problem might came from camera. It might make some block on SD card fail.

        1. If that happens with multiple cards, I’d recommend having the camera checked out. If it only happens with one card then the card may be defective or damaged.

  12. I have also had the issue with Lexar card 128GB uhsII card in slot 1 , My Sony cards seem to work correctly

  13. Here in Korea, I have the same issue with SANDISK EXTREME PRO UHS-I 128GB. And my body is A7iii. I looked for some information about this matter. And I came to a conclusion that there is a problem with the memory card not the body. So I reported this to the shop where I bought the memory. But they seemed like they don’t believe me and they refused to change it. So I gave up using it with slot1 and I’m now using it with slot2..

  14. Just had the same problem with 2 of them from Amazon fulfilled by Amazon. I have 10 older versions of this card that works well. I’d like to be able to stick to the same brand/model when they figure this out.

    Returning to Amazon today.

  15. Awesome. I ran into this issue on my new sony a7 iii and sandisk 128gb uhs i. However, can you confirm if it is working fine on slot 2? Coz i hate returning items

  16. Brian,
    I have A7III & A7RIII and experienced the problem with the bug :
    “unable to read memory card reinsert memory card slot 1” on both of those cameras with :

    – LEXAR pro 64 Gb 2000x UHS-II class 10 300Mb/S (on A7III)
    – ANGELBIRD AV PRO SD 128Gb, V90, 300Mb/s (on A7RIII) (I sent back the card)
    – SONY G 128Gb 300Mb/s (on A7RIII)

    So the problem isn’t Sandisk, only.
    And to me, the problem seems to happen randomly, without any explanations. I can shoot 1000 shoots and nothing…I can take the camera and shoot 8 frames and bang!!!!

    I really hope a fixed will be made, because it’s stressful on shooting session.

    1. There are no known issues with UHS-II cards though I’d never use a card called ‘ANGELBIRD’ in a high end camera. That’s like buying cut-rate gas for your Ferrari.

      I’ve got SF-G cards in all my cameras and no issues in slot 1 or 2 on a7 III, a7R III or a9.

      While I don’t use Lexar cards, they were a very reputable brand before they went out of business.

      It’s possible that you either have either a slight amount of debris in the card slot or that one of the contacts was damaged – yet another reason I’d NEVER use an off-brand card.

      1. Thank you so much for your answer Brian.

        – ” though I’d never use a card called ‘ANGELBIRD’ in a high end camera. That’s like buying cut-rate gas for your Ferrari.”

        But I don’t think we’re talking about the same one.
        Angelbird sdcard are :
        Speed Class 10
        UHS Speed Class U3
        Video Speed Class V90
        Speed (X-rating) 2000x
        Data Transfer
        Read Speed 300 MB/s Maximum
        Write Speed 260 MB/s Maximum
        Write Speed 90 MB/s Minimum

        – “It’s possible that you either have either a slight amount of debris in the card slot or that one of the contacts was damaged”

        It could have been a reason, you’re right. But in my case, those cameras are brand new.

        “yet another reason I’d NEVER use an off-brand card.”

        But like I wrote it, I get that message on both Angelbird, Lexar and “brand card” SONY G 128!!
        That’s why I find interesting to bring my humble contribution to this original post. 😉

        1. My reference to “off-brand” refers to “Angelbird”. I don’t care what the specs are. They have no history in the industry. I wouldn’t put one in my camera. You should have the camera checked out to make certain there is no damage to the card slot or contact pins.

          1. Nope. This is a totally different issue from compatibility problems with Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I cards.

            The issue here is caused when users erase images from SD cards without reformatting. Best practice is to reformat cards after downloading images – but not all users follow best practices. Sony is working on an update to address those who don’t.

  17. I’m seeing reports from multiple people (myself included) that cards with the batch number ending in 766G will not be readable on some devices, including Slot 1 on the a7 III. However, it works on Slot 2 for the a7 III. For me, the Extreme Pro 128GB SanDisk card has this issue. I have another card which is slightly older, the Extreme Pro 32GB SanDisk card (Batch number ending in 760G) which works on both slots in the a7 III.

    SanDisk support are aware of the issue and have no timeline on the next batch, and recommend that users purchase a UHS-II card. I’m not currently looking to spend that much for a UHS-II card, personally. Does anybody else have any recommended brands that are reliable and reasonably-priced that isn’t known to have issues? I’ve always used SanDisk, so it’ll be a shame to deviate for the time being.

      1. I did not take into account the SDHC vs SDXC comparison, that could very well be the case for 64GB and larger cards. Do you believe this to be a firmware related issue or a card-related issue? I’ve seen conflicting theories.

        Super, thank you for the recommendation. I’ve always gone with SanDisk in the past, but until there’s an update regarding this issue in particular, I may have to consider going with one of the Sony cards.

        1. 100% Card-related. No problems have been reported with older Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-I cards – only with recent production. It’s possible that either Sandisk made a change to the design or else they simply released a LOT of defective cards.

          1. It seems like something that should’ve been making more waves, but perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough. I just assumed that I’d always gone with SanDisk and hadn’t had a problem previously. It’s a shame, but at least they’re aware of the issue. Thanks again for the clarification!

          2. “100% card related”

            I can’t be 100% agree because like I said I had 3 problems with three differents card brand including the Sony G 120Gb. And few minutes ago sonyalpharumours posted this :

            “On Reddit A7III and A7rIII owners reported a major bug. The Sandisk 128GB card is not working when you use them on Slot Number 1. IThe problem only appears with the 128GB card version and only with Sandisk.

            Hendrixj92 pointed out:

            I contacted Sony. After a quick explanation of the issue, the rep found other reports of this happening. It appears to be a firmware issue with 128gb cards. They are working on it.”

  18. I bought two 128gb SanDisk cards for my Sony A7iii and have had the error message with both of them. After trying a few times it will now accept them in Slot 2 but not Slot 1. After researching online I can see this is a common problem. What is the solution? I’ve spent over £80 on two cards – I bought two so one could back up the other and now the camera will only accept one card at a time in Slot 2. Should I try and send them back? If so, what should I buy instead?

  19. I bought 2 of the Sony 128g uhs ii cards. They have two different UHS-II versions. One is not too much more expensive as it only has improved read speed. I got those as I shoot dual raw anyway so the only benafit i will see is the faster read speed anyway.

  20. +1 for the 64GB Sandisk card here. Bought my brand new A7 III yesterday and also ordered the SDXC from Amazon (UK). Wouldn’t work in Slot 1 but fine in slot 2. Tried a very old Sandisk 8GB card in Slot 1 and worked fine. Don’t have batch number as I’ve packaged back up for return. Ordered a Sony card instead (twice the price but it’s UHSII so probably the better option anyway).

  21. Is the problem only with the Extreme cards from Sandisk? What about the Ultra Plus SDXC UHS-1 128GB cards?

  22. I have the exact issue with my Sandisk 64GB UHS-I Card with batch number 838G. This is only happening after my firmware update to A7M3 Version 2.00.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. The issue happens with all version os the firmware but is limited to the most recent batches of SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 SDXC cards. I’d avoid them. There are better options.

      1. Unfortunately, I’ve already invest in 2 of these cards… would it be overly optimistic in hoping for an eventual fix?

  23. I am pretty sure this is a firmware update issue with 2.00 as previously the card was working under firmware 1.13

    1. I’ve been received complaints from readers before firmware 2.00 was released. I initially thought it to be an issue with a few defective cards but it’s now apparent the entire batches of SanDisk cards are affected. I bit of digging found similar complaints on the photo forums. Same issue exists on a9 which has nit yet received the current update. Though I get very few complaints for a9 users since most purchase UHS-II cards for optimal performance.

      1. Yes, I am on version 1.01 (A73) and have the same issue with the 128Gb Sandisk card. It might not be the camera firmware, but the card, as other have said.

  24. I am not sure if this helps any.

    Not a fun “out of box” experience for an expensive new camera. Another person with the exact same problems and symptoms

    Brand new A7R3
    SanDisk Extreme PRO 64GB – Batch Code 839Z

    All purchased from a very reputable US Retailer.

  25. Recently purchased five of the above 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I cards from B&H Photo. Four out of the five didn’t work in slot one of the A7RIII, all four with the same batch number (766G).

    Has anyone heard anything from the Sandisk folks on a solution?

      1. I’ve recently returned two 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I cards with batch number (766G). Will wait till the start of wedding season next year to purchase a couple more Sandisk cards.

        1. Wait??? You plan to wait til next year and then repeat the mistake? Have a look at ANY of the cards listed at the bottom of this post. They are ALL compatible now.

  26. Thanks Brian. One would think this would be a big deal for Sandisk, but I haven’t seen any response from the company on this. Just another reason to switch to Sony cards I guess.

  27. Marlon, yep. SanDisk is aware of this issue, they mentioned it when I had an online chat with them. I feel they should add a disclaimer to their products to prevent buyers like ourselves from getting a product that won’t work with our device(s). If there was an official disclaimer, I could’ve avoided all of this. I’ve purchased a Sony 128GBs UHS-I card for the meantime, but I hope to invest in a UHS-II card in the future. No issues so far.

  28. If you don’t want to spend $$$$ for UHS-II cards, I recommend going to local electronics stores and see if they still have the extreme pro card of older batches. Older batches had a different packaging than the newer (problematic) ones and can be easily recognized. I found some in BestBuy; they work flawlessly. Although they were a bit more expensive ($30 in Bestbuy vs $25 on Amazon), they were still more affordable than alternatives.

    1. I would not recommend buying one of these cards ANYWHERE! At least not til SanDisk fixes the issue and probably not even then. There are better cards on the market.

  29. Adam,

    One quick follow up question, if you don’t mind. When you spoke to the Sandisk folks, did they say if there was anything else wrong with the 766G batch, besides not working in Slot 1?

  30. Hey Marlon,

    They were very vague. When I asked about this issue, going into depth about the 766G batch and the issue with various cameras, all they told me was that they were aware of the issue, and that I should return the card. When I tried to ask for more information, or how I could perhaps hear about any announcements/updates regarding this issue, they simply asked for my email address, but they weren’t able to say anything further. It wasn’t hugely helpful, but it’s entirely possible that the particular person I was speaking to had limited knowledge into this issue. Sadly I don’t see this issue being resolved any time soon, but I hope I’m wrong! I’ve always gone with SanDisk prior to this unfortunate issue.

      1. I just checked my email to see if I had requested the chat transcript to be sent over, and I did, so I can paste what they said to me for you.

        Firstly, they said this:

        “We have discovered that certain host devices may not currently work with your SanDisk SD card. SanDisk cards are constantly updated and optimized. We are committed to the best quality products for our customers and since it was recently purchased from Amazon, I would suggest you to contact Amazon and return it.”

        They seem to be indicating that the cameras are at fault and not the cards, but from this thread, we have ascertained that the cards are the issue. They then go on to say:

        “As per the latest update, there is an updated controller in our SD cards where we are facing issue in some host devices. However, we cannot provide you a timeline on when it will be resolved. For time being, we would recommend UHS-II card for better performance.”

        So, unfortunately, for my a7iii I will be avoiding SanDisk cards, at least when it comes to the higher capacity/speed cards, which are an absolute must when it comes to 4k video.

        1. Sounds like Sandisk needs some time to get their act together. Sony cards are looking better by the minute. Thanks for sharing the transcript Adam.

  31. I just set my A7R to prioritize to slot 2 and shoot away. Doesn’t make any sense why it would work in slot 2 and not slot 1… That seems like a Sony issue.

    1. NOT A SONY ISSUE. SanDisk has acknowledged that they changed their cards recently and advise returning them if you are having issues with them.

      There are MUCH better cards listed at the bottom of this post.

      1. Is SanDisk’s advice to return them published on the web anywhere? I’m trying to return two Batch 766G cards due to the fault so it would be good to be able to show this to the seller.

  32. I wish I read this yesterday 🙂
    I just brought 2 of them for my A73 and have encountered this problem. Very frustrating as the shop will not take them back as I opened the boxes!
    Auckland, New Zealand

  33. A recent purchase from Adorama of 3 Extreme PRO 128GB SDXC I cards with serial number ending in 766G did not work in Slot 1 but did work in slot 2 of my Sony a7R3. I intend to return them to Adorama until this issue is resolved. Has anyone talked with SanDisk? They can’t be happy about this situation, either!

    1. I can also vouch for the effectiveness of the latest Sony firmware update! My Extreme Pro 128GB SDSC I cards work in slot 1 just fine, now. My thanks to everyone who helped resolve this issue and to the professionals on this thread for keeping me informed. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you Brian Smith for hosting this feed! Appreciate your professionalism!

  34. I have encountered this problem recently.

    I have two A7R IIIs, and bought a Sandisk 128gb and 256gb SD with batch number 766G. Neither worked in slot one but did work in slot two. I found this post and though it was strange but decided to continue using them in slot 2 rather than slot 1.

    All was fine until today – the 256gb card has corrupted and is not readable by either my computer or the camera. Fortunately I was dual slot recording so wasn’t a disaster, but if you are using these batches in either slot of your camera i’d recommend changing cards entirely.

    I’ve today placed an order for two UHS-II cards. Faster write speeds which is a bonus too.

  35. hey guys i had the same problem, but i did make a good result when i did change the slot. please try use the slot 2 and change the read camera for the second slot to. this wah was perfect and work! i hope have help you

  36. Two months waiting for Sony to sort this out. Please, we need this fixed soon.

    Solution shouldn’t be “buy Sony cards” or other “compatible” cards, especially when the Sony cards are not available in my city in Australia.

    1. It’s a SanDisk problem. Not a Sony problem.

      SanDisk acknowledges changing their Extreme Pro UHS-I cards recently to “improve” them, but it appears to have backfired.

      Same thing happened with Lexar cards and Canon cameras years ago and many Canon users dumped Lexar as a result.

      However, I’m not hearing any complaints about SanDisk Extreme Pro UHS-II cards. Basically anything but Extreme Pro UHS-I SDXC cards work fine.

  37. If it is of any help, Amazon are selling Sony cards at a good price. I live in Australia and had delivery by post in a couple of days for cards I bought last week.

  38. I have same the experience yesterday on SanDisk Extreme 64G
    and SamDisk Extreme Pro 64G in Australia. I returned and getting
    32G instead.

  39. I purchased Sony cards per recommendations from this web site and they have worked flawlessly thus far.

    Here is an unusual situation however. At times my Sony A7lll would not read one of my Lexar Pro 64gb SDXCll cards. Although I have an identical card from Lexar that does work perfectly. Here’s what’s wild. The Lexar card that doesn’t work in my Sony A7lll works perfectly in my wife’s Sony A7lll. Both have the latest firmware version 2.10. To me that makes no sense. Why would that Lexar work in my wife’s A7lll and not mine?

  40. A rather nice update to this.

    Sony has just released a new firmware – v2.10. I can confirm that these SanDisk memory cards ending in batch 77G DO WORK with this new firmware in Slot 1.

    I have tried two camera bodies, with multiple cards and they now all work! Hurrah!

    I would strongly recommend updating to this firmware anyway – as there has been a documented bug in the v.2.0 firmware that can cause RAW image data loss.

    1. That’s great, thank you for letting me know! I wouldn’t have known there was a firmware update had I not been subscribed to this thread! At least now this shouldn’t be something to worry about when getting SanDisk cards in the future. I have a Sony Card in Slot 1, but I can always get a good SanDisk card for Slot 2.

  41. Hi All,

    I have an A7R3, which had slot 1 issues with the Sandisk Extreme Pro 128GB cards, where a message was displayed “unable to read memory card reinsert memory card”. I have just updated to firmware 2.10, and can confirm that this has addressed the Issue.

  42. This is now solved on newest A7iii 2.10 firmware. My SanDisk extreme pro UHS-I 128GB is working on both slots.

  43. The problem is solved!
    “WeddingFilmGirl” posted a video on YouTube where she put the SD-Card into the second Slot. Afterwards she went into the “Playback3” menu and changed the “Select PB Media” setting to “Slot 2”.
    The same with the “Setup6” menu. She changed the “Rec Media Setting” to “Slot 2”.
    Afterwards it was all fixed!

  44. Hi! I’m having the same problem with 2 different 32GB memory cards from San-Disk, bought in July – August 2018.

  45. Can we now really trust this fix ? I was thinking to buy sandisk extreme pro 128gb (170mb version) until I saw this article.You said it has a fix with new firmware ,I have still doubts about long term usage of these sd cards. Can you confirm this fix solved the problem 100% ? Thanks

    1. Make sure you’ve got the latest camera firmware, but honestly these are not great cards – just cheap…

  46. canon printer offline windows 10

    I have recently encountered this error but it has been fixed now with the recent firmware updates. I have been using the same card in my device.

  47. A7R3 Firmware 3.10 and firmware 2 for the 24/70 MG.

    A pair oi Lexar Pros 64gbs 1000x 150 MB/s. Slot one froze during a wedding. No more data base and images not recoverable. Replaced both cards and completed the wedding.
    Have slot 2 also recording in uncompressed RAW and that card contained all the images. Have used these cards many times before without failure.
    Cannot see data base on either card now. Formatted cards in PC and then in the computer, Said it was creating the new data base but did not show.
    Took a few pictures, saved on both cards to uncompressed RAW and they display in the camera and PC.
    Would cards from Sony actually help. Most of the posts seem to be about SD cards but the issue occured here with the new version of the Lexars.

  48. Am sending the A7riii in for repair. Talked to the repair facility who likely will replace the reader in Slot 1.

    Did a short shoot with the Lexar in slot 2 and an SD 32 gig ultra in Slot 1. Worked fine.

    Will update.


  49. Can I just say thank you Brian and everyone who’s commented on this thread. I’ve just updated my Firmware on my A73 to V3 and my cheap Amazon-bought Sandisk 128GB cards work fine – after refusing to work in Slot 1.

    Cheers! (Goes off to have a celebratory gin and tonic.)

  50. My A7R3 slot one failed half way through a wedding. Fortuantely have slot two set to save in RAW as well. Put in two different memory cards and completed the shoot and had all the images.

    Sony replaced the slot one free of charge acknowledging a problem with it. Works prerfectly now.

    It seems to be the slot problem, not the memory cards.

    1. Hey Ted, glad Sony replaced your defective card slot under warranty (as they should).

      This post actually refers to a different issue. SanDisk changed the design of the Extreme PRO UHS-1 cards without informing Sony (quite likely because they view Sony as their competitor in the memory card market.) However Sandisk memory card changes coupled with Sony firmware updates caused issues with these cards in particular in Card Slot 1 of all Sony cameras supporting UHS-II. Once SanDisk shared the data with Sony, the problem was remedied in firmeware updates for all affected cameras listed in the headline of this post.

  51. Glad I found this page. I was having SanDisk card issues on one of my A7iii bodies. 170mb, 64GB V30 cards would not work in Slot #1.
    I called SanDisk and they told me to update the firmware from Sony. My A7iii that had original firmware 1.01 didn’t work with the cards. My A7iii that had 2.02 firmware worked with the cards in slot #1. I updated both bodies to the new 3.0 firmware. Both now work with the cards in slot #1.

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