Profoto Air Remote TTL-S Firmware Upgrade Warning for Sony Camera Users


UPDATE (12/2/17): I have re-tested AirRemote TTL-S with a7R III release fw 1.00 with Profoto B1 and D2 and incompatibility with Air Remote fw A3 has been resolved. Profoto Air Remote TTL-S now sync up to 1/8000 with both A2 & A3 firmware.

Warning to Sony Camera Users! Do NOT upgrade Profoto Air Remote TTL-S to Firmware version A3!

I’ve discovered that Air Remote TTL-S firmware A3 will disable HSS when using a7R III with Profoto B1, B2 and D2 flashes. Previous firmware A1 and A2 do not have this issue. (You can check the Firmware version of your Air Remote TTL-S by holding down the Mode button for 10 seconds.)

Profoto has been alerted to this issue. Hopefully it can be fixed quickly with a new update for Air Remote TTL-S before Sony a7R III begins shipping on November 30th

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24 thoughts on “Profoto Air Remote TTL-S Firmware Upgrade Warning for Sony Camera Users”

  1. any solution for this if you’ve already updated the firmware to A3? I can’t figure out how to revert back to A2 and can’t find the download online or on Profoto’s site.

    1. I alerted Profoto to the issue as soon as I found it and hopefully they’ll issue an update, but I’m told firmware can’t be rolled back. I’m obviously in the same boat.

    2. I have re-tested AirRemote TTL-S with a7R III release fw 1.00 with Profoto B1 and D2 and incompatibility with Air Remote fw A3 has been resolved. Profoto Air Remote TTL-S now sync up to 1/8000 with both A2 & A3 firmware.

  2. Hi Brian – glad I found your post, I have a couple of B1s and just moved over from Nikon to Sony so was wondering why the A7RIII was not mentioned as compatible on the Profoto Air Remote TTL-S page.
    You can confirm that the Air Remote TTL-S with fwA3 is fully compatible with the A7RIII ?

  3. Thanks so very much for the quick response. Having a small issue with the Sony 7riii and using the profoto air remote. I am wanting to use the camera in the manual mode to be able to use live view to set the exposure. Then dial the air remote set on TTL to -1 1/3 flash adjustment. The issue is when the air remote is active on the camera for some reason it takes over live view and I can not see any exposure change as I adjust shutter speed or f/stop. The finder remains constant. I fear there some function that is not checked to allow live view to works while the air remote is on. Is it possible to have live view active while use the profoto air remote? Is there a function that needs to be activated so live view will show exposure adjustments that are made on the fly while the air remote is on? I am able to have the air remote fire the B2, but again can not see any camera adjustments show up via live view on the 7riii. Loving the camera, but this is an issue I need solved to truly have it fit my work flow. So sorry for the long question. Thanks so much for any possible help. You are an awesome resource for Sony and Profoto.

    1. Any time you put a flash on camera, Live View Setting Effect is turned Off so you don’t end up with a black screen shooting with flash indoors at 1/250 at F 11. Profoto Air Remote TTL-S works the same way which is how most users, myself included, prefer it to function.

  4. I appreciate the quick answer. I am more interested in using the flash camera combo outdoors. So having the finder go black not an issue. Using the 7riii outdoors on manual with the Profoto air remote how dose one set exposure since live view is inactive? Sorry for the ignorance as I am coming from canon.

    1. Unfortunately every time a change is made based on a request feature request from the majority of users, there’s a minority who liked it the old way.

      I fielded many, many requests for this very change from users who disliked the need to switch between Live View Setting Effect On/Off when switching between available light and flash indoors.

      One option is to use a flash trigger that does not communicate with the camera such as the original Profoto Air Remote Transceiver – but you’ll lose TTL & HSS.

  5. I’m sure I’m missing something simple – but I can’t get the Profoto Flash Trigger to fire my B1’s with the A7R III – I have everything updated (A3 and E3).

    I don’t see a “Wireless” Flash option on my A7RIII Menu.

    Thanks in Advance!

  6. Hello, Sorry If I’m late to the party but I’m struggling Syncing my A7rIII with my B1’s Using the Profit Air Remote TTL-C … when I check the Firmware is says b8 0r 68
    I can’t see anything on any forums about this do you have any ideas. O don’t think I’ve ever up dated the firmware on the Air Remote.

    Best David

  7. hello Brian, I’ve just noticed the problem but I can’t fix it because Profoto updates don’t work with Mac OS High Sierra. I’ve contacted Profoto Italy and they didn’t know because are using Mac OS El Capitan…
    Maybe you can inform them to update firmware installers?
    please 🙂

      1. I know but Sony have found a way, I just updated all my cameras and lenses last week.
        I think if Profoto tries intensively can sort this out. I just don’t know if they are aware of this problem (Profoto Italy isn’t, we had a phone chat). ;~)

  8. hi.
    i use B2 with air remote ttl-s on A7r3 like u.
    For my case, sometime it doesn’t sync…
    I turned off around air remote and B2, and I can fix the problem ,but very uncomfortable.
    Have you ever see the problem?
    (I turned wireless flash on any time)

  9. Thank u
    I used profoto air remote on cactus v6â…¡ for manipulate each strobo group in same time.
    But actually it doesn’t work (only cactus group work,B2 not flash)
    After that, I replace air remote directlly on camera, and the issue happened.
    I think u are right. This might be problem of the cactus combine situation.
    If u know the right way to use both air remote and cactus on same time, I wish to know.
    Thank you.

    1. They are NOT meant to work together. Use the Profoto TTL-S in the hotshoe – it’s not designed to be used in another remote trigger – nor is there any reason to do so.

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