MonsterAdapter Announces LA-FE1 Nikon F to Sony E-Mount Adapter

MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 Nikon F to Sony E-Mount Adapter

MonsterAdapter Announces LA-FE1 Nikon F to Sony E-Mount Adapter with autofocus for Nikon AF-I, AF-S and AF-P lenses with select Sony mirrorless cameras. The MonsterAdapter announcement claims it previously produced Nikon to Sony autofocus adapters under a third-party brand, but this MonsterAdapter branded version features “greatly improved both in firmware and hardware.”

Press Text
The MonsterAdapter Team, on Feb 4 2021 proudly announced our new product LA-FE1, the Nikon F Mount to Sony E mount electronic adapter.

You may not know that behind the scenes, we actually developed the world’s first such Nikon-to-Sony electronic adapter which has been brought to the market under other names and now it finally returns to our MonsterAdapter brand and has been greatly improved both in the firmware and hardware.

Main Features of the MonsterAdapter LA-FE1

1. AF capable with Nikon AF-I, AF-S, AF-P lenses. MF only with screw drive and MF lenses
2. Automatically recognizes and supports both electromagnetic and mechanic-lever controlled aperture
3. Supporting human/animal eye AF if the body is capable
4. Supporting high-speed continuous shooting up to 10fps if the body is capable
5. Supporting the lens’ VR function and its co-working with the body’s 5-axis stabilization
6. Designed with detachable tripod mount
7. Supporting F mount tele-converters
8. Easy upgrading of firmware by simply connecting the camera body and computer with USB cable

LA-FE1 brings multiple AF advantages from Sony E bodies to Nikon F lenses, including hundreds of AF points across the frame, human/animal eye focus, real time AF tracking and AE in continuous shooting mode, etc.

LA-FE1 is equipped with high-speed aperture motor and can automatically recognize and support electromagnetic and mechanic lever controlled aperture of Nikon F mount lenses.

The lenses’ VR can be activated by the half-pressed shutter button and can be working well along with Sony bodies’ 5-axis stabilization.

The adapter is designed with the tripod mount, which is detachable and easy to carry. More tripod mount options for various uses will be available in the future as per the demands of our customers.

MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 Mount Adapter

The LA-FE1 can work normally with a7R IV and a6600 even the bodies have the latest firmware installed.

Fully Supported Camera Bodies with AF:

Alpha 7 II (Ver 2.0 or higher), Alpha 7 III
Alpha 7R II, Alpha 7R III, Alpha 7R IV
Alpha 7S III
Alpha 7C
Alpha 9, Alpha 9 II
Alpha 6100, Alpha 6300, Alpha 6400, Alpha 6500, Alpha 6600

Partially Supported Camera Bodies with Limited or No AF Functions:

Alpha 7, Alpha 7R, Alpha 7S, Alpha 7S II, Alpha 5000, Alpha 5100, Alpha 6000 and NEX series.

From now on, the MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 is available for sale in China at our official online shop and authorized dealers. Further notice will be made for overseas MSRP and availability time.

MonsterAdapter LA-FE1 Mount Adapter


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  1. Wonder if this supports the Nikon tilt shift lenses since they originally worked on my Fotodiox pro, but more recently causes the camera to shut off.

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