Metabones Releases Contax N Lens to Sony E-Mount T Smart Adapter


Metabones has released a T Smart Adapter that provides AF and full electronic functions for Contax N lenses on Sony E-mount cameras.

Metabones Contax N Lens to Sony E-Mount T Smart Adapter (Order for $399) enables full use of Contax N-mount lenses with Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras. This Metabones Smart Adapter permits using these classic, optically refined lenses with full autofocus support when used with a camera offering phase-detection autofocus, and it also maintains IBIS image stabilization from select camera bodies to help control camera shake. There are no optical components of the adapter, so it maintains the original quality of the lenses, and it retains infinity focus.

A programmable function button on the side of the adapter can be used to adjust more than 50 different functions on the camera body, including depth of field preview, for intuitive use. Two electrical contacts carry power from the camera body and a 10-pin contact transfers EXIF data between the lens and the camera body.

Chromium-plated brass mounts are featured on both the camera and lens sides; rubber gaskets help prevent dust and moisture from entering; a satin finish mimics the feel of the lens itself; and the interior of the adapter is felt-flocked to reduce glare or internal reflections. A removable tripod foot is also featured, and has a 1/4″-20 mount and is Arca-type compatible for flexible use. An integrated micro-USB port permits easy installation of firmware updates.


Metabones Contax N Lens to Sony E-Mount T Smart Adapter (Order for $399)
Metabones Contax N Lens to Sony E-Mount T Speed Booster ULTRA 0.71x Adapter (Order for $649)

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6 thoughts on “Metabones Releases Contax N Lens to Sony E-Mount T Smart Adapter”

  1. How does this compare with the Fringer Contax N Lens to Sony A7M2 A7R2 a6300 a6500 AF Auto Focus Adapter Mark3 ? Have the Fringer. Works sometime on certain Contax N lenses. Most of the time have problem to lock on AF especially when light is dim.

    1. In general, I’m a big fan of Metabones due to their frequent firmware updates of their Canon EF Smart Adapters, but this is such a niche product that I wouldn’t count on many if any updates.

    2. nb the griger is not for use with a6500/other bodies which only have contrast-detect AF. – these cameras will be slower – Fringer warn abiout this.

  2. happy to report good operability of fringer on my A7II with 24-85 and 70-200.
    accurate AF. Brian, you may be better placed to compare AF speed, as I do to have access to the myriad of lenses you handle. little or no hunting. the fit and finish is outstanding, matches camera. comes professionally presented.

    mkIII, so updates have happened. withSony V4.0 FW on camera AF speed improved.

    most these lenses, all metal, individually QC’d at Zeiss’s blue rooms at Kyocera and Sigma – not just batch tested with a bi-annual plant inspection.

    both companies also produced/produce lenses for Leica. Sigma being he largest independent lens maker, globally. Kyocera is expanding its optec business. .the oft-mentioned ziess ‘pop’, micro-contrast, 3D magic are all present, the files look great out of camera. Nikon and canon have great lenses, but are capable of the occasional dud. I know, cos I have had a couple. I have never had a dud zeiss or Leica modern lens (post 1970, I mean). consistency of quality and performance, in all light, across the image field, evens of illumination, at all apertures, distances, zoom focal lengths. of course there are sweet spots, but not as pronounced as other makes. even Zeiss has to cope with optical laws, physics, when designing.

    Metabones presumably started small and is no giant now. so the Fringer deserves consideration, imo.

    I have no axe to grind. the overall value for money. must be hard to beat.

  3. I am using fringer with my Sony a7ii and Contax N lenses 24-85, 70-200 and 70-300.

    With 24-85 accuracy is perfect. but at safari I could not use 70-300 lens for fast animals. It was sluggish.

    Maybe be metabones better. dont know. Need compared studies.

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