July 4th Savings at B&H Photo

Gura Gear 20% Off Black Friday Sale on Camera bags and backpacks

Black Friday Sale: 20% Off Gura Gear Camera Bags & Backpacks

Black Friday Sale: 20% Off Gura Gear Camera Bags and Backpacks Get Once-a-Year Savings on Gura Gear Camera Bags and Backpacks including the updated version

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1 thought on “July 4th Savings at B&H Photo”

  1. Ok, I have noticed a lot of price reduction on the A7RM3! Let me share what I have found, I have the A7RM2 and A7M3 both sensors are awesome and ISO Invariant. I shot some early fireworks the 29th of June and the difference is you can pull more shadows (with less noise) with the A7M3. You get a Blue Hour like Blue vs the black you get with the A7RM2. This is with ISO 100 and F/8 and SS of say average 4 to 10 sec (I hold shutter button from thud of mortar to end of blast or blasts) I try to set for highlight reduction. My advice if you can afford to upgrade go for it IF you do not use on camera apps. You get great color with a blue sky as a background. Not a pro just fun.

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