Jim Marshall Rocks the Heavens

Heaven just gained a Rock Star with the passing of Legendary Rock photographer Jim Marshall. I loved you my friend, so I know you’re partying like a rock star tonight behind the pearly gates. It must be a Hell of a Band! Now they have a Hell of a Photographer to shoot them!

Jim Marshall with Brian Smith Trust at The Morrison Hotel Gall
Jim Marshall and me at his show “Trust” at The Morrison Hotel Gallery last fall.

If you’re in New York, you can check out Jim’s images paired with Timothy White’s in ‘Match Prints’ exhibition at Staley-Wise Gallery in Soho (through April 24. ) If not check out this sample from the ‘Match Prints’ book on GQ.com. Jimmy was a true original. Only guy I’ve ever met who could get kicked out of a restaurant that has one of his prints on the wall and then welcomed back the next night with a hug. I’m sure he’s partying with Janis Joplin now…

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5 thoughts on “Jim Marshall Rocks the Heavens”

  1. Jim Marshall had such great generosity…He was an inspiration as a photographer.
    Where ever he is; he’s already found the local watering hole and booked a few jobs!
    I’m sure he’s still sticking to his film Leicas! My life is richer for knowing him.

  2. Well done, Brian, and farewell to Jim and other photographers who’ve recently bade adieu and have so greatly influenced generations of photographers and image makers for years to come.

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