Firmware Update 2.00 for Sony a7, a7R, a7S


Sony has released camera firmware update FW 2.00 that shortens start-up time for Sony a7, a7R and a7S mirrorless cameras.

Firmware 2.00 Improvements over version 1.20:

• Startup time is shortened

Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 2.00:

• Improves camera functions and provides picture improvement for the new lenses (SEL35F14Z, SEL24240, SEL28F20, SEL90M28G)
• Improves the power-on time after downloading the Smart Remote Control application of the PlayMemories Camera Appsâ„¢.
• Provides support for the SEL70200G lens: Supports the “Fast Hybrid AF” function and future Fast Hybrid AF compatible E mount lenses. Adds the “Focus hold button” function
• Reduces start-up time: The start-up time has been reduced in cases when the camera is switched on immediately after being switched off
• Improves image quality
• Provides support for additional PlayMemories Camera Apps and additional features for previously supported apps: Supports the “Liveview Grading” and “Smooth Reflection” applications. Supports the smooth automatic exposure feature in the “Time-lapse” application ver. 2.00 and later

Before Updating Please Read: Bulletproof Guide to Sony Camera Firmware Updates



Sony a7 (ILCE-7) Camera Firmware Update 2.00: MAC | WIN
Sony a7R (ILCE-7R) Camera Firmware Update 2.00: MAC | WIN
Sony a7S (ILCE-7S) Camera Firmware Update 2.00: MAC | WIN


MAC 10.10 Yosemite users if you have not already done so, you will need to first install Mac OS X 10.10 Driver Loader before running any updates.

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113 thoughts on “Firmware Update 2.00 for Sony a7, a7R, a7S”

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  2. Thank you for sharing the change log. I have updated the firmware from 1.02 to 2.0. I hope I can notice the improvement in my Sony A7R camera.

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  4. Brian, could you please ask Sony to include the min shutter speed Auto ISO option for A7, A7R and A7s. This is the single most annoying issue I have with my A7, and I believe it can be easily done! There are many others asking for this too… Thanks!

  5. Hi Brian,

    I have an issue with my A7 and I thought maybe you can help me or maybe you could ask Sony about that. My problem is when I want to take a picture and use the shutter button, first I push half then I push completely it is ok no real lag. But when I push directly completely I mean skip the half stage I have a serious lag. I set everything to manual, even the iso, everything and I have this lag (with and without e-first curtain) but only when I push directly full the shutter. Can you check your camera or any A7 camera (A7 not A7 II or A7R) or ask Sony about that? I checked two other piece in stores and they did the same lag. Maybe this update help?

    1. Yea, that’s likely the camera waking up and/or focusing. While in most cases I have it off, you could try turning Pre-Focus On. Better yet, get in the habit of lightly touching the shutter BEFORE the decisive moment. Not jamming it down cold.

      1. Thanks for the reply. So this happens when everything is set to manual, focusing too. With AF on it would be just the focusing time and its ok. But that is why I found it weird, it is happening with AF off and every single other thing set to manual so the camera don’t have to do anything or think about anything just taking a picture that’s why I don’t understand the lag and the difference between half press or directly full press… Could you check for me?

        1. One more thing, when you try to directly full press the shutter don’t even touch the button before you quickly full press, because I found A7 cameras with so sensitive shutter button it felt already half pressed just for touching it. Anyway thank you again your reply and I hope you can find something for me or ask Sony about that. Regards, András

        2. It’s possible you have some setting like HDR or DRO enabled that is causing the delay. Turn all that stuff off. That camera is extremely responsive for catching the decisive moment.

          1. Hi, I was lazy and updated my A7 to 2.00 just now and guess what, this directly full press shutter delay is almost gone. It is much faster now. I guess they improved it however they didn’t mention in change log or whatever they did it is really almost unnoticeable now. I guess your camera was already updated when you get my message and tried so you couldn’t get it. You can try one in a camera shop with earlier firmware to see what I was talking about but anyway the point is it is gone and everything is great now. Thank you again for your concern.


          2. I think that update was back in 1.20 but the updates are cumulative, so you get all the features of any updates you might have missed.

  6. hi brian I just update my sony a7s to 2.00 but when I done from it , the EVF and the screen is off !!!
    I can see only a red light at the bottom

      1. I DID TOUCH IT – and i removed the battery after i am done like they say in website but now i can’t turn on the screen or EVF

        I left the battery in the camera .. until now nothing happen and the red light in bottom still working !!

        1. The on-screen directions are 100% bulletproof. If they tell you to remove the battery and start over – DON’T takethebatteryoutandputitbackinasfastasyoucan! Remove the battery for at least 30 seconds – then start over.

          1. I think I did that misstate and now I am stacking with nothings. I can’t use it and the red light is workring from 30 minute .

            I am very sad I just buy it yesterday and I broke it today

          2. If the red light is still on – you didn’t remove the battery long enough.

            My directions are 100% bulletproof if you follow them to the letter.

  7. Thanks for the update. it certainly speeds up the startup.
    my question is how/when do we know when there are updates? from your site?
    thanks, Tom

  8. Is it now safe to update in 64bit mode on Yosemite, with this version? I couldn’t find any info about it anywhere, just for the previous updates.

  9. Thanks Brian – I followed the whole process carefully, however my Sony a7R did not re-start after 30 minutes of waiting so I hit the on-screen ‘finish’, switched everything off, removed the battery for 30 seconds, switched back on and discovered that version 2.0 had been, apparently, successfully installed. What do you think?

  10. Hi Brian! I’ve a problem that dunno how to solve: Couldn’t install nothing on my sony a7s (with firmware 1.10, that i want to upgrade to new 2.0), because when i plug the camera to my mac, camera says: “Check Connected Device (Compruebe el dispositibo conectado)”. And the software update couldn’t fins my A7s. What should i do? thank’s in advance! 😉

    1. If you’re following the USB connection setting listed in this post, that error message means there’s a problem with the USB cord. Are you using the one that came with the camera?

  11. Just bought your book “Sony a7 series” So much great information as well as reference material. I have been useing Minolta and then Sony since 1980. No regrets! Thank you for Your support for all of us thet love to take pictures. Jim Armstrong

      1. Just to update, i managed to update my firmware A7 to 2.0 last night on Win10. Used the 8.1 64bit version and it worked without a hitch. Took about 12mins.

  12. Firmware 2.0 update made focus magnif. time extremly slow. It is set to 2 sec, but picture comes back longer than 10 sec. Can anything be done? Much appreciate any idea/solution.

    1. Menu > Custom Settings > Focus Magnify Time > Choose 2 sec, 5 sec or No Limit

      I choose No Limit since it’s easy to make it go away. Simply touch the shutter button and it’s gone.

      1. András Király

        Brian, many thanks. This works fine in manual focus mode, however the DCF is selected, when the shutter is already used to activate auto focus.
        This timing issue came up after 2.0 firmware update.

          1. Just tested DMF with Focus Magnify Time set to 2 sec and it works as it should.

            After you turn the focus ring, magnification will last for 2 seconds then return to full view.

  13. Would really like an update (firmware) for set minimum shutter and auto ISO in Apeture Priority mode, for a6000 and my a7 please! I see you have included it in the new RX100 m4 so give it up to all us other Sony users of the Alfa line a7 series and a6000!!! Please, I said please!

    1. I second this! This is the single most annoying thing about the A7R because my hand-held shot in lower light always end up a little blurry because of camera shake. I could go manual but the time it takes to adjust the shutter speed myself means I often miss the moment.

  14. Hi Brian
    I tryed to upgrade to 2.0 and the system some how faled. The camera is dead. I contacted Sony support and they said that there is NO turn back and nothing to do. They informed me as whell that the garenty is not valid IF you make an update. Im now looking att a grate camera thats only a peace of metall. 🙁

  15. How is it that the warranty does not apply when upgrading Sony cameras when it comes to other products as mobile phones, tablets and so on?

      1. Thats the anser iI got from Sony support. If you upgrade your kamera from the faktory settings the warranty is not valid. Im devistated! Sorry

  16. Hi, Brian. I am very sorry that I did not follow the procedure carefully during A7 firmware update. My Mac enter sleep mode and cause the update failure. Then my A7 can not turn on at all, no any response now. Do you have any idea how can I do now?

  17. Thanks, I just recover it by running the update again. It takes longer time but finally my A7 back to work.

  18. Hey there Brian,
    So I recently updated my mac to El Capitan (10.11) and was hoping to update my A7S as I’m still at 1.10 but the driver for Yosemite does nothing and when I try to open the 2.0 Firmware Update it says “The following disks images couldn’t be opened: update_ilce7sv200.dmg.” Any word on if there’s a new driver for 10.11 because it’s frustrating the hell out of me.

  19. Hi Brian,

    I just did the 2.0 firmware upgrade on my A7ii and there’s a major improvement in AF on my Canon lenses using an adapter. All lenses except one. I’m having major AF issues with my Canon 50mm f/1.4. Phase autofocus activated and it goes back and forth but can’t find focus no matter how long I half-press the shutter.

    Switch over to Contrast AF and it’s back to where it was before the upgrade; slow but does the job.

    Would be interesting to know if anyone else is experiencing similar problems and if there’s possibly a solution to this.


    1. I successfully updated my Sony A7R from 1.01 to 2.00 using OS X El Capitan ver. 10.11.2. One note: You will not be able to proceed if your camera prompts you to go to when first turned ON. Choose “Don’t Show This Message Again” to proceed.

  20. Hey guys……having been into digital photography for over 16 years or so- I’m at a loss as to why I cannot update the firmware on my Sony A7II from version 1.2 to 2.0 ?

    I’ve updated tons of cameras in the past and follow instructions to a T- but this camera just won’t update!!!

    I’ve tried several Mac’s and 2 PC’s and each attempts to update but then says;

    ~Mac~ Could Not Update then tells me to unplug camera and battery and retry…..

    ~PC~ The data file is corrupt- please download the firmware and try again.

    I’m using the USB cable that was supplied with the camera- I’m just at a loss as to why the update won’t take…….

    …….any tips anyone?

  21. Just to let everyone know I just updated my A7s from v1.01 to 2.0 on El Capiten with no problems whatsoever. I didnt even download the software. Just the latest firmware from the sony site. Follow Brian’s Instructions and it all went fine.

    1. I updated my A7R from 1.01 to 2.0 using El Capitan, again with no issues.

      I did notice however the camera now does not like my Wasabi battery, tells me it is incompatible. Was this a “benefit” in V2.0 that went unreported?

  22. Thank you Brian! One thing I find very frustrating is that I can not assign a custom button in my A7S to “Finder/Monitor Sel.” like other cameras in the A7 series can (A7ii or A7Rii). The “auto” setting is not reliable, as the LCD just turns off all the time due to the sensor being over sensitive. I have lost many shots because of this, and it is very frustrating because it would be so easy for sony to offer this in a firmware upgrade. The only two options now are diving into the menus to change between LCD and EVF (four or five clicks… slow!) or try the electric tape solution and pray it’ll work. I’ve seen many, many comments all around asking for this but it seems like we’re asking for the impossible.

    1. I believe that setting can only be assigned to a Custom button on a7RII and a7SII.

      I completely agree that sensor is WAY to sensitive. Blame that on a focus group complaints that previous cameras were not sensitive enough…

      1. Is there any hope that sony can implement this via firmware? It would make a huge difference for many of us. But I’m just new to this brand and don’t know how often they normally update firmware (?).

    1. Language is in the Setup Menu (the last tab in the Menu). I have no idea what the Japanese characters would be for ‘Language’ and ‘English’ – try Googling

  23. Hello Brian , I updated my A7s with firmware 2.0 . Now every time I turn it off (or goes on standby) , the machine loses settings with which I was shooting : codec , frame rate , shutter , aperture , profile picture , WB… Have you ever heard anything like it ? What could cause this strange behavior ?

    1. Not with a firmware update. I’ve only seen that happen with a camera when the internal battery is dead – such as a brand new camera or one stored without a battery. Beyond that I have no idea.

      1. I had programmed focus setting and picture profile. Tried both but for some reason anything I program to it is popping up randomly when the camera is on.

  24. Dear Brian i have a a7r and took day I updatedre h the firmware to v t he ersion 2.0. Soon after updating I started finding 2 red lines in my pictures, I can send a you the images as well,all the updates were as instructed and now I am worried , as I again reset the settings to version 1.0. The red lines are still there ..

    What shall I do now

    1. Sorry to hear that. I’ve never seen that and I have 2 a7R cameras running v2.00. It’s possible it’s an unrelated issue like a corrupt memory card. Otherwise check wit Sony support.

  25. Hi, I’m considering buying an A7/A7R. I need a full frame camera for use on a microscope.
    I need to know: will live view and exposure work in aperture priority with no lens attached? Photomicrography is done using the microscope optics only directly onto the sensor. This is normal practice for a Canon and is possible even with their base models. Focusing is done using the microscope controls.
    Also is there software provided free by Sony (as with Canons which allows full control from a computer with active live view showing image BEFORE shooting as well as after.
    I need sharp images – do you recommend the A7 or A7R? Thanks Ray

    1. Hi Ray,

      Yes, Live View and Aperture Priority shooting mode will both work with no lens attached. Just be certain to enable this:

      Menu > Custom Setting > Release w/o Lens > Enable

      Tethering is possible with all Sony Cameras using Sony’s free Remote Camera Control Software, but for $50, Capture One Pro (for Sony) is a much better interface and worth every penny.

      But Live View tethering is not possible with a7 or a7R. Sony made a hardware change that enabled this beginning with a7S.

      If you need Live View tethering I’d recommend a7II or a7RII depending on your budget and the resolution you need.

      A7RII also added Electronic Front Curtain Shutter that was not possible with a7R and which I highly recommend for extreme magnification.

  26. Hi Brian
    Thanks, very helpful – it’s surprising how many salespeople in shops have no idea of detailed capabilities of what they are selling.

  27. Hi Brian, my a7r out of the box is 1.01 do I need to do step up updates (1.02, 1.20, first) before i can install 2.0? When i plugged in my camera and ran the 2.0 update, it’s telling me that there are no updates available for my camera.

  28. Hi Brian,
    During an indoor familiy event a set of ILCE-7 with SEL24240 and F43M was used, however AF was extremly slow and very often needed more attempts to find focus. Is there any proposed setings to speed AF up and get it working stable?
    Many thanks, Andras

  29. Hi Brian,

    Considering buying the Sony A7, and using my EF lenses, was told that focusing takes around 4 seconds with various adapters including metabones , any idea if that has improved with the 2.0 update?

  30. I would be great if you or someone could tip or tell Sony to offer PDAF with 3rd party lenses on 1gen A7 cameras also. 🙂

    I recon this will give them even more loyality among users.

  31. Hello Brian,
    I have a 1st generation a7. In February I used it for a vacation trip and all worked perfectly. It is now May and I plugged in the charger to recharge the battery so I could use the camera. The camera will not charge (no indicator light). I have tried several charge cables and charge adapters with no success, even chaned out battery. The camera will not turn on. Any suggestions what might be the issue.

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