Eclipse Sensor Cleaning Fluid Warning for Sony a7 Cameras


Photographic Solutions has issued this Warning Notice for Sony a7 users to discontinue using their Eclipse Sensor Cleaning Fluid:


NOTICE: We recommend Aeroclipse for the Sony a7ii and a7rii. While Eclipse is safe with proper cleaning technique, it can remove the coating with prolonged cleaning and aggressive pressure. This is due to the pure concentration of methanol in Eclipse. Aeroclipse, to render it non-flammable, has considerably less methanol and is safe under all normal circumstances and proper technique.

Aeroclipse Digital Sensor Cleaning Fluid ($16.50) has the same cleaning power as Eclipse optic cleaning fluid but is non-flammable so it’s travel-safe in checked or carry on baggage. Designed to clean your CCD and CMOS digital sensors with optional Sensor Swabs. It dries quickly in order to avoid leaving residue.

This warning is most likely is specific to a7II & a7RII but since Aeroclipse is travel-safe I recommend that Sony a7 users follow the manufacturer’s warning and switch to Aeroclipse.

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4 thoughts on “Eclipse Sensor Cleaning Fluid Warning for Sony a7 Cameras”

    1. The issue with Eclipse was over wetting swabs and too frequent cleanings. If you use it sparingly on a few occasions you should be fine. Otherwise Aeroclipse is “gentler” and you can take it in your checked baggage on a flight.

    1. It’s been discussed in comments. Eclipse is fine if used sparingly following directions – but can damage sensors if used improperly (I.E. substituting “moist” with “drenched”) or used to frequently. Wet cleaning should be a LAST RESORT that you should never get to 99.9% of the time.

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