Brittany Murphy Gone to Soon

I was always a big fan of Brittany Murphy’s work and became an bigger fan after we photographed Brittany following her breakout performance in Clueless. After photographing Brittany with her mom in her Soho loft for People magazine, we decided to head off for a walk through the streets in her neighborhood.

We lost a bright and shining talent far too soon…

Celebrity portrait photography of actress Brittany Murphy
Celebrity portrait photography of actress Brittany Murphy

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2 thoughts on “Brittany Murphy Gone to Soon”

  1. Hi Brian,

    I’ve seen some of the images from this set crop up on Reddit recently, super curious as to what camera body / film stock you were using at the time. The image on Reddit, which was not this one, but another with the mustard bottle on her head, was incredibly high quality, almost certainly a more recent scan by my uneducated guess vs a grab of something published at the time. The colors reminded me so much of early Canon DSLR color science that I had to look up release dates to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and to confirm this had been shot on film. Anyway, lovely photos, cheers!

    1. Film. Probably Fujichrome 100. Mamiya RZ67 PRO II. Either a 90mm or 65mm lens. Warming gel on lens though I can’t remember how much. At least 81C possibly more. Just one of those things you had to do in-camera since there were no color temp sliders…

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