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‘Florida Man’ a Film by Sean Dunne

Today we present filmmaker Sean Dunne’s latest documentary Florida Man, set amidst the insanity of suburban Florida, it offers a voyeuristic glimpse into the hazy twilight world of men who skipped the American Dream for Happy Hour. FLORIDA MAN from Sean Dunne on Vimeo Director: Sean Dunne Cinematographer: Isaac Bauman Editor: Kathy Gatto Producer: Very […]

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The 1950’s Utopian Fantastical World of Elgin Park

Today I’d like to share a short 10 minute documentary film ‘Elgin Park’ from Sundance Film Festival award-winning documentary director/producer Danny Yourd. Elgin Park is a 1950’s utopian fantastical world – and an optical illusion. Artist Michael Paul Smith’s imaginative town – composed entirely of miniatures – delighted audiences worldwide when his photo series went

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Northern Lights in Iceland Filmed on Sony A7S

Here’s a beautiful video of the Northern Lights in Iceland Filmed by Alli Moller. Sony A7S / Zeiss 35mm/T1.5 E Mount Lens T stop 1.5, ISO 3200, Shutter Speed 1/4

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Merry Christmas North Korea!

Best Feel-Good Christmas Movie since ‘Die Hard’ Streaming Live “The Interview” is showing after all – everywhere! Sony released “The Interview” online at 1:00 PM Eastern Christmas Eve. The movie can be now viewed on Google Play, YouTube, Microsoft XBox Video and Sony’s special website: Plot: In the action-comedy The Interview, Dave Skylark (James

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Inception Trailer – 50’s Version!

Do you love director Robert Rodriguez’ take on the Grindhouse movies? Ever wonder what would happen if today’s hottest directors tried their hands at 1950s Sci-fi B-movies? Maybe this faux Sci-fi B-movie trailer for Christopher Nolan’s ‘Inception’ will give you a clue what you’ve been missing…or not…

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