7Artisans Announces 35mm F5.6 FE Drone Lens

Chinese lens manufacturer 7Artisans has announced a 35mm F5.6 fullframe E-mount lens designed specifically for drone photography.

The unusual-looking lens features an E-mount for full-frame Sony cameras and weighs just 49 grams. Its optical construction is specifically designed to reduce perspective distortion and minimize vignetting around the edge of the image frame.

The 35mm F5.6 is designed for tilting photography of drones. The optical path design of the rear large lens is used on the optical structure to maximize the space between the bayonet, the correction of the vignetting on the image, and the edge quality. Focusing can be fine-tuned infinity position for different camera models, and then using three screws infinity focus can be locked into place.

Sample image supplied by 7Artisans. (View Larger)

7Artisans E-Mount Lenses are available from B&H Photo


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