World’s First Drop-In Filter Lens Mount Adapter

Monster Adapter LA-FE2 Nikon F to Sony E Lens Adapter available in USA!

Published: February 29, 2024 MonsterAdapter LA-FE2 Nikon F to Sony E-Mount Adapter ($439) is in stock now in the USA. It’s the best adapter yet

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Final Notice: Sony ‘PlayMemories Online’ Will Shut Down February 29, 2024

Published: February 25, 2024 Sony posts Final Notice that ‘PlayMemories Online’ will shut down on February 29, 2024. Users should download any online content before

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Sony Announces High-Speed 5G Portable Data Transmitter for Still Image & Video Transmission

Published: February 21, 2024 Sony PDT-FP1 Utilizes the Power of 5G to Enhance Professional Workflow at Live Events SAN DIEGO, Feb. 22, 2024 – Sony

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9 thoughts on “World’s First Drop-In Filter Lens Mount Adapter”

  1. Very cool adapter. I don’t have any Canon lenses at the moment. I am guessing that the OWL folks are working on making them for other brand lenses?

  2. Are polarizing filters available? If yes, how do you rotate them? This would be great for my Canon 17 TS lens on my A7r and soon to be A7r ll system.

    1. You can use any 52mm filter as long at they are thin enough. You’d probably have to remove the filter to rotate. The bigger issue is since this is not a Smart Adapter, EF lenses would be wide open. While that’s fine for certain uses, that may not be what you’re after with a 17 TS.

  3. I know this is an old post, but I came across it when searching to see if anyone had developed an adaptor with a drop-in filter. It solves so many problems, but namely the issue of using filters on lenses with bulbous front elements.

    I’d love to see Metabones take this idea and add it to their adaptors.

    You don’t have to remove the filter to adjust a CPL. There is an adjustment wheel on the outside of the filter holder. You can see it being adjusted at the 1:34 mark in the video.

  4. How thick is the adapter? if it’s over an inch it won’t work on my Zeiss 15mm 2.8 classic
    It won’t focus to infinity if it’s over a inch thick, where can I get the thickness measurement?

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