WordPress Showcases Brian Smith Pictures

“A beautiful portfolio site which showcases Brian’s photography and uses WordPress to power it all. It sends a powerful message to photographers who are using Flash-only websites!” — WordPress.org

WordPress Showcases Brian Smith Pictures Website

Thanks to WordPress for those kind words and for showcasing Brian Smith Pictures’ WordPress website on the WordPress.org homepage.

Last spring, I made the difficult decision to scrap my award-winning Flash website. My previous website had won a website design award in Photo District News’ PDN Annual Awards. But once it became obvious that iDevices would never support Flash, I made the change in order to ensure the website look consistent across all platforms.

Having WordPress as my blogging platform for a couple years used I was already familiar with the flexibility and ease of WordPress. The question was whether I could get the look I wanted for the portfolio pages as well. With the help of a great creative team of Michael Cremean, Chris Webb and Jennifer Precious Finch of Quadshot and a lot of code hacks we got it up running smoothly on all platforms.

Thanks again to WordPress – I hope you’ll enjoy it as well!

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